Viking Thunder by Emmanuelle de Maupassant


When Elswyth falls captive to a terrifying band of Vikings, the warrior who commands them leaves her breathless with his forbidden touch. He shows her what it means to be loved by a Viking, and Elswyth must choose her fate. Heat level: volcanic

Alien Invader’s Prey A Dark SciFi Romance by Calista Skye


A giant shapeshifter alien who invades planets for sport meets a feisty Earth girl who won’t submit as easily as he’s used to. The attraction between them is electric, but the girl has a secret that she’d sooner die than give up… Expect steamy scenes, mysterious aliens with features like adult toys, deadly planets and the love story between a … Read More

Citadels of Fire by K.L. Conger


The maid who loved a soldier. The soldier who defied a Tsar. The Tsar who doomed a nation… Inga is lucky to live the sheltered life of a maid in the Kremlin palace, but her plight is bleak at best. For Ivan the Terrible is the most notorious ruler ever to sit the throne of Russia. When an English soldier … Read More

Dark Dream by Delilah Taylor


I always finish the job. Until Violet. She has no idea what I really am. Violet started off like every other job to me. She was nothing more than a target. A paycheck. But then I touch her, taste her, and devour her. All I want is more.

Dark Obsession A Dark Romance Love Story by Nicole York


I’m the kind of guy that takes without asking. Until beautiful Jenna Web shows up. But my partner in crime isn’t too thrilled with my new girl. With one foot in the light and one in the dark, I have to decide which way to go before it’s too late.

Caged By Them by kelli callahan


The bars that surround me are the just the beginning… I had the brightest of futures. And the one in front of me was vivid. I carved out my own place in the world. But I wasn’t always proud of what I did. I should have known that my mistakes would catch up to me eventually. One moment changed everything. … Read More

Hitman’s Captive BWWM Bad Boy Romance by Jamila Jasper


The death of a wealthy Nigerian unites his daughters from around the globe… Each one is devastatingly beautiful, with toasted walnut-brown skin, Ivy League educations and new inheritances of over $10 million. DINAH JACKSON Dinah finds herself handcuffed to the bed by her ex-boyfriend, Wyatt — a dangerous hitman with a tortured past. He wants something from Dinah that she … Read More

Enslaved by Sansa Rayne


Abducted and held captive by human traffickers, Quinn’s survival depends on exposing her tormentor to the evil and lies enslaving them both. When Reed resists the truth, can her love conquer his hate?