Her Mountain Prince

A Billionaire Mountain Man Romance

They’ll kill her if they find her. But she’s mine now, and I protect what’s mine. By any means necessary. Prince Gabriel Revenge was all I ever thoughts about…until she barged into my life. A real woman, with real curves. Real curves that I need to make mine. My plans to claim the throne of Askovia might have to wait … Read More

Dirty Little Secret

She was a virgin, and I was the bad boy set on getting her gift… Taking her sweet innocence, I traded her one night of unforgettable pleasure. Nine months to be exact. Then our night of what her family deemed sin would be born, only to be given away. He was her secret, and he soon became mine too…

The Billionaire’s Island Queen

Billionaire Robert Heldeen is one of the wealthiest men on the north coast of Jamaica, and his business practices could be described as shady as f*&k. When Fionna finds out about his bribes, she has no problem calling him out on it. She doesn’t care if he’s her boss, or that she slept with him the night before. Now, she … Read More

Sinful Takeover

An Enemies to Lovers Romance

She managed to do something no woman had. Challenge me. I’m on a mission to expand my empire. But she stands in my way. Lacey Sayers. My best friend’s twin sister. A woman wholly unimpressed by me. And determined to beat me at what I do best. Not going to happen, I always win. But her fiery temper and sassy … Read More

The Billionaire’s

Perfect Match

Blake has just found out that he’s standing on an inheritance of billions! But in order to receive the money, there’s a catch: He has to marry a woman his father approves of! So Blake vows to his friend that he’ll marry the next woman who walks through the coffee shop door… Not knowing that the woman would be Lea … Read More

His Sword

A Royal Wedding Romance

I never wanted to get married. Now I’ve got no choice. Two weeks to find a virgin wife or I lose my title as Prince. No fortune, no kingdom, no anything. It’s a stupid centuries-old rule, and it led me to her. Amanda Sparks is a grad student. Hot as sin, curves like a figure eight… And most importantly… pure. … Read More

Cocky Boss

A Billionaire And Virgin Romance

Nothing’s hotter than my best friend’s daughter. I’ve got it all. I’m a single dad, a billionaire, and a player. I have any woman I want — without opening up my heart. But then Ava starts to nanny for me. Her full lips and curvy, untouched body make me want to play naughty. I’ll be her first, and she’ll never … Read More

Cocky Duke

Endowed Book 1

First in a sexy, light-hearted new series! Two weeks touring art galleries in London—that’s what my Uncle Stig promised. It was going to be a nice quiet trip with my favorite relative, who also happens to be the US Ambassador to England. The only problem? It’s a little too quiet. I crave something more than four o’clock tea and crumpets. … Read More

Kissed By You

Tropical Heat Book 4

When love comes calling, never say never… What’s a guy to do when a damsel in distress lands at his door on Christmas Eve? Dr. Alex Cortes doesn’t want company this particular holiday, especially after the life-changing event that shook his resolutions. Seeking time alone to sort things out, the last thing he needs is a distraction like blonde beauty … Read More