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Eirik (A Time Travel Romance) by Joanna Bell


A brutal Viking Berserker leads a raid. The English town of Caistley offers Eirik and his men little in the way of booty. A few pigs, a few sacks of grain, some gold and silver. Most of the inhabitants have already fled, but a few remain. One in particular – a woman – catches the warrior’s eye. She’s oddly dressed, … Read More

Ditched: A Left At The Alter Romance by Holly Hart


Kate We were just kids. It was just a prank, but it ended in disaster. I lost everything, even the man I was meant to marry. It was the only way to protect my soulmate. Even if it left him hating me… Now someone knows what we did. I should run away and hide. But I’ve been running too long. … Read More

What Margaret Knows by Mirella Tinley


A sharp mind, a fearless heart, a charitable spirit to help the urchins of the city. That’s what makes Lady Margaret Waverley a familiar face at the constabulary of Bath. Her inquisitive mind and powers of deduction have helped her local constabulary unravel crooked cases of misdeed and wrongdoing. But like many young lady, Margaret still heads out for her … Read More

Chateau of Desire (Chateau of Love, Book One) by Monica Bentley


Monica Bentley makes history sexy. France, 1355 The Count of Brionde continues his endless game of cat and mouse with the French king, Jean le Bon. In the forests surrounding the chateau, however, lurks the armed band of legendary condotierre leader Bertrand du Guesclin. Inside the chateau, the Guard practice daily, preparing for the inevitable attack. The youngest member, Louis … Read More

Ash (Cinderella Taken) by Q. Zayne


Imagine if Cinderella wasn’t such a good girl. A lonely near-orphan comes of age with secret powers. A crown prince evades royal life with secrets of his own. The bride-finding balls erupt in hidden magic. In a post-conquest world, Ash and the prince explore their mixed heritage as they come of age. Despite harsh punishments, the original people keep their … Read More

One Night Baby (A Romance Compilation) by Tia Siren


Emily’s looking for the father of her child. I’m searching for the mystery woman who rocked my world one night. I never thought I’d find her – or the surprise accident she’s been hiding from me… It was just another charity ball. Until I saw the beauty in the red dress. Sassy and curvy, she had to be mine. I … Read More

Soft Shatter by Dany Rae Miller


For fans of epic paranormal sagas comes the Wolven Moon series, a mature and modern tale of sisters, friendships, love … and devastating lies. Strong witches? Check. Steamy shifters? Double check. Same old story? Absolutely not. The five-book series is complete. This is where it starts. Fair Warning: Due to vivid love scenes and mature language, Wolven Moon novels are … Read More