Brazen Criminals

Stalker ex? ✔ Four hot roommates? ✔ An illegal secret? ✔✔✔✔✔ I, Clara McElroy, always have a handle on things. List it out, check it off, and tally every win as a step toward joining the FBI. Then my perfect life explodes. Now I’m living with four gorgeous guys I’ve never met while scrambling to make ends meet, and my … Read More

Demon’s Captive Omega

A Dark MM Fantasy Romance

I’m a demon alpha with blood on my hands. He’s a gentle omega angel. I’m not worthy of him—but when an accidental bond ties us together, I’ll kill to keep him safe. I’ve been a soldier of Hell for a hundred years, immersed in bloodshed and carnage. Then a terrible battle leaves me on the brink of death. To save … Read More

Caveman Alien’s Curse

This deadly, dinosaur-infested planet I was dumped on was bad enough before. And then I was abducted by an alien dragon. He’s unspeakably beautiful, mean and abusive. He fills my whole mind and terrorizes me. But he’s saved my life many times, and I know that he’s my only way to get home to Earth… Steamy science-fiction abduction romance!

Dark Desire

A Billionaire Dark Contemporary Romance

Tall, dark and dangerous… That’s what Emily wants for her birthday this year! None of her family seems to remember her special day. Her family had always been too busy for her. Perhaps that was the curse of being born rich. But this year, she wants a little more. She’s going to spend her birthday the way she wants. Now … Read More

Lying in Ruins

Darkly thrilling, post-apocalyptic romance series first

In a world gone to hell, better to choose the devil you know… On a mission to retrieve a kidnapped child, a woman skilled in secrecy crosses paths with a nomadic vigilante bent on revenge. Despite the unlikely pair’s mutual distrust, they join forces to survive the predators picking through the desiccated remains of civilization. Now it’s a race to … Read More

Dangerous Obsession

A sensually dark romance

He broke my heart and sent me away… So why is he following me around town? Handsome, muscular and dangerous – Leo Gusev was the love of my life, until he shattered my heart into a million pieces. I never recovered from the blow. But clearly, neither did Leo. When I’m attacked in a dark alley late at night, Leo … Read More


Life has taught me I’m forgettable, unless someone needs something from me. I’m the forgettable one. Always have been. Always will be. Wanting to feel like I’m a priority for one night, I take matters into my own hands and book a date through The Perfect Gentleman’s service. Little do I know my entire life is about to be turned … Read More

E of My Enemy

Both families, alike in greed and power. He belonged to one and I the other. Now I was pregnant with his child. In order to keep my baby safe, I had to run away from everyone… even him.