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The Wedding Proposal by R.R. Banks


“Will you marry me and carry my baby?” Ruthless billionaire. Cold. Untamable. Relationships meant nothing to me. I never wanted a family. Then she walked into my office. My best friend’s little sister. She’s more beautiful than I remembered. I wanted to protect her in the past, but I f*cked up. Years passed. She’s my new secretary. And still the … Read More

With His Trident by Angela Blake & Ruby Forrest


The sea is part of me. And so is she. And I’m going to get her wet. Tane Maui is my home. It’s where I met Livy when I was thirteen. My new neighbor. She left a mark on me back then. Now I’m all grown up. In all the right places. A Marine Biology Student. With a strong love … Read More

The Hotshot Vegas Heat - Book One by Myra Scott


Luke… I’m not the man I once was. I’m smarter and more powerful than the young marketing assistant the Sentry CEOs hired five years ago. Everything I have, I earned. I clawed my way to the top, and now, I’m a man who can hold his own with the rest of the giants who make Sin City shine. My hard … Read More