Claiming Her Curves 2 High-Heat Curvy Romances Set by Quin Zayne


A curvy woman meets the right alpha man—or men—to make her dreams come true. Sizzling attention transforms her life. Imagine: your deepest wish becomes real for one amazing night. And you can keep your new life. In Recluse, Bess, a divorced small-town baker, discovers new passions as mysterious Rafael comes on strong. His finger traced my lips, passed across my … Read More

Accidentally Met Him An Accidental Marriage Romance Box Set by Lauren Wood


What would you do when your husband was the only one that could please you but you didn’t remember marrying him? Accidentally Met Her – “Las Vegas was the place to get hitched.” Accidentally Love Her – “She came for a short vacation, and came back hitched.” Accidentally Fiancé – ‘Till death do us part’… sounds like a really long … Read More

Fair Trade For Love A Billionaire Bad Boy Romance by Weston Parker


He’s willing to trade his daughter. Good. She’s exactly what I want in my life. The bastard shouldn’t have stolen from me. It’s not an unreasonable request, but at this point, I’m glad he did. I come from old money and lots of it. And my business is in need of some numbers help. The thief’s beautiful daughter fits the … Read More

Boss Daddy A Second Chance Surprise Baby Romance by Annie J. Rose


We shared one wild, unforgettable night. Colt was my secret crush. I was trying to get back at my ex. Pregnant and scared, I ran away. Six years later, I’m desperate for a job and Colt is the CEO. Passion sparks between us again. I can’t tell him my secret. Our son, sick, is in need of a transplant. Why … Read More

Bright Lights Billionaire by Ali Parker


I’ve always lived behind the bright lights of Hollywood. I’m proof that money can’t buy love. But then a sweet girl from the local college scores a part as my co-actor in a new blockbuster. Not interested. If you love them, you don’t let them see you.

Take My Time Book 1 by Ali Parker


I never wanted wealth, power, or the responsibility that goes with it. But life didn’t ask me. My father’s company is my only legacy, or is it? The girl next door, my best friend’s little sister, was there waiting. And she’s all grown up. She’s gonna be mine. Like she always has been.

Billionaire Thirst A Billionaire Romance by Lauren Wood


David is the man that everyone looks to when he enters a room. He had the body of hard labor, but he was known in the city for his tough business deals. David remembers Bo and everything that they did together underneath the stars in Eleanor. She was the only woman to make him feel and he wanted that feeling … Read More

Stranded with the Billionaire by Sophie Brooks


With a blizzard on the way, Fiona doesn’t have time for a bossy volunteer in her soup kitchen. Liam’s a hot-as-sin alpha who wants to run the show. Tempers flare when Fiona discovers he’s the billionaire who funds her charity. Forced to ride out the storm together, will they freeze each other out or will the sparks between them become … Read More