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Allied Men Of Hidden Creek by Max Hawthorn


British spy Ethan Barrett was only supposed to be on foreign soil long enough to gather intel on a Houston trafficking ring. But one wrong move lands Ethan in hospital with near-total amnesia. Peter Stone is a CIA forensic data specialist. Between his geeky career and the few extra pounds he carries around, his dating experience is zero… until he … Read More

Fly Me to the Moon: Volume One by Emma Barry


The journey to space was filled with heart-stopping peril and thrilling triumphs. Follow those steely-eyed missilemen and calculating engineers through the 1960s as they face life-threatening challenges—and of course, find love—in this collection of Space Race romances. For the first time ever, books one, two, and three of this critically acclaimed series are available as a boxed set, along with … Read More

Cold Heart A Bad Boy Single Father Novel by Weston Parker


I was born a fighter. Destined for the ring. Cold. Hard. Focused. I never expected to have to run from my enemies and hide out, but it’s not just me anymore. My little girl deserves more than the life I have to offer. The least I can do is keep her safe from the mad man after me. At first, … Read More

The Billionaire’s Unexpected Wife A Vegas Bad Boy Story by Ali Parker


As soon as I saw her, I knew I had to have her. 

I thought this Vegas fundraiser was going to be boring—another obligation to keep the family business alive. 


I don’t remember a damn thing about the night we spent together, other than how good she felt against me, like she was made for me. 

We woke up the next morning with … Read More

Her Cougar Cowboy: Paranormal Dating Agency by Moxie North


Fashionista Genevieve Mason finds herself completely out her element thanks to Gerri Wilder from the Paranormal Dating Agency. Cougar shifter Brooks Adler is content running his family dude ranch and doesn’t expect a city slicker to show up on his doorstep expecting all the amenities of a high end spa. With a little coaxing Genevieve lets her guard down and … Read More

Always Men Of Hidden Creek by Dillon Hunter


Ten years ago, Jonah Miller said goodbye to the boy he loved and the town he grew up in to follow his dreams in New York. Mitch Davis always assumed his future was set: career military like every Davis before him and a lifetime in the closet. An injury changes everything, giving him a chance to choose a different future … Read More

Ache Men Of Hidden Creek by Alison Hendricks


Doctor Wes Monroe is just looking for another one-night stand. When he takes a stranger home from the bar, he never expects to see the man again. Kyle Harris is ready for a change. New town. New job. New person to mend his broken heart. After a lifetime of thinking he was straight, he never expected that person to be … Read More

Staking a Claim (The Whisperers Book 1) by Ciana Stone


Lust was a horse he could ride. Love? He didn’t believe in love. Until she walked into his life and changed everything. Come take a ride with Jed Nash in Book One of The Whisperer Series .. Staking a Claim Jed Nash had a few simple rules in life. (1.) Family always comes first, (2.) Know when to keep it … Read More

Allure Men Of Hidden Creek by Blake Roland


Andre Herald came to Hidden Creek with a mission—to attend the wedding of his college best friend. Andre is determined to prove he’s moved on and ready to be more than just a selfish workaholic. Grayson Reeves is the sole provider for his disabled teenage sister, and he’s put aside his dreams and love life to pay the bills. Can … Read More

Discreet Madness by Sahara Kelly


Four Regency ladies – forced by society into an ill-fitting mold. Each chooses to travel a different path; one that leads them toward an unexpected destiny and a lover who can match their strengths with his passion. Four Regency gentlemen of varying reputations; unattached and uninterested in meeting women who will turn their worlds upside down. Or so they believed. … Read More