Angel: Lords of Carnage MC by Daphne Loveling


My club is at war. It’s winner take all. As president, I know the threat looming outside. But inside, I’m facing a different battle: Jewel. She’s feisty, with a quick tongue and legs that go for days. Now, as the violence escalates, the club is in lockdown. With war raging all around, there’s nowhere to escape the growing heat between … Read More

Derek (A Gritty Bad Boy MC Romance) by Ali Parker


I’ve never been the sort of man who needed a woman. I’ve never needed anyone, in fact. The Lost Breed MC gives me all that I could ever ask for. They’re family, and now they’re in danger. The Hand is inching closer and closer to our inner circle, and he’s never been more of a threat than he is right … Read More

For The Hope Of A Crow ((Red Dead Mayhem Book 1)) by T.S. Joyce


Vina wants a crow. She doesn’t care who they are, as long as their shifter animal is a crow. They mate for life and she’s tired of being pushed around by the men she dates. So when a crow comes up on the shifter matchmaking service she applied for three years ago, she has a good feeling her stars are … Read More

Jaxson (Black Devils MC Book 1) by K.J. Dahlen & J.R. Ryder


Jaxson The Black Devils saved me from myself But I became a monster in the process. My club gave me a world I fit into. It’s too late. It’s who I am now. I can’t change. Chloe I lost my father to the Bloods’. It consumed me with fear and hate. Their world broke my family and tore my mother … Read More

Beast: Lords of Carnage MC by Daphne Loving


Coming back to my hometown was never part of the plan. But now I’m a federal agent, working a case deeply rooted in our community, And his club is in the middle of an investigation I’m about to crack wide open. I fell for the man once. I can’t get hurt again. But the harder I fight, the harder it … Read More