Country Love by Kate Swain


He stole my heart. Single mom. Full-time leader. Hustler. I was not going to let Walker Holcomb let me admit defeat. Even if it took a two hundred-dollar bottle whiskey. His career ended tragically, and I was gonna save the day. Show the world what really happened. But was falling in love with him part of the plan

Mack by Zahra Girard


Vicious. Possessive. Criminal. No one stands between me and what I want. And I want her. I never could keep my hands to myself. My enemies learned that the hard way. So when I come across Sophia, terrified and on the run, I can’t resist her bright eyes and her body built for sin. She tries to warn me about … Read More

Throw Down by Teagan Kade


He wants to throw down. I want to throw up. The Kings are the frat-party poster boys of Crestfall Academy, and Peyton King is top of the pile. Quarterback, superstar, and O-bringer extraordinaire, I hate everything he represents. I hate him. But I can use him. I need all his dirty little secrets before I blow his world apart.

Kiss My Boss by Kelli Callahan


I won’t do it. I can’t. Even if it is all I can think about. All I want to do… Is kiss Godrick Stoneridge. My boss. Why am I having these thoughts? I don’t want a relationship. I came here to get away from one… To start over on my own terms. Then my ex-boyfriend shows up. And I find … Read More

Feral by Teagan Kade


You can’t tame a beast that’s truly wild. She’s my best friend’s sister. But I don’t see ‘off limits’. I see a challenge. Little Ava’s come home with curves in all the right places and a sassy mouth to match. She’s forbidden forest fruit ripe for the ravaging. I should stay away. I know that, but I can’t. I need … Read More

Forbidden Desires Boxed Set by Annie J. Rose


Five full standalone novels full of steamy forbidden romances sure to heat up the coldest winter nights. Settle in with these sexy bad boys and the ladies who’ve been forbidden to love them. It’ll get you hot in all the best ways.

Knocked Up by Prince Charming by Lilian Monroe


Meet a new kind of Prince Charming: brooding, sinful, and oh-so-bad. The Prince isn’t interested in settling down, until he meets the mystery woman of his dreams. After a scorching-hot encounter, he’ll do anything to find her again. But once he does, things get a lot more complicated…

Baby for the Boss by Victoria Snow


“It’s going to be our little secret. Will you agree to be my fake fiancée?” Oh God, Oh God, Oh God! Why did I agree to this? My feelings for my boss were never fake. I know he doesn’t do relationships, And only needs me to keep his job. Then, why is it getting so hard? Why is he turning … Read More