Trips by Zahra Girard

She was mine the second I laid eyes on her. I have my demons. I live on the edge At war with the violent darkness inside me. But my demons are nothing compared to my cravings for her. Althea’s nothing like me. Innocent, kind, she moved to this town to help people. She sees the good man inside me that … Read More

Mack by Zahra Girard

Vicious. Possessive. Criminal. No one stands between me and what I want. And I want her. I never could keep my hands to myself. My enemies learned that the hard way. So when I come across Sophia, terrified and on the run, I can’t resist her bright eyes and her body built for sin. She tries to warn me about … Read More

Rake (Shapeshifter Confession) by Q. Zayne

Murder, forbidden love, danger, and loyalty beyond death. This shapeshifter-biker hits his mid-life crisis hard. Rake: I wasn’t as bad as some people thought. In fact, I had one hell of a soft spot, and it was all for my goddaughter Lia. She lit up a room from the beginning. I never looked at her as anything but the daughter … Read More