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The Boss’s Secret

I should’ve known that a one-night stand with the hottest man in the room would come back to haunt me later. Years later… I had put the night behind me – or so I thought. Maxim had a way of making me swoon for him at that party where I first met him. His arrogance worked in his favor and … Read More

365 Days

My gorgeous boss has the brilliant idea to offer me a promotion. Great, I think – no more of that “assistant, grab me my shoes” BS. He wants to change my job title from “assistant” to “fake wife.” I am way too quick to nod and accept. I am also too quick to break the rules of that agreement and … Read More


A New Year's Anthology for Choice

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Ten of today’s most entertaining contemporary romance authors have teamed up to support reproductive choice in the new year. This anthology features feel-good fiction that’s heartwarming, often hilarious, and hot enough to light your sparklers. So raise a cup of kindness to the days of auld lang syne, and settle in for a steamy read. … Read More

The Summer Dare

I do my best to pretend I ignore Ryan – until my youngest sister throws down a dare I can’t back down from. Kiss the next single guy who walks up to the bonfire – or explain to my sisters why I get riled up over Ryan. When Ryan suddenly appears, I know I’m screwed in more ways than one. … Read More

From This Moment

Grace Burgess is everything her conservative parents think she shouldn’t be. They think she should be settling down, not dreaming of adventure. Grace wants to experience life without being tied down to a man. Then she meets Ray. Ray Bedford isn’t looking to meet ‘the one’. But when he meets Grace, he’s more than willing to reconsider his single guy … Read More

Cruel Alpha Wolf

Secret Baby Wolf Shifter Romance

A cruel wolf gave me years of pain. And a secret baby. He tormented me mercilessly and tricked me into thinking that he liked me back. After his public rejection, I left town, but the time for sweet revenge has finally come. He wants to be the new alpha, but he has competition. Me. I remember how he humiliated me, … Read More

The Wild Lord

GIVEN UP FOR DEAD “Rescued” after fifteen years in the Amazon, Edward Northcote returns to a homeland he barely remembers. Edward wants nothing to do with his new role as the heir to an earldom. Worse, the brother Edward displaced wants him declared mentally unfit–and tries to have him confined in an asylum. Only one person is willing to try … Read More