Uncovering Lily

A Billionaire Romantic Suspense

Enjoy this steamy romantic suspense series from USA TODAY Bestselling romance author Rene Webb! A Kidnapped College Student While studying abroad, I was drugged, kidnapped, and imprisoned . . . in a Hong Kong brothel. After several failed attempts to escape, I know my time is running out. My innocence is about to be sold to the highest bidder. A … Read More

Dante’s Hope

A curse, a vision, and a secret. With a flimsy piece of evidence and a Psychic vision, “Miss Butterfly”, crashes the Reyes Brother’s charity fundraiser hoping one of them believes in curses. She has a devastating secret and they may be her last chance to get answers. Fearing the affliction haunting him is tied to the alluring woman roaming through … Read More

Charming Chapter

A just kisses later in life romance

Laura thought love had passed her by…but she was wrong. Urged by her book club friends to take a chance, Laura heads to the UK only to find a thrilling romance awaits. Ideal for fans of all-the-feels later-in-life, just kisses romances, women’s friendship stories, and happy ever afters. Open the page today on a brand new romance series featuring women … Read More


First Time Older Man Younger Woman Erotic Romance

Caden isn’t used to meeting beautiful women on the street. As an attractive billionaire, he’s even less used to them running away. But then his mystery woman shows up as his new assistant, and he’s going to punish her for disappearing on him. A punishment which soon morphs into something else altogether. Keeley can’t believe her luck. Her new job … Read More

The Rule

A Workplace Sports Billionaire Romance

Four days with the billionaire on all the “Bachelors to Snag” lists… He’s demanded I accompany him to his Colorado home to earn his business. The chemistry is electric, but I never date clients. His piercing blue eyes drill into me, cornering me to make a decision. It sounds legit, but… If anyone knows how to get what they want, … Read More

Over My Dead Boss

A Steamy Enemies to Lovers Romance

A steamy, laugh-out-loud, enemies-to-lovers romance standalone with a slow-burn sizzle between an alpha boss-hole and a feisty heroine who are put into close proximity, sometimes maybe a little too close.

Almost Strangers

USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Claudia Burgoa pens an emotional, heartbreaking romance duet where soulmates can’t be together and everything around them tears them apart. I found it (him) at the bookstore. Love. He was six foot four, lanky, blue-eyed. Jacob Decker was goofy, handsome, and cheesy. There’s no better way to describe him. But what can I expect of an … Read More

Secrets of the Flame

A Holiday Romance (Saved by the Doctor Book 1)

Second Chance at Seattle General Their med school love burned bright, fueled by stolen moments and a shared dream. But a hidden truth tore them apart, forcing them to chase separate futures. Years later, a twist of fate reunites them at Seattle General. He’s no longer the charming student, and she’s a guarded doctor. Passion reignites, but the embers of … Read More