Wicked Games: A Billionaire Romance Anthology

Billionaire bad boys. Filthy rich men who play dangerous games and are wickedly dirty between the sheets. Let these men satisfy your deepest desires, forbidden temptations, and burning passions. Mix business with pleasure and find out what it takes to unravel these dominating men in this scorching hot collection of eighteen books. Being rich never looked so good. Wicked Games … Read More

Brutal Boss

We’re known for our savagery. We run New York City. We control every inch of it and anyone that gets in our way is executed. When a young woman’s car breaks down, I bring her into my compound to protect her during the storm. But she betrays me. Turns out that she’s FBI, working undercover, and intends on destroying the … Read More

Doctor Daddy

I should change my name to troublemaker… After randomly sleeping with a hot doctor, I found out something disturbing. That same hot doctor would deliver my twins – our twins! Mark is the best obstetrician… possibly in the entire country. That means he’s got no time for games. No time for love. And definitely none for the big secret I’m … Read More

All Snowed In

Moving back home to Lake Placid came with a set of surprises. Three ridiculously handsome men. A pregnancy test. And one huge scandal. Leaving NYC behind was a nightmare for me. But Charlie made me feel so much at home. His arms were strong, and his embrace warm. Too bad he was my brother’s best friend. That made him off-limits… … Read More

Blood & Bone

Two Days, One Interview, Twenty-Five Years of Rock ‘N Roll. Telling his story might just repair past relationships and ignite new ones. Jack O’Donnell is a middle-aged rock star with a long history of bad decisions. When unimaginable circumstances bring Jack and journalist Erin Langford, together, the two embark on a journey through Jack’s past where he recounts the rise and fall of his band … Read More

The Baby Contract

The contract clearly stated that I was paying her twenty-five million dollars to have my baby. No love. No sleeping together. Those were the rules, but here’s one thing you need to know about me… I’m a rule breaker. My biggest mistake was having her move into my place. Anne was nothing like the other girls I’d been with. I … Read More

Pregnant with the Bad Boy

I’ve been known to keep my life simple. When I say simple, I mean devoid of a girlfriend. Don’t get me wrong… Women are wonderful. To me, they are like vacations – temporary fun. But what do I do when Amber unexpectedly rents a space in my heart? One night was all it was supposed to be. Her skin felt … Read More