Give Me a Day Billionaires Abroad by Zoe Ann wood


A breathtaking romance in the heart of Europe… Lorelei was a homebody until her beloved grandma’s will forced her to travel to Vienna. Now she’s ticking off Austrian tourist attractions and planning a funeral – until a rude stranger bumps into her and breaks her phone. Sebastian doesn’t have time for distracted tourists, no matter how pretty they are. He … Read More

Hard Yacht Older Man Claims BBW by Q. Zayne


They share secret skills and a fated bond. A curvy virgin intern eager for her first scoop. A billionaire rancher out to strike gold. A night cruise feels like delicious fate—if they survive the ghost of Trouble Island. She wants to get in trouble with the big, muscular stranger. The wealthy cowboy has calloused hands, wicked eyes, and a hungry … Read More

His Corporate Claim by J.D. Fox


Who would have thought that a fake engagement could lead to a real love story? When thoughtful, careful Talia is presented with an outlandish plan by her boss to protect her from his player brother, she decides to go along with it. After all, she doesn’t want to be subjected to Sam’s supposedly lecherous advances, and isn’t in a position … Read More

My Favorite Mistake by Weston Parker


I’d make a terrible father. That’s what they all said. And it’s the lie I lived for a long time, playing the field. Sleeping around and enjoying my life as a bachelor. But things change when my grandfather passes and all of his money comes my way. Life looks like a day in a theme park, with me as the big … Read More

His Many Desires by Ali Parker


I don’t fit into the world around me. My brother and father are far more the billionaire type. Art is what wakes me up. Expressing my soul through a paintbrush. That and the beautiful woman that stole my heart years ago. But she belongs to their world. An executive for the accounting firm my family runs. And we live clear across the country … Read More

Hot Summer Fling by Ali Parker


It’s rare I choose the bad girl in the group. This time I got lucky. A spunky New Yorker with a beautiful body and an interesting personality. I need a break from life in general, and this girl is the perfect distraction. Her being in a different state might be perfect for the fling I’m searching for. Having just graduated … Read More

Just Faking It by Katy Kaylee


I seduced my brother’s best friend to take my innocence, And he convinced me to fake marry him! Jake Dunne: Sinfully handsome. Naughty . Funny. Piercing Blue eyes. And kisses like nobody’s business… Jake Dunne: Also the man who broke my heart, five years ago. My fake husband but my baby’s REAL father!