Cocky Batter (A Cocky Athlete Story) by Drake Rockford


Rival jocks on the field . . . Adrian and Dale are as different as night and day. Adrian is the straight star batter for his college team and Dale is the gay rival catcher who’s been a thorn in his side all season. But the season is almost over and more than the championship is on the line—so is … Read More

The Vampires’ Blood Mate by Lili Zander


The Complete Vampires’ Blood Mate Series available in one Boxed Set. The first night, I was bitten. The second night, I was hunted. The third night, I was discovered by four dangerous vampires. To earn my freedom, I need to survive one more night. But the four want me for their own. And in Shayde, whatever vampires want, vampires get.

Lie For Me by Ali Parker


My benefactor is up for donating a large sum of money to my retreat center and he needs a little persuading. Maybe I can borrow this beautiful single mom for one night to get what I need. Perhaps a ready-made family is just what the doctor ordered. Except I’m falling for this woman and her girls. She’s the one. I … Read More

Vaant by Layla Nash


When alien warrior Vaant is framed for destroying an innocent ship, Earther interpreter Isla must face that the Alliance she served is not what it seems. Starting a new life with Vaant sounds more appealing, but first they’ll have to fight through the Alliance Fleet. Does love wait for them among the stars, or just more danger?

All He Wants for Christmas by Lulu Pratt


Hey Santa, I’ve been bad I’m a billionaire and spy Juliet working at the hotel lounge I want to bend her over the bar We get caught and she loses her job I whisk her to paradise But I caused her to lose her previous job when I bought the company When she finds out, she leaves I’ve lost my … Read More

Damon’s Doll (Billionaire's Dark Obsession) by Q. Zayne


Independent Mandy is far from submissive. Fantasies don’t count, especially not the ones she’d never do with anyone. Until a mystery man offers a chance at a million bucks. For that, she’s willing to play her V card. Q. Zayne’s most popular books include the Submission Island series, Recluse, and Mr. Beast. Adventurous readers, grab Damon’s Doll immediately.

Crushed by Lulu Pratt


My best friend’s sister was always off limits Charlotte had a crush on me for years She’s grown up and wants to lose her v-card We were together, behind her brother’s back When he found out, I thought I lost her I got her back, but now something else has come between us Losing her again is crushing me I … Read More

Chasing Mr. Wrong by Avery Edwards


Mr. Blue Eyes is my brother’s best friend. The only man to make flannel look sexy. And the one guy that’s completely off limits. This town is everything I never wanted. And Chase is everything I always needed.