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Beauty and the Boss Man

Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. That’s what my life has become when I’m not freezing my butt off in the bitter cold of Minnesota in the winter. When I’m offered a week-long trip to Key West, I jump at the chance. The fact that it’s a work trip with my grumpy boss doesn’t detour me. They say that what happens in … Read More

Big Bratva

She’s dropped on my doorstep with a burlap sack on her head. The diplomat’s daughter. The one they’re all looking for. Keep her safe. That’s what my brother tells me. Not because he cares for the girl, but because she’s his leverage. His ticket to the big time. I got myself out of this city’s underworld over a year ago, … Read More

Theodore’s Ring

Damn, you know you’re in love when you’ll go into the jungle, dodging bullets and fighting killers just to get your man back. Either that or Lydia’s just crazy as hell. When ruthless Efrain kidnaps Lydia’s boyfriend Cam and demands she delivers Theodore’s Ring, a legendary artifact worth millions, Lydia races to the Casanu jungle to save her man. You … Read More

B is for Brett

Caught in the rain, we shelter at his cabin. One thing leads to another, And we’re carried away in the storm. My past shows up, bringing danger with it. Brett protects me, keeps me close. A surprise pregnancy leaves me gasping for air. What if he doesn’t want this baby? I have to tell him the truth. If my psycho … Read More


A Steamy Firefighter Romance

Kissing her fire chief boss was the BEST BAD idea ever. Firefighter Erin Hudgens was ten seconds from living out her ‘trapped in a supply closet with a hot guy who would perform acts of unspeakable pleasure to her willing body.’ Oh, no, that sexy guy is her no-nonsense fire chief, Noah Baker, who just put her firehouse on probation. … Read More

Steel 7

A Bodyguard Reverse Harem Romance

It’s my first world tour, and my record company is nervous. When they employ Steel Security to safeguard my trip, I expect them to be middle-aged ex-cops with donut-bellies. Instead, my seven bodyguards are powerful ex-military men with an impeccably rigorous attitude to my safety, but I want so much more than their protection.