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Wicked Games: A Billionaire Romance Anthology

Billionaire bad boys. Filthy rich men who play dangerous games and are wickedly dirty between the sheets. Let these men satisfy your deepest desires, forbidden temptations, and burning passions. Mix business with pleasure and find out what it takes to unravel these dominating men in this scorching hot collection of eighteen books. Being rich never looked so good. Wicked Games … Read More

Pit Stop

This grumpy billionaire has mistaken my house for a hotel. But hey, who am I to correct him? It’s been a slow season. My honey has barely sold, and the bills are piling up. How hard can it be to take care of a guest? I just need to feed him. Clean his room and keep up the ruse until … Read More

The Love Edit

My English professor might end up breaking my heart instead of making it. Yes, it’s all his fault for being so hot. All his fault for being so irresistible that I couldn’t keep my hands off him. Silas is 17 years older than me… He even has a little girl. If that isn’t reason enough or me to stay away, … Read More

Brutal Boss

We’re known for our savagery. We run New York City. We control every inch of it and anyone that gets in our way is executed. When a young woman’s car breaks down, I bring her into my compound to protect her during the storm. But she betrays me. Turns out that she’s FBI, working undercover, and intends on destroying the … Read More

A Wager with a Viscount

A Regency Romance

Viscount Edmund Wollaston is taking care of his brother’s children and is unhappy with the activity that the children bring to his home. Miss Tabitha Raikes cannot believe she must wager with the viscount to protect two little children who have seen too much change. And to protect herself too since she cannot return to her father’s home! Will she … Read More

The Summer Getaway

An Age Gap Single Dad and Nanny Romance

My boss hired me to care for his daughters. Instead, he ended up babysitting me. Well, not exactly but it’s as complicated. Henry Fairfield makes me want to break all the rules. First, I slept with him. Then I fell in love with him. And now… I’m in trouble. He’s older than me, oh-so-wrong and completely forbidden. And he’s my … Read More

Doctor Daddy

I should change my name to troublemaker… After randomly sleeping with a hot doctor, I found out something disturbing. That same hot doctor would deliver my twins – our twins! Mark is the best obstetrician… possibly in the entire country. That means he’s got no time for games. No time for love. And definitely none for the big secret I’m … Read More