German Biker Gang Brotherhood VI A BWWM Biker Gang Romance by Jamila Jasper


“He smelled like leather, asphalt, and blood, a sinful combination…” CONRAD WAGNER My family has done unspeakable things. I need to get out. Georgia is the only one who can help me… She’s petite, beautiful, and has a behind that won’t quit. It’s easy to lose sight of the truth: She’s dangerous… more dangerous than I. I’m dealing with a … Read More

Aiden A Bad Boy Biker Love Story by Ali Parker


I’ve never been that great with women except physically. But at a certain point, that’s not enough. And that point is now. I needed to know her name. How she walked. How her lips said my name. I’ll do anything for the girl who stole my heart.

Ryder by Ali Parker


A life of darkness only pays while the sun stays hidden. The shadows of the past follow me no matter where I turn. Mistakes I thought were long dead and gone seem to nip at my heels and tear at my soul. I’m not a good man. Not worthy of redemption.

Rising Son Mountain Misfits MC Book 4 by Deja Voss


Witness to murder, I’m a biker princess on the run. I’ve got a fake name. Fake accent. Now a fake fiancé? Is it real love or is the sexy but troubled bad boy biker Hank Boden just waiting for the day he can out me and destroy me? Rising Son is a full length steamy standalone novel featuring dark and … Read More

Ace by Savannah Rylan


Drunk Elvis married us. Our marriage isn’t what it seems. Neither is Sienna. She’s beautiful but deadly. I can see it in her eyes. She might not be a hardened criminal like me, But there’s something beneath the surface she isn’t telling me. And I’ve seen under those clothes, it’s not a silly little tattoo. No, we both have real … Read More

Hale by Daphne Loveling


It’s been years since the disaster that destroyed our lives. Years of me trying to forget everything that happened. Of trying to forget her. I thought I finally had. Now, the only girl I’ve ever hated Shows up in the last place I ever thought I’d see her. She needs my help. I can’t tell her yes. But even worse, … Read More

Dream Mate: Fire Riders MC Nomad Dragons Book One by Sharon Spell


Hannah has been having strange visions all her life. Lately her visions seem to feature a dark and mysterious man. He’s got the body of a Greek god, ancient-looking tattoos covering his skin, and…the wings of a dragon? But there’s also another man who lives in her dreams. This one seems to radiate hatred, evil…and death. And he’s close. Too … Read More

His Obsession A Dark Romance by Violet Noir


Elise I’ve never been anything but a man’s property. First my father, then others. I exist for everyone else’s pleasure but my own. This is my life. Loveless. Broken. Only death will free me from my bonds. But then a monster steals me from my captor. At first, I think Kade’s like all the others… but he’s different. He wants … Read More