Our Little Secret by Sofia T Summers

He hired me to help him win a political campaign. Little does he know that I’m the one who could completely destroy it. It must’ve sounded so simple in his head. Hire an actress, pretend to be happily married, win an election. And then say goodbye with no issues whatsoever. Sure, it would’ve been simple if… I wasn’t his ex-girlfriend. … Read More

Heart of Hope by Ajme Williams

Five of your all time favourite book boyfriends – now available as a box set collection. Includes a BRAND NEW NOVEL – Billionaire Boss’ Secret Baby. And BONUS DELETED SCENES to ALL NOVELS (exclusively written for this box set) Get ready for the swooniest, most delicious, binge-worthy collection of 2021. (Warning: This collection is not for you if you cannot … Read More

Under the Surface by Stacy-Deanne

Romance writer Riley Voorhees is looking forward to spending Independence Day with her married, rich lover, Sean, in their lavish San Diego love nest. While waiting for Sean to get back from a business trip a week before the holiday, an enigmatic stranger shows up, and he’s about to shake up Riley’s world in more ways than she could imagine. … Read More

His Secret by Ajme Williams

I only had one option: Run away from my wedding. But what I did next was quite unexpected. I fell in love with trouble. My secrets were all piled up when I met Zach. A changed identity, a new name, but the same soft heart. Zach was my new boss, but I couldn’t say no to his demands. He took … Read More

Down and Dirty: Zak by Jeanne St. James

After spending the last ten years in prison, Zak, former DAMC president, has a few priorities: to reconnect with his “brothers,” to get drunk, and to get laid. Not necessarily in that order. When he spots a stunning woman in the clubhouse and mistakes her for one of the club’s strippers, those priorities get a bit skewed.

His Punishments by Ajme Williams

Repeat after me… No one can find out. No one. Especially not the press. My boss broke her heart… and now it’s become my job to protect her. Protect her body, not her heart. Although, I’m up for the other task as well. But first, I’ll punish her if she gets herself into trouble. Punish her in a way that … Read More

His Needs by Ajme Williams

I tried it all… I hated him in the way that he deserved. I resisted him in the way that I knew best. But I failed. Miserably. It was easier to hate Claude but harder to stay out of his bed. He wanted to win. He wanted to control me. And he wanted to make me submit. The worse part? … Read More