Mountain Man Protector

Vodka and flirting turn into a long, hot night. He’s determined to protect me. I’m determined to stand my ground. A few weeks of hiding out drives me crazy in more ways than one.


First Time Older Man Younger Woman Erotic Romance

Caden isn’t used to meeting beautiful women on the street. As an attractive billionaire, he’s even less used to them running away. But then his mystery woman shows up as his new assistant, and he’s going to punish her for disappearing on him. A punishment which soon morphs into something else altogether. Keeley can’t believe her luck. Her new job … Read More

Single Mom for the Bikers

An MC Reverse Harem Romance

Three big biker Daddies are about to rock the world of one lonely, single mom. When I find an unconscious biker in my driveway, it’s trouble, no matter how sexy he is. And when his dangerous club mates come to pick him up, it’s trouble times three. But no one else keeps me and my daughter Mia safe like they … Read More

beauty and the professor

Once upon a time there was a beautiful college student… And a beastly professor with scars he can’t hide. Erin cleans Mr. Morris’s house twice a week to pay her tuition. The reclusive ex-soldier intimidates her, but she can’t help but feel sympathy for him. Then she walks in on him touching himself.


Can a man without emotions find his mate? There’s nothing left in Raze. No love, no hate, nothing but the duty that he owes his people. But when he meets a fascinating and tough human woman on a barren planet something deep inside comes back to life and for the first time in years he yearns for more.

Sally Jones

A Trophy Wife Romance

On the run from vengeful domestic terrorists, Sally can’t resist a cute bikini and a pool party. Can she catch a break—and the hot neighbor she’s always had a crush on? From Anna Alkire, the author of Buck Up, Buttercup, comes a humorous reverse harem romance with a happily ever after ending after a thrilling ride. Anyone looking for an … Read More

My Dark Desire

Welcome back to Dark Prince Road…where the weather is cold, but the men are colder. A tantalizing forbidden billionaire romance between a broken Prince Charming and a disgraced Cinderella.