Reckless (A Dark Romance) by Sansa Rayne

“They marked me for death, but he had other plans for me.” I risked everything for the story of my career. I took down a powerful man. Now his connected friends want to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Their assassin, Ingram, lured me into a trap. Flew me to their island. Covered up my disappearance. I’ll never escape on … Read More

Unlovable by Jamila Jasper

She wasn’t supposed to love a brute. At her new English college, Liberty draws the attention of the school’s vicious king: Ben Fox. She’s quickly at the mercy of a man who has never taken “no” for an answer… A man who sees the new girl as a challenge to conquer.

My Name Is Pink: An Age Gap Dark Romance by Veronica Lancet

Pink—Femme Fatale Artemis—Deadly Assassin Bianca—Shy Socialite All three have something in common–they love the same man. But can he love them all? Theodore Hastings fucked Pink, married Bianca, and fought side by side with Artemis. But this sick game of fuck marry kill is not that simple. Not when all three are the same person. And this is how it … Read More

The Priest by SR Jones

The assignment was simple: Extract the hostage. Take out all hostiles. Relocate the hostage to a safe house. The assignment was simple… Until it wasn’t. Roze is a mafia princess, but she doesn’t live in that world. Innocent, young, and naïve, she’s become mine to protect. Just a broken girl looking for some humanity, and a man with nothing left … Read More

Exposed (A Dark Romance) by Arabella Black

Welcome to Katantia. A messed up royal palace. A foreign visitor. And a wedding that’s guaranteed to leave you speechless. Mandy. He’s not my fiancé. He’s a prince in an infamous country of sex. He’s hiding something, I could list a million reasons why I shouldn’t have noticed Weston Wraith. None of them would help. He’s about to expose me. … Read More