Teach Me New Tricks by Ali Parker


He’s going to make me break my number one rule. And possibly lose my job. How dare he? It’s pretty simple, though. Don’t date students. Which is normally easy to stick to. Who wants to date an eighteen-year-old boy? Not me. I much prefer an older man with rough hands that knows what he’s doing. Enter Mr. Evans. A single … Read More

Damon’s Doll (Billionaire's Dark Obsession) by Q. Zayne


Independent Mandy is far from submissive. Fantasies don’t count, especially not the ones she’d never do with anyone. Until a mystery man offers a chance at a million bucks. For that, she’s willing to play her V card. Q. Zayne’s most popular books include the Submission Island series, Recluse, and Mr. Beast. Adventurous readers, grab Damon’s Doll immediately.

Follow You Anywhere by Weston Parker


My new boss is so hot, it hurts. I needed a job, but working as this guy’s personal assistant is going to get me into trouble. I’ve never in my life given into a man the way I want to give into him. And the fact that he’s a single father scares me and draws me in deeper. Where most … Read More

High Risk by Siena Noble


Caleb Martin. Lost prince of business royalty. The young airline mogul with a reputation for dominance in both the boardroom and the bedroom. But before he was worth billions, he was my first love, and my brother’s best friend. We were supposed to grow old together… until a tragedy ripped us apart. After six years I thought I’d finally moved … Read More

Falling For Him by Ali Parker


Not everyone deserves a second chance. My brother’s best friend surely doesn’t after leaving home without a concern. Even when my brother died, he couldn’t handle it. Good for him. Life moves on and changes. After years of trying to make it in New York, I find myself headed back home. This time with a little girl and no hubs … Read More

The Amendment (The Contract Series #3) by Melanie Moreland


Richard VanRyan has it all. A loving wife, a beautiful family, great friends, and a career he excels at. He’s riding high on the crest of life. What happens when the ride stops? When the unthinkable becomes reality and life may never again be the same? The Contract has changed. Can Richard and Katy overcome The Amendment?

All About the Treats by Weston Parker


I’m a billionaire candy man. And I’m good at being single, life is too short to fall in love. But then I meet her, a curvy, brilliant single mom who’s changing the world on Halloween at a time. I’m impressed with far more than her business skills, for the first time, I want more. All of her. But she’s not … Read More

An Innocent Halloween by Katy Kaylee


You wanna know why? 1: You don’t fraternize with your patient’s dad. 2: He’s hot, strong, dominant, older. 3: Turns out he’s my dad’s best friend. Sh!t. This billionaire is going to be the end of me. His strong arms wrap around my waist and melt my insides. I can’t let that happen! God…help a girl. Pleeeease

The Thing About Cowboys by Ciana Stone


Delilah Jackson. That’s me. I’m big. That’s no boast, just fact. Not just in my size, but in my zest for life, my passion for what I do and my enthusiasm for men who ping my passion. My business is making people look good in photos. My fun is writing sexy romances. Becoming the next notch on Cam McIntyre’s belt … Read More