Daddy’s Sexy Brat by Rogue London

It isn’t every day a gorgeous woman faints just at the sight of me. But the second our eyes locked, down she went. And now that I have her in my arms, I’m not letting her go any time soon. Because naughty girls who sneak into my bar with fake IDs don’t just get sent home with a pat on … Read More

Hard Love (Dom Romance Collection) by Q. Zayne

High-heat collection: Alpha men captivated by spirited curvy women! It’s a rough & sexy road to love. Readers on stories in in Hard Love: “Incredibly dark story is truly sinful, dangerous, thrilling, sexy, and a dark delicious treat to read! This is a must read for everyone that loves dark, sinful, cutting-edge books!” CeCe on Stranded “A bit of suspense. … Read More

Defenders (Sons Of Olympus Reverse Harem Romance) by Helen J Perry

If Greek gods become a twenty-first-century biker gang, they might look like the three guys Lauren met in the woods. They used to be called Casper, Grēgorios, and Alexander, or something like that, but nowadays they’re called Jasper, Greg, and Zander. These names are more modern. The immortal Spartan warriors try to keep with the times. These days we’d call … Read More

I Hate You by Natasha L. Black

Just a few problems with my dream job: 1. Stolen equipment. 2. Sabotage on my job site. 3. Smoking hot Nicole. Correction: She’s my #1 problem. This job is nothing but trouble. And it’s about to get so much worse. Dangerous sabotage at the job site puts Nicole’s life in danger. Plus there’s the little secret she’s carrying…

Punishing Thirst by Olivia Fox

Grumpy Hero Dante Drago saves the day — for a price — he demands Savanna López stand in as his Fake Fiancé in this steamy Mafia Romance. Dante: The thought of having Savanna caged up, beholden to me, makes my pulse quicken and certain parts of my anatomy swell with messed up, forbidden longing. Right away, I know I’ll see … Read More

Mean Right Hook by Michele Mills

Leah’s stuck in a tenuous mining cage with a silent, rugged alien miner with mighty fists and shocking fangs—who keeps pulling her into his massive arms and inhaling her scent. When the cage starts hurtling towards certain disaster Leah’s about to discover the true meaning of the term, “mating compatible.”