Night Shade

An Interracial, Vampire Paranormal Romance

Daniella has only ever known one person she could rely on: herself. But when she meets The Novaks, everything changes. They become her closest friends, colleagues, and an integral part of her life. But The Novaks hold deadly secrets, and the night Daniella is attacked, she learns them all. Gregori Novak is the leader of the largest vampire circle in … Read More

Just Another Chance

A steamy second chance secret baby romance

I gave Tanner my heart, and he gave me all the reasons why I should never trust men again. It had been two years since I’d seen his gorgeously devastating face. Two years since I’d found out that I was pregnant with his baby. His betrayal forced me to skip town and keep it a secret. And just when I … Read More

Hot Mess

Meeting a hot Hollywood heartthrob might be a dream come true for some. But for me, it was an absolute nightmare. A nightmare that I didn’t want, especially during the holidays. I knew it was over for me when I gazed into Nick’s eyes at that Hollywood party. I instantly regretted my decision to come to LA, and I was … Read More


A Spring to Remember

It’s impossible, said her pride. It’s risky, said her experience. It’s pointless, said her reason. Give it a try, whispered her heart. There were few things Quinn didn’t know, and nothing she couldn’t find out. She knew with absolute certainty she didn’t want to be anything more than a friend to Marco, the heir to the Maderian throne. As assassination … Read More

The producer: Aaron

He is handsome, charismatic, and Hollywood Royalty. He is older than me. My boss. The forbidden fruit I can’t taste. Aaron is the most influential producers in Hollywood, with more money than he can spend in a lifetime and a villa in the Hollywood Hills. His life is perfect, but there is only one thing he wants: his father’s broadcasting … Read More

Demon’s Debt

A billionaire demon shifter romance

I am the prisoner of a rich, handsome demon. I should be plotting my escape, but it seems my heart has other plans… Alana I quit college for a year to work as a mechanic in my grandfather’s garage. I never counted on a billionaire’s car getting stolen there. Now ‘Zeke’ Zabresky is holding me hostage until his precious car … Read More

A Christmas Kiss

A BBW Holiday Romance

Taking risks in business had made Maddox Walker a multi-millionaire, and his best friend, Emma, had been there with him every step of the way. With the holidays approaching, she was the only thing he wanted under his tree—and in his bed. Was he willing to take his biggest risk yet to claim the curvy beauty? Taking her relationship with … Read More

Cowboy Billionaire

I planned to fake date my billionaire bosshole. Not give him my v-card. He’s sexy and arrogant… Taking the job is a no-brainer… I’m marrying him to clear my debt, not to fall in love. God help me to get through these six months because I’m falling for my husband.

Baby Surprise

A Steamy Secret Baby Holiday Romance

I should have asked for his number… or at least his full name. But it was supposed to be an adventure. An adventure that turned into a nightmare! That bachelorette trip was never supposed to lead to pregnancy. I didn’t know how to contact the father, but I still chose to raise the baby by myself. Little did I know … Read More