First Quiver (Cupid's Fall series, book #1) by Beth C. Greenberg

Immortality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be for the 3,375-year-old virgin of Mount Olympus. Love is a game Cupid can only play from the sidelines; one day, he takes that game too far. Banished by the gods, Cupid plunges to Earth and lands in present-day Tarra, Indiana, where mortals live their lives, oblivious to the capricious gods above. At … Read More

Winter King (The Wyth Courts Book 3) by Juliana Haygert

His court is dying, and she’s his only hope … Monsters of the Tywyll Forest have poisoned the Winter Court, unleashing a prophecy that demands a human sacrifice to save the withering land. Willing to do whatever it takes to save his people, King Cadewyn of the Winter Court ventures to the human world in search of one insignificant life … Read More

Warrior (The Talisman Series) by Tam DeRudder Jackson

Upon turning twenty-five, Ceri Ross inherits an estate in Scotland. To avoid losing the enchantments that have kept her alive since her parents’ deaths, she must spend a year at Conlan Manor. When she arrives, she discovers the druid caretaker isn’t the only one sharing the mansion with her—an uninvited guest lurks. She calls the security company run by her … Read More

Scarlett and the Big Bad (A Fairytale Retelling Paranormal Romance) by Sierra Brave

What if Red Riding Hood invited peril and the big, bad wolf was the only hero who could save her? Promised power and position, Scarlett left her village to join the prestigious Order of the Phoenix. Monty never wanted a mate, especially not a human raised on a hidden farm for blood-ritual sacrifice. But his werewolf’s heightened sense of smell … Read More

Unbound (The Curse Trilogy, Book 1) by Betty Legend

I had no idea how beautiful and terrifying my life was about to become. Living as an independent artist in New York, I was soon faced with the new knowledge of my powers, a curse, and how bonding with five sexy-as-sin supernaturals would break that curse. One by one they found me—Fae, Warlock, Demon, Wolf shifter, Vampire. I’m their mate. … Read More