Canvas by Jody Kaye

Self-destructive guys wrecked my reputation. Mitch doesn’t hold my poor choices against me, but he follows a pattern of men I need to avoid. So why is my heart falling hard and fast when Mitch can’t decide if he only wants to be friends? And can I put it all on the line again for a guy like that? —Lindsey

White House Affair by Sarah J. Brooks

Billionaire Senator Matthew Storm is running for Presidency. People think he’s a “good boy” and an all-American kind of guy. Yet there is a dark side about him that the public doesn’t know. I know those secrets. I’m his affair. But when I understand Matthew’s real plan, it’s nearly too late. A plan that will not only be his, but … Read More

Bad Boys United by Teagan Kade

The hottest bad boys unite for this special collection box set of 5 Amazon Best Sellers. These alpha heroes don’t play by the rules. They’re bold, brutally gorgeous, and ready to do whatever it takes to keep the women they love safe. Let them show YOU why bad boys do it better.

Never Say Sorry by Faith Hart

Trixie Benning– the no-nonsense Accounting Manager working her way up the corporate ladder. She is highly intelligent, introverted, and for the most part, steadfast about keeping personal and work separated – except when it comes to him. Drew Alexander- the President and CEO that seems to be her polar-opposite in personality. A confident extrovert with the type of ‘love- ‘em-and-leave- … Read More

Mickey’s Baby by Annie J. Rose

A hot vacation fling could turn into something more… Or it could cost us our lives. Karin tells me she doesn’t need my help. But we both know that’s a lie. I’m a good guy, an ex-SEAL who served with honor, But there’s no line I won’t cross to protect what’s mine.