Bound to the Bikers

An MC Reverse Harem Romance

For three hot bikers, off-limits just became no limits My father will kill them if they touch me, but when our family’s dark past crashes into my quiet life, I’m thrown into the arms of three wickedly irresistible bikers. When Alpha snaps an order, he expects it to be obeyed. I’m not one of his men, though, so why does … Read More

Twisted Metal

I should be terrified of them—but I’ve never felt safer… When I begged the Twisted Metal MC to take me in exchange for my father’s freedom, I never thought I’d be anything more than a trade to them. A transaction. I was wrong.


The moment Julia bursts into my clubhouse looking for protection, she’s doomed. Not because of the predators chasing her, but because of me. She wants to unlock the steel cage around my heart, but she’s playing a dangerous game. I’ll keep her safe from those criminals, but who will protect her from me?

Steel Scorpions Boxed Set

Violence. Loyalty. Brotherhood. With enemies around every corner can the men of the Steel Scorpions MC protect their club and trust the women that their hearts are destined for? Now you can get all SIX of the men of the Steel Scorpions MC in one steamy set!

Secret Baby for the Bikers

An MC Reverse Harem Romance

A wild night with four tattooed bikers is the worst time for my birth control to fail. I walked through the gates of the Screaming Eagles MC on a dare and wobbled out the next morning after four sexy men blew my innocent mind. It should’ve ended there. I didn’t count on the baby. Now there are only four men … Read More


A New Adult Motorcycle Club Romance

Carrie You have to work hard to love Luke. There are only who can tolerate me. Luke is one of them. He knows I can only tolerate so much. His latest run-in with this new motorcycle club in town sent all of us into a tizzy. My man has had his ups and downs. However, college has kept him away … Read More

Taken by the Bikers

An MC Reverse Harem Romance

A good girl does her duty. A bad girl does the sexy bikers who kidnap her. The last thing I should be is attracted to my captors. I’m pajamas and hot chocolate while reading a good book–they’re leather and grit and the danger I’ve always been warned to keep away from. But Wild Child, with his tattoos and piercings, has … Read More