Life has taught me I’m forgettable, unless someone needs something from me. I’m the forgettable one. Always have been. Always will be. Wanting to feel like I’m a priority for one night, I take matters into my own hands and book a date through The Perfect Gentleman’s service. Little do I know my entire life is about to be turned … Read More

E of My Enemy

Both families, alike in greed and power. He belonged to one and I the other. Now I was pregnant with his child. In order to keep my baby safe, I had to run away from everyone… even him.

Season of Desire

I turned him down… he bought the entire ballet company. I still said no… he blew hundreds of thousands on a night out for everyone. I gave into my lust… and he got me pregnant. His name is Alexei Federov and he is a mafia kingpin. When he sees me dancing in a ballet performance, he forces his way into … Read More

The Chosen Heir

A Steamy Mafia Romance

A war is brewing between love and duty…which shall triumph? I am Alexandru, the chosen one. The ruler of the Lupu clan. I strive to follow in my father’s footsteps. I strive to be the perfect head of the family, the perfect son and brother, the perfect… man. In this dog-eat-dog mafia world, a single mistake could end in bloodshed. … Read More

Season of Malice

An Age Gap, Russian Bratva Billionaire Romance

He’s old enough to be my father. He might be the one who killed my boyfriend. And I can’t resist him any longer. Not only is my boyfriend dead, he left me with a sizable loan in my name to a mafia boss. When Dimitri Federov, a handsome, loaded Russian playboy, appears on my doorstep, I panic. He wants money … Read More

Vows and Vendettas

Our underworld is filled with bloodshed and malice, and darkness dominates our lives. It’s our world… where limits are built of smoke, and their rules have no power. And when we find the object of our deepest desires, we are ruthless. Nothing, not even their defiance, will stand in our way.

Merciless Vows

A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance

When I was sixteen, a gypsy fortune-teller told me my future held darkness and death. She was right. But what she didn’t tell me was I’d lose all my memories and I wouldn’t recognize the devil when he came to steal my life. Lucca Dyshekov—the Bratva assassin they call Merciless—rose from hell and turned my world upside down. On our … Read More

D of the Devil

I made a deal with the Devil. The head of the most powerful mafia family in Chicago, Domenick Satriano took me as payment for my father’s debt. He explained it was a matter of time until I willingly came to him. My damaged heart kept me fighting his dark games. What happened when Domenick grew tired of the fight?


A Boston Mafia, Work Place Romance

THE LEADER OF THE BOSTON WOLFES NEEDS A NEW ACCOUNTANT AND SHE’S THE ONE HE WANTS. I will never work for Franklin Wolfe. Period. But just like any other person in the city of Boston, I don’t stand a chance against the leader of the Boston Wolfes. He’s canny. Confident. A natural-born leader who controls the city, with endless green … Read More