Good Vibes Only

A Rivals to Lovers Hockey Romance

F-boys, you’re officially on notice. As the proud owner of Good Vibes Only, a sex-positive adult boutique, McKayla has made self-empowerment her mission. But her promising business takes a hit when a noisy neighbor moves in next door – and the brewery’s owner doesn’t care that his never-ending construction is driving away her customers. Sure, Brett’s mega chiseled and infuriatingly … Read More

A Friendly Wager

A secret baby, fake engagement romance

My next-door neighbor is wifey material. Calm down… I’m not proposing to her. A fake engagement will do for now. My mother won’t get off my back. As a star hockey player love isn’t on the cards for me. Not now, not ever. I had a one-night stand with Ruby a decade ago. But that shouldn’t come in the way … Read More

The Doctor’s Twin Secrets

A Single Mom Military Romance

I gave him my heart, but I couldn’t give him the truth. Curt got me pregnant years ago, and I never thought I’d see him again. Until he walked right into my hospital. My legs shook when I saw that gorgeous face again. I remembered those eyes all too well. But the guilt in my heart forced me to look … Read More

Secrets of the Flame

A Holiday Romance

My last year of med school, the best year ever because of her–my future changed forever because of her… From the moment I saw her, I knew there was something between us not many people find. Passionate nights, stolen kisses throughout our busy days; she and I had the same goals–goals that would end the special connection we’d found. Leaving … Read More


FREE. You’ll love to hate, and hate to love Deacon King in this dark romance set in the world of billionaire CEO publishers. When Deacon meets Mia he realises she’s the perfect weapon in his vendetta against his father. He’ll do whatever it takes to use her—no limits. But Mia isn’t the pushover he thinks she is…

Meant to Be

I needed a bodyguard to protect me from my violent ex – the one that got me pregnant. Dax seemed like the perfect man for the job… at first. It’s obvious that I have a “type” in men. Alpha, dominant, and… hot as hell? Dax’s strong arms cover and protect me everywhere I go. He’s ex-military and quite intense. The … Read More