Mated to the Pack II A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance by Jade Alters


Four big, strong, hot Green Berets and one reporter. Courtney Seagal’s life was more or less dictated by her father. She’s now in Afghanistan because her “caring” father insisted that she work there. Now she’s suddenly in the care of 4 hot bodyguards. 4 hot wolf shifting protectors. Trekking across a mountainside in Afghanistan, Courtney will be faced with not … Read More

Vagrant A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance by Deja Voss


Into the woods I go to lose my mind and find my soulmate I couldn’t tell you what I was running away from. All I know is that I’m exactly where I belong, living in the woods with my crew, The Vagrants. A simple mountain man lifestyle is the only thing I ever truly wanted. Until the day I meet … Read More

Awakened By Fireflies by Kimberly Clifton


The year is 2059, 40 years after the Reign of Blood wars began, which had through ego and arrogance decimated the world’s population to a fraction of what it had previously been. After the Global Community Force brought peace to what remained, a few generations have passed, knowing only the absence of war, technological advancement, and the prosperity among those … Read More

Lady Adelia’s Four Knights A Reverse Harem Romance by Darcey Gainsborough


Four bold knights. One innocent lady. A deadly enemy they must fight together. Lady Adelia arrives at castle Perran to claim her late husband’s estate, but inherits a feud with cunning Lord Braskil. The castle is manned by four brave and chivalrous knights: battle-scarred Victor, musical Lyrikos, sensitive Hugo and dutiful Edgar. They vow to guard Adelia with their lives. … Read More

Courage of a Highlander by Katy Baker


Kara Buchanan relies on nobody but herself. As an investigative reporter, she’s driven and focused, always looking for the next story: the next corrupt corporation to expose, the next underdog to champion. But it leaves no room in her life for anything else – especially love. So when a strange old woman gives her a cryptic clue to a story … Read More

Fated Attraction by Meg Ripley


Britt’s life as a panther shifter is simple: shift, hunt, repeat. This tough-as-nails Gladeswoman doesn’t want any man in her life; he’d only get in her way. So, needless to say, when an obnoxious bear shifter claims her kill while she’s hunting one day, she’s not exactly thrilled. But something about his scent is undeniably irresistible… Ezra can’t understand why … Read More