One Night with the Bikers

An MC Reverse Harem Romance

She can’t afford to get distracted by hard… muscles, but when stubborn journalism student Mila crosses the wrong people to save her brother, sexy bikers Reaper, Mack and Scrapper turn into a lot more than a wild one night stand. No one cares that one stubborn young woman has gone missing except the three fierce men who will do anything … Read More

Wild Love

An ex-military insta love romance

He’s a wounded ex-soldier and she’s the older woman who’s off limits… She’s confident and smart with curves for days. But there’s no way this sophisticated city girl would want a damaged veteran like me. I’m rough around the edges, damaged from the military, and working as a bar man for the MC. I’m a bearded, tattooed biker and she’s … Read More

Inked in Lies

From USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Giana Darling comes a new friends-to-lovers, MC romance about the asshole biker next-door and the girl who loves him… He moved in next door. Handsome as sin, older in a way that meant forbidden. He had tattoos on his hands and wickedness tucked in his grin. I was a goner as … Read More

Single Mom for the Bikers

An MC Reverse Harem Romance

Three big biker Daddies are about to rock the world of one lonely, single mom. When I find an unconscious biker in my driveway, it’s trouble, no matter how sexy he is. And when his dangerous club mates come to pick him up, it’s trouble times three. But no one else keeps me and my daughter Mia safe like they … Read More

Wild Promises

An opposites attract instalove romance

This ex-military biker will do anything to protect the people of Wild Heart Mountain, but this runaway bride will test him in ways that will either heal him or break him in two… I find her walking barefoot on the mountain road; the runaway bride with nowhere to go. Grace is everything I’ve forgotten how to be, fun, spontaneous, happy. … Read More

Bride for the Bikers

An MC Reverse Harem Romance

When four hot as hell bikers steal me away from my wedding, I should be terrified, but all I feel is relief. They’re dangerous, they’re passionate, and they’ll probably be my undoing, but I still prefer them to my crime boss father and his brutal hold on me. When the muscular, inked twins Thunder and Lightning lead me to bed, … Read More

Wanted by the Bikers

An MC Reverse Harem Romance

My mouth can’t get me in trouble if three wicked bikers are keeping it busy. In their world, the old rules don’t apply. The people I trusted are enemies and three criminals hold my life in their rough hands. Hands as good at making me forget my own name as they are at dealing death. Wraith is sleek, deadly and … Read More

Rough Start

An MC Biker Romance

When Eliana and her alcoholic dad ran away from their home, they weren’t intending to ever return. Years later, through hard work and grit, she not only graduated from the way-out-of-budget Harvard, but has become a successful lawyer. When she receives the sad news of her father’s death, she can’t help but feel a slight sense of relief. At last, … Read More

Kingdom’s Reign

A Bad Boy Biker Romance

A grieving biker. A jaded attorney. Can they heal each other’s wounds? Since the death of his patch brother, Kingdom has felt nothing but rage and loss. Until, he meets Sage on a trip to a tattoo shop to get fresh ink for his fallen brother. She’s sexy. Brilliant. And exactly the kind of challenge that makes him ache. If … Read More

The Demon Squad MC Series Box Set II

A Bad Boy Biker Romance Collection

Looking to ride in the fast lane? Check out the bad boy bikers of the of the Demon Squad MC. Beware! It’s gonna be a steamy ride. In Stanton’s Sins, opposites attract when a biker princess catches the eye of the high-powered attorney that’s prosecuting her big brother. Puck’s Property is the story of that big brother behind bars. In … Read More