The Nine Muses


Something strange is going on with the Muses. They can’t write. They can’t sing. They can’t dance. They can’t seem to do anything right. But when they start disappearing, perhaps there is something or someone behind it all? The Nine Muses is a myth retelling of the Greek goddesses of arts, inspiration, and poetry.

Master of the Hunt

In a land of three warring kingdoms, a centaur huntsman and a warrior priestess might be the only hope for peace. If the two enemies don’t kill each other first, they might even find love. Seira of Blackstone has fought in many border skirmishes against the centaurs of the lowlands, but when she comes upon a massacre, it’s soon apparent … Read More

Shifters of the Seventh Moon Complete Series

A Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance

WITH A MAP THAT LEADS THEM INTO THE UNKNOWN, THESE SEXY BEAR SHIFTERS WILL DO ANYTHING TO PROTECT THEIR TRUE MATES. BUT AN EVIL PRESENSE HAS BEEN PLOTTING AND WAITING. THE GAME IS ABOUT TO BEGIN If you love your paranormal shifter romance novels hot and steamy, then don’t miss out on this four-book complete series brimming with passion, love, … Read More

Dreams of a Highlander

A Scottish Time Travel Romance

Darcy Greenway has no time for love. As a dedicated veterinarian her career and her patients come first. But since the death of her parents she’s been running, searching. She just doesn’t know what for. On a much-needed vacation to Scotland she walks under a natural archway on the shore of a loch and finds herself catapulted into the sixteenth … Read More

Lucifer’s Curse

What’s worse than finding a dead girl in your boss’s office? Becoming suspect number one in her murder. When my impossibly sexy boss, Mr. Nox, steps in and offers to help I’m initially relieved. But he wants something in return. One night with me. Oh, and here’s the kicker. He claims he’s Lucifer. Do I make a deal with the … Read More

Fallen Vampire

A Paranormal Time Travel Romance

Time-travel, werewolves, and a damsel in distress. To think, Serafina thought being a vampire was his biggest problem. As a time traveling vampire, Valentine always loved witnesses historic events…until his intervention in a werewolf hunt goes horrible wrong. Sure, he’s saved the human woman Serafina, but he didn’t realize the ongoing danger that comes with her. It wouldn’t be so … Read More

Rebel Bear

Aloha Shifters: Pearls of Desire

Bear shifter meets runaway bride in this steamy, suspenseful paranormal romance! Great story & great chance to get huge discount on matching AUDIOBOOK! Up-and-coming supermodel Hailey Crewe can’t wait to escape the limelight and return to the modest, anonymous lifestyle she once led. Escaping literally? That was never part of her plan. But when an unwanted suitor — and her … Read More