You’ve found your way to the sweetest books we offer. If you’re wanting a little more heat in your books, you can also check out Full Hearts (medium heat), Flamin’ Hearts (high heat), or Same Hearts (LGBTQAI+). Have fun!

Rescued by Jill Burrell

A destitute single mom. A grieving widower. Will they open their hearts to love before it’s too late? The only break Amy catches after finding her boyfriend cheating is a broken-down car. Ben fixes cars and avoids people. He can’t stand to see the pity in their eyes. There’s something different in Amy’s eyes.

Discerning Grace by Emma Lombard

As the first full-length novel in The White Sails Series, DISCERNING GRACE captures the spirit of an independent woman whose feminine lens blows the ordered patriarchal decks of a 19th century tall ship to smithereens. Wilful Grace Baxter, will not marry old Lord Silverton with his salivary incontinence and dead-mouse stink. Refusing this fate, she resolves to stow away. Heading … Read More

The Serenity Falls series (Sweet Romance at Wyatt Ranch) by Sophie Mays

Five very different siblings ♥ Five unexpected life changes Experience sweeping vistas & heartwarming romance at the Wyatt Ranch! From bestselling author, Sophie Mays, comes this heartwarmingly delightful sweet romance series. Whether you are falling in love alongside a baker, an artist, an ex-Navy Seal, or a world traveler – there’s something for everyone in Serenity Falls! Set against a … Read More

If You Love Me (A Sweet Small Town Romance) by Ciara Knight

Check out a brand new sweet romance from USA Today Bestselling author Ciara Knight with this Sugar Maple first in series. OCD, ex-Army sergeant is forced to work with a beautiful, creative, mess-of-a-woman in an enemies to lovers story full of crazy elders, a manipulating mayor, and small-town politics. Thrust into an unwanted partnership to develop a controversial internet show … Read More