Maxim Perfect Hurt by Alice May Ball


What will this man do for love? How hard will he fight? He’s hot and dangerous. The kind I fall for, all too often but not this time. I have secrets to protect. So, why am I here, letting him take me into his hotel suite? He is here on a mission. But so am I. Twists and turns, lies … Read More

To Heaven From Hell by Elly Aurora


For four hundred years, Hell crafted me into a savage beast. Tortured. Beaten. Broken. Scarred. I suffered until I discovered the worst pain in existence… Heaven stole my angel from me. I was betrayed, yet I was the one who found myself in the ninth circle of Hell, the ring for betrayers. I was part of those meant to suffer … Read More

Daddy A Billionaire Baby Romance by Katy Kaylee


He says, ‘Age brings in experience,’ and I am so ready to surrender my V-card. We are going great, But then he decides to change things. I can’t! I can’t allow him to ruin my career. So what…if I am head over heels in love with him and the baby in my belly is his!

Reckless Shattered 1 by Ciana Stone


Morgan Windwalker Alexander considered herself to be a most fortunate woman. She loves the ranch where she and her husband, Cord, live and raised their family. She loves her work as a large animal vet and is proud of what Cord has accomplished in his career in Mechatronics. She couldn’t and wouldn’t ask for more. As far as she is … Read More

Game On Heartbreakers & Heroes 9 by Ciana Stone


Dillon Walker loves football. Always has. When a promising career playing was cut short by an injury, he didn’t let it rob him of his love for the game. He just moved to the sidelines. Coaching. So here he is, back in Cray County, the head coach of the Cotton Creek Mustangs. And so far, life is okay. Until there’s … Read More

Rising Son Mountain Misfits MC Book 4 by Deja Voss


Witness to murder, I’m a biker princess on the run. I’ve got a fake name. Fake accent. Now a fake fiancé? Is it real love or is the sexy but troubled bad boy biker Hank Boden just waiting for the day he can out me and destroy me? Rising Son is a full length steamy standalone novel featuring dark and … Read More

Caveman Alien’s Secret by Calista Skye


Delyah has abducted a caveman. He’s seven feet tall, covered in black stripes and has a golden fire in his eyes. And a large bulge in his loincloth. Usually it’s the other way around, and the caveman aliens abduct Earth girls and breed them. But Delyah was never the most conventional girl, and she’s pointing her crossbow at the caveman’s … Read More

Women Under Fire by Jacki Delecki


When a woman contacts Grayce Walters to find her missing daughter, Grayce races to save the veteran before the escalating danger explodes. But if she manages to escape the threat, will she find the courage to commit to the fiery passion that awaits her in arson investigator Ewan Davis’s arms?