You’ve found your way to the sweetest books we offer. If you’re wanting a little more heat in your books, you can also check out Full Hearts (medium heat), Flamin’ Hearts (high heat), or Same Hearts (LGBTQAI+). Have fun!

Trapped with the Duke

Collette Jones, the illegitimate daughter of a baron, is determined to become a respectable teacher. The Duke of Bedwell isn’t interested in respectable teachers. He’s interested in being proper—in fulfilling his duties to his title. So what is Bedwell to do when honor demands he shows more than a little interest in one of them? Marry her?

The Ninth Star

Novella 1 of Wild Hearts and Hunts

Manon Fortin has her heart set on finding true love, heeds her grandmother’s words, and follows the ninth star. Instead of finding a handsome French beau, she finds an Irishman hunched over a damaged cart. The lying stars keep leading her back to Arthur Osborne, a recent Irish immigrant who establishes a smithy in Sandwich, Upper Canada. Their relationship is … Read More

A Wager with a Viscount

A Regency Romance

Viscount Edmund Wollaston is taking care of his brother’s children and is unhappy with the activity that the children bring to his home. Miss Tabitha Raikes cannot believe she must wager with the viscount to protect two little children who have seen too much change. And to protect herself too since she cannot return to her father’s home! Will she … Read More

Second Chance on the Corner of Main Street

A Sweet Small Town Romance

Fun-loving Whitney Brennan has been running the presses at the Nestled Hollow Gazette while running from love. She’s part of every town gathering but is terrified of making any real or deep connection with anyone because if she does, they’ll end up leaving like her. Like her high school best-friend-turned-boyfriend did on graduation night. Eli Treanor skipped out of Nestled … Read More

The Sugar Queen

At 18 Brandi had a secret, one that could ruin Trapper’s college plans and potential for a hockey career. Breaking both their hearts was the only way she could set him free. When Trapper returns to their small town, will they get a second chance or will Brandi’s secret ruin any chance of happiness?

Protected by the Companion

A Regency Romance

The Earl of Bargrave promised to chaperone his niece for the London season. What does she do but bring an unneeded companion! Miss Emma Lawder was sent away as a companion by an uncaring father and struggles with the earl’s displeasure on several occasions. By chance, she discovers a plot to ensnare him into marriage. Will she tell him or … Read More

Second Chance at Silver Ridge

A Sweet Small Town Romance

She may be my brother’s first love, but I can’t resist her. I’ve stayed away from Silverton for nearly a decade. But now that the family business is crumbling, I know it’s time to come home. Even if it means seeing Bel again. My brothers don’t want my help or my money. But I’m a famous rock star—sounds arrogant, but … Read More