You’ve found your way to the sweetest books we offer. If you’re wanting a little more heat in your books, you can also check out Full Hearts (medium heat), Flamin’ Hearts (high heat), or Same Hearts (LGBTQAI+). Have fun!

Come Tomorrow

1904 Twelve-year-old Luci never forgot the boy who saved her life that fateful Christmas Eve. When he disappeared without a word, she was forced to focus on raising her baby sister when her mother suddenly died. Six years later, struggling to make ends meet with an alcoholic gambling-addicted father, the poverty-stricken woman can’t believe her hero has returned…all grown up. … Read More

Christmas in July

She’s the hometown girl with the hometown advantage. Right? Sylvia Moore returns to the small town of Dickens during the annual Christmas in July festival, hoping to land the New England location for a new Christmas romance movie. She knows the town will award only one filming permit a year but is confident the deal’s in Santa’s bag. But her … Read More

Falling for the Boss

A Sweet Romantic Comedy Anothology

Raises, promotions and recognition… With work, it’s all business and no pleasure, right? That is until the man who signs those paychecks you work so hard for, makes your cheeks flush and your eyes twinkle when he’s in the room with you. Surely it’s just a crush. Or is there more to it? Could it be the start of something … Read More

Not Until You

The past is all she has… Since her husband’s death three years ago, Violet has struggled to keep their antique store afloat and her grief at bay. She knows it’s time to move on, but she’s not ready. So when Nate moves in next door, she tries to ignore the feelings he stirs in her—feelings that were supposed to have … Read More

Hooked By Love

The Pattern of Piney Series

Determined to provide a wonderful life for her daughter, single mom, Reesa Tate, makes a gutsy move to a cabin in the forests of Piney, Arkansas. Not only is it a short distance away from her estranged parents, but it’s overseen by an odd man that she can’t quite figure out. Theodore Whitley grew up in Piney. After his dreams … Read More

Cowboys Forever

An Eight Book Sweet Cowboy Romance Boxed Set

Spend the evening with a cowboy… or eight in this clean and Christian cowboy romance boxed set by bestselling authors! Escape to the quieter life on a ranch, with a cowboy hero who knows how to treat a woman right. They work hard, they shoot straight, and they love deep. Grab this boxed set and read COWBOYS FOREVER!

A Viscount’s Stolen Fortune

A Viscount who has lost his fortune…can he regain it with the help of a young lady destined to become a companion? Viscount William Foster is devastated when he wakes up to discover he has, somehow, lost his fortune. Believing that he has been cheated out of it, he is determined to regain it in whatever way he can, only … Read More

Love Blooms: A Firefighter Small Town Romance

Under the magic of Bluestar Island’s sea breeze and warm sunshine, Hannah and Ethan must not only face their immediate obstacles but also their own turning points in life. Will they have to do that alone? With a leap of faith and a dash of romance, they might just find the perfect mix to make their dreams come true. Includes … Read More