Sandover Beach Melodies

Sandover Island Series Book 3

She broke her own rules: you can’t fall in love when you’re on the run… Sandover Island seems like the perfect place for Mercer to escape her past, but she knows it’s only a matter of time until it finds her. She isn’t safe, not even in Beau’s strong arms, as tempting as they are. The harder Beau pushes at … Read More

Shelter from the Storm

TWO RIVALS TRAPPED TOGETHER. WILL LOVE’S HIGH WINDS KNOCK DOWN THEIR WALLS? Becca Collins can’t turn away from an animal in need. So with a hurricane approaching and the last bus off the island refusing to allow a senior to bring her dog, the self-reliant shelter director agrees to stay and provide care. When the geriatric canine needs special food … Read More

Not Until Now

A Christian Romance

They both know what they want. And it’s not each other . . . Kayla has worked hard to regain her independence after her spinal cord injury, and she isn’t willing to give up that independence for anyone. But when she witnesses an accident in Hope Springs, she finds herself drawn into the life of the young girl whose mother … Read More

Protected by the Cowboy

A Contemporary Christian Romance

She’s running from trouble, and now he’s protecting more than just his ranch. Laney Parker is in dire need of a fresh start. With broken bones and a broken heart, she shows up at Blackwater Ranch hoping to land the housekeeper position for the new bed and breakfast. When the caring family begins to ask questions, she struggles to trust … Read More

Vestige in Time

The Complete Christian Time Travel Series

Four Christian time travel romances by Sara Blackard. Visit the wilderness of the Colorado Rockies as the Thomas family embrace the impossible to discover all God has in store for them. Fall in love with these riveting tumbles through time and space. If you like page-turning adventure, fascinating characters, and engaging stories of triumph, you’ll love Sara Blackard’s unique time … Read More

Falling For the Foe

A Clean and Wholesome International Romance

She can’t stand him. He blames her for his company’s woes. Now, they have to work together. Nia has devoted her career to fighting for life-saving medicines for Ugandans with HIV. When first-line treatments begin to fail, she must find a new source of affordable drugs before patients start to die. Too bad she just publicly bashed the head of … Read More

Vestige of Power

A Christian Speculative Fiction

Born and raised in the heart of the Rockies, Joseph can’t imagine a more exciting life. But when one wrong step lands him in the alleys of an unknown city, excitement takes a new turn. Will he get his bearings in time to help a stranger whose life’s about to be threatened? Though Victoria grew up in high society, her … Read More

A Wish for Christmas

How hard can it be to entertain a house full of guests, without revealing they are at the wrong Inn? Mila needs the money to satisfy the bank. All she has to do is give them a holiday they won’t forget and not fall in love with Garrett Donnelley and his family. Mila Vunderberg is in desperate need of money … Read More