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Exposing the Prince

Royals of San Torino, Book 1

What’s the difference between Prince Nicholas and a prize winning cucumber? One is long, hard and mostly organic, the other’s a vegetable. I’m Rose Danning, reporting from Channel 11, and if I have to cover one more amateur chicken show, or oversized garden discovery, I’m going to scream. I’ll take anything, even if it’s a spoiled rotten prince with eight-pack … Read More

His Christmas Wish

BBW Romance

I’m not a grinch. I’m also not someone who cares all that much for Christmas. I am, however, more than willing to use it to my advantage. I didn’t become a billionaire by playing nice. I’ll leverage everything I can to get what I want. What I want is Lydia Romano. The sassy, curvy, Christmas loving stylist is running scared … Read More


An Enemies-to-Lovers Quick Read Romance

A super fast-burn enemies-to-lovers romance to devour in a single sitting! I haven’t been Liam’s biggest fan. In fact, I’m the one who nicknamed him the Angry Aussie. Behind his back, of course. I’m more shocked than anyone that I’m starting to see him in a new light. One night and then back to hating him. I wish I could … Read More

Not Until Christmas Morning

Leah has always been a fixer. That’s why she’s fostering a troubled teen. It might also be why she decides to reach out to her grinchy, reclusive neighbor Austin. But she’s cautious—she’s been hurt by crossing the line from friendship to romance once, and she’s not willing to let it happen again. After losing his leg, his friend, and his … Read More

Highlander’s Secret

A former Marine who must reconcile with his past. She’s a Highland woman charged with defending her home and her son. Can two warriors from different centuries find a loving future? If you like steamy encounters, strong heroines, and stories full of historical details, then you’ll love Mariah Stone’s captivating tale.


I left her behind. I didn’t have a choice. 
I thought she was lost to me forever. 
Now, I have a second chance and I’m not going to hesitate. 
I’m never letting Shila go again. I’m a man haunted by his past. 
I’ve seen my brothers find their old ladies, but I knew that would never happen for me. 
I’m … Read More