Dating My Brother’s Best Friend by Kate Swain


I didn’t have much growing up. With only my brother to care for me, I paved my own path to success. Now that I’m out of college, I’m back home to help my brother. But I don’t think dating he’ll appreciate this. Dating his best friend as repayment, that is.

Getting Lucky by Annie J. Rose


My art career was taking off and life was good. Then Hope walked into my show, a feisty, pink-haired art student. So curvy and sweet, so irresistible that I took her home with me. Once I had her in my bed, letting her go wasn’t an option. We can’t get enough of each other. Day and night, all I want … Read More

His Muse by Annie J. Rose


I fell in love with my brother’s best friend. Only to get pregnant, and then abandoned. I’ll never forgive Ben. He left me when I needed him the most. I’ve survived five years without him. But my heart still races when I see him again. I’m tempted to make the same mistake I did back then. But what happens when … Read More

Stealing Her Heart by Kaylee Spring


Robert is steamy, rich, and most definitely NOT a bank robber. Only, I don’t know that when he slips a mysterious note over the counter. It’s only after the cops cuff him that I figure out he wasn’t after my money, but me. Somehow he takes it in all stride. And sweeps me away from my dull life in Nowhere, … Read More

Stranded—Dom & Curvy Peril Romance by Q. Zayne


Dark desire. Compelling passion. Lethal danger. An orphaned college student hitches a fateful plane ride with a damaged bad boy who defies her expectations. He’s older, hot as sin, and an arrogant a**hole. Rachel’s on her way to get a forbidden relic that could save her sister’s life. One catch: A twisted ritual that requires a rough man. Xavier has … Read More

Still Go Crazy by JH Croix


A second chance, frenemies to lovers romance from USA Today Bestselling Author J.H. Croix! Boone Reeves was my everything once. Not anymore. Boone is back in town, and I want *nothing* to do with him. He might be panty-melting hot, but I can stand the heat. All I have to do is remember how he dumped me.

Ruwen by Kate Rudolph


Ruwen NaNaran knows he’s a goner. His alien species is cursed by a deadly genetic quirk and he’ll be dead before the month is out, unless he finds his denya. She’s the only woman in the universe who can save him. It’s too bad that most Detyen women are dead.