You’ve found your way to the sweetest books we offer. If you’re wanting a little more heat in your books, you can also check out Full Hearts (medium heat), Flamin’ Hearts (high heat), or Same Hearts (LGBTQAI+). Have fun!

Emma the Matchmaker

An Austen Inspired Romantic Comedy

Emma Woodhouse is happily single, though that’s never stopped her from making matches for others. Her best friend, George Knightley, thinks it’s a sure way to trouble, but what’s wrong with giving romance a little nudge? George has been fighting his feelings for Emma for years, but with families so closely intertwined, rocking the friendship boat would complicate more than … Read More

The Cowboy’s Reality Bride

A Blushing Brides Romance

He’s a cowboy looking for love. She’s a makeup artist looking to re-invent herself. When they meet on a reality dating show, will it be fireworks or disaster? Tyler Hall never thought he would be a contestant on a reality dating TV show, but his latest breakup sends him auditioning. When he’s chosen, he decides to try something different and … Read More

Violet’s Valentine

Love in Holiday Junction, Book 1

It takes a leap of faith to go from friendship to forever. Violet Chalmers never thought she’d move back to Holiday Junction, but when her Broadway dreams fizzle, going home is the only option. When she runs into an old flame, Liam, and sparks reignite, Vi is convinced the man of her dreams is the one she left behind. Kade … Read More

Fiancé for the Night

Cassandra Daniels’ parents want to meet her fiancé. The only problem—he doesn’t exist. Cassandra made him up because she’s tired of disappointing her family. Now, she must find a handsome, respectable-looking guy to be her fake fiancé. Troy McKnight can’t believe a gorgeous blonde wants to pretend to be engaged for the night. He’s not the type to go along … Read More

Guilty Pleasures

After having her heart torn out and stomped on by the woman she thought she would be spending the rest of her life with, Mara decided enough is enough. Never again would she let herself feel the pain that true, electrifying, heart-wrenching love brings with it. Now, Mara has everything she could ever want: a safe and secure relationship with … Read More

Vanishing Summer

Everett, my best friend and the first boy I ever kissed, was kidnapped four years ago, and I’m to blame. Then one night, without warning, he walks through the trees and back into my life.

Finley and the Foster Brother

Love in Ocean Grove

When a social worker and a truancy officer show up at Finley Rhodes’ cottage in Ocean Grove she knows her life is about to change forever. She just didn’t realize how much. At sixteen, she’d grown up fast, having the responsibility of taking care of her mentally ill mother, holding down a job to pay the bills and dropping out … Read More

Honeymoon Cottage

Over 400 five-star reviews. Camilla Stewart’s ex-fiance ripped her off and disappeared, leaving her to care for his eight-year-old son alone. But when she arrives in Pajaro Bay, she finds a village full of cute cottages, quirky characters… and a killer on the loose who is somehow linked to her, the young boy, and the darling little house known as … Read More

The King and the Kindergarten Teacher

a Sweet Royal Romance

He’s the king of his domain. She’s the queen of nap time. Can they learn to rule with their hearts? As kindergarten teacher Esmeralde Pickett and King Leonidas of Cordoba get to know one another, it’s clear there’s a thing between them. But another thing— her lack of royal blood—is keeping them apart. As the clock ticks closer to midnight, … Read More