Damon’s Doll (Billionaire's Dark Obsession) by Q. Zayne


Independent Mandy is far from submissive. Fantasies don’t count, especially not the ones she’d never do with anyone. Until a mystery man offers a chance at a million bucks. For that, she’s willing to play her V card. Q. Zayne’s most popular books include the Submission Island series, Recluse, and Mr. Beast. Adventurous readers, grab Damon’s Doll immediately.

Crushed by Lulu Pratt


My best friend’s sister was always off limits Charlotte had a crush on me for years She’s grown up and wants to lose her v-card We were together, behind her brother’s back When he found out, I thought I lost her I got her back, but now something else has come between us Losing her again is crushing me I … Read More

Chasing Mr. Wrong by Avery Edwards


Mr. Blue Eyes is my brother’s best friend. The only man to make flannel look sexy. And the one guy that’s completely off limits. This town is everything I never wanted. And Chase is everything I always needed.

Savor by Avery Hunter


I have a huge crush on the hottest celebrity chef in the country. I should stay away: he’s my ex. He’s way older. And … he’s about to become my boss. I’ve had a big setback in my career. I need his help to get back up… not his love. Giving this a second chance might be a mistake. A … Read More

Unexpected Surprise by Sarah J. Brooks


A mysterious stranger saved me at a Hollywood Halloween Party. Now I’m carrying his secret and I don’t know who he is! It was the wildest night of my life. And it gifted me the most precious person in the world:My little daughter Arianna. Now I have a job interview with a gorgeous billionaire in LA. Turns out he is … Read More

Claimed by the Demon Hunter by Harley James


I want to shove her against the wall and take her innocence. That was my thought as I ran into the girl next door. Most women that come this close to a demon hunter turn to putty on the spot. Not Jessie. This sassy little spitfire is playing hard to get. Evil is coming and it’s coming for her. Wrong … Read More

Fast Baller by Lulu Pratt


I was a star pitcher but an injury sent me down. My career is over, that is until Scarlet starts working with me. She’s my physical therapist and her touch heals me. We’re together, against the rules. We keep our passion a secret, but it turns out there is another secret. One that could pull us apart for forever.

The Lifeguard by Teagan kade


It’s easy to score when your day job’s saving lives. Miami Beach—sun, sand, and string bikinis. Easy pickings. The last thing I expected to wash ashore was Winter. I pulled her from the water clinging to life, scared out of her mind. Protecting her is all that matters.