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Monster Love

The new guy in town is a dirty secret from my past—a man I haven’t seen in eighteen years—since he went to prison for murder. Owen is sexy, dangerous, hard, and filled with demons. I want him, but I can’t risk my career over an ex-con. If I do, everything he sacrificed will be for nothing. The thing is, I … Read More

Daughter of Time

After Cilmeri Series – Book 0

A medieval man with an uncertain destiny, Llywelyn, the Prince of Wales, faces treachery and deceit at the hands of friends and foes alike … A modern woman with a troubled past, Meg’s life is in tatters when she slips through time and into medieval Wales … Only by working together can Meg and Llywelyn navigate the shifting allegiances that … Read More

Oh C*cky Cocker Bro

Two Cocker Spaniel puppies with the same name in one litter–can’t have that! Two men, and neither wants to give in. Who will win, and who will have to take a massive slick defeat? This is a short m/m story with a little humor, a lot of heat, and a HEA with Cocker Spaniels.

Assassin’s Soul

The Angel Crusades Book 1

He’s an enigma. Seductive, dominant, dismissive, distant… and this just makes her want him more. Two groups, the empaths and the tattooed assassins, have joined together to attempt to wrest control of the city of Chicago from the evil demon sorcerer who invaded and took it over ten years before. Andie Oster simply wants to focus on the mission at … Read More

On the Edge of Daylight

A Novel of the Titanic

Esther Bailey is Titanic’s newest seventh officer, and although she’s braced herself for the duties ahead, she never expected to clash with her own mentor, First Officer Murdoch. His cool dismissal of her turns colder as they bicker throughout their forced partnership, with Esther’s short temper only matching his own. But as Esther begins to prove her worth, blurring the … Read More

Let Me Watch:

A Dark Romance

She likes being watched. She wants to watch too. She’s an artist, beautiful and fearless. Her sexually deviant exhibitions have rocked the New York art scene. Her perverse public performances go viral every time. But one obsessive fan wants to do more than watch. Pretty soon, watching won’t be enough. He can’t control his urge for much longer. I can’t … Read More

The Mountain Man Claims a Bride

A Heart warming Mountain Man Romance

I want a wife who knows what it means to live off the grid and cook my food. When my mail-order bride arrives it’s clear she isn’t prepared for this rough and rugged lifestyle. She may be more beautiful than an Alaskan summer day — but she’s innocent and sweet —and I’m an untamed man who lives in the wild. … Read More

The Royal’s Pet:

A MMF Ménage Royal Romance

Rory: I was nobody, a lone American backpacking her way through Europe, until my steamy night with the Prince of England accidentally went viral. Uhhhh. YOLO, I guess? Now the queen wants my head on a platter, his bodyguard keeps shooting me icy glares that would make a penguin shiver, and the prince…well. He thinks this is all “bloody hysterical.” … Read More

His Baby:

A Babycrazy Romance

When Mace Jackson walked into my exam room, my jaw dropped. This was my new patient? Suddenly, being a urologist has never been so much fun. Melissa: I’ve been slaving away for the past 10 years — after medical school, there was residency, then an internship, then specialized training. As a result, I’m a thirty year old woman with no … Read More


Black Devils MC Book 1

Jaxson The Black Devils saved me from myself But I became a monster in the process. My club gave me a world I fit into. It’s too late. It’s who I am now. I can’t change. Chloe I lost my father to the Bloods’. It consumed me with fear and hate. Their world broke my family and tore my mother … Read More