Dark Encounter by Nicole York


Some desires are better left untapped… I didn’t choose the life I’m living, and yet, I own it. My relief from the violence and blood is through fiction novels. No one knows and never will. It’s not appropriate, nor would it ever be accepted. As the son of the most violent mob boss in all of New York, I play … Read More

Breakaway (Pro-U Book 1) by Ali Parker


Lucas White is captain of the hockey team, and well deserving of the position. He’s hard-hitting, rough and puts up with very little. He’s kept to himself throughout his years at Providence University, but it’s time to train the next man up in line for his position. His second on the hockey team has a twin sister that catches everyone’s … Read More

His Many Demands by Ali Parker


My Needs. My Demands. Your Pleasure. You’re Welcome. She had one year left of college when our parents got married. And thanks to being raised in poverty, she needed help with her expenses. My dad, being the benevolent billionaire, stepped up without question. But there was a catch. She had to intern at the firm for a year. With me. … Read More

Bully Academy by Mina Thorne


At Westview Academy, only the baddest boys get the girl. My stepmother hates me, my stepbrother can’t stand me, and my new school is filled with awful rich kids. But I’ve been a fighter my whole life and I won’t let any of them get me down. They don’t call it Bully Academy for nothing, and I will come out … Read More

Misunderstood by Katy Kaylee


Four years ago, he took my innocence and left – without a word. Today, he’s the star quarterback who needs an image makeover, And I’m his publicist, who doesn’t quite believe him. Task at hand: Swallow my hate for him and concentrate on the job at hand – making Ryder look like a real life knight in shining armor. Complications: … Read More

His Many Rules 1 by Ali Parker


Never Again…

Love almost stole everything from me. My career being the worst possible loss. 

I never should have bent the rules and dated a student. 

And now finally, after years of being alone, a pretty nurse has my attention. 

Caring, curvy, and so damn smart. 

She has me pacing the floor at night and wishing for things I thought were long … Read More

Trouser Snake by Teagan Kade


There’s a monster in my pants. It won’t play nice, act soft, or be your BFF. But it will blow your mother-pucking mind. I’m the guy who arrives with girl A and leaves with girls B and C. A hockey rockstar. An ice-cold scoring machine. I thought coaching the NHL’s newest team would be easy. I didn’t expect the exquisite … Read More

Fallen by Darcy Dawes


I’m working for the enemy. I’m only meant to distract Erik Storm for a little while. The problem is…he’s more distracting than ever. I’m falling for him. And now I’m screwed.

Marriage Mistake by Victoria Snow


Mistake number one: Getting drunk in Vegas. Mistake number two: Waking up in HIS bed with a HUGE rock on my finger (and our clothes missing). Mistake number three: He is my best friend’s brother!