Duke of Chance

The Duke of Chance is a gambler, club owner, and all around sinner. Which is why he’s ill suited to look after his best friend’s little sister. But when trouble lands at her door…he’s no choice. The only other problem? How to keep his heart while he completes the task.

Mists of the Highlands

(Fae Highlanders Book 1)

Torn between two worlds, two men, and two times. While on a college-sponsored field trip to experience a real archaeology dig, Missouri University student Quinn Cameron is separated from the rest of her class by a heavy fog. A fog that transports her back in time, to 1592. Something that even her 3.8 GPA and sarcastic wit won’t be enough … Read More

Trapped with the Duke

Collette Jones, the illegitimate daughter of a baron, is determined to become a respectable teacher. The Duke of Bedwell isn’t interested in respectable teachers. He’s interested in being proper—in fulfilling his duties to his title. So what is Bedwell to do when honor demands he shows more than a little interest in one of them? Marry her?

The Ninth Star

Novella 1 of Wild Hearts and Hunts

Manon Fortin has her heart set on finding true love, heeds her grandmother’s words, and follows the ninth star. Instead of finding a handsome French beau, she finds an Irishman hunched over a damaged cart. The lying stars keep leading her back to Arthur Osborne, a recent Irish immigrant who establishes a smithy in Sandwich, Upper Canada. Their relationship is … Read More

Mysteries of an Earl’s Daughter

Nothing ruins a well-laid plan faster than desire. Lady Clementine Musgrave had no intention of getting roped into the investigative society. But that doesn’t mean she can let the mystery go unsolved. The fact that mystery involves the loathsome (and unfairly handsome) Lord Rochdale, only makes the intrigue more delicious…

A Wager with a Viscount

A Regency Romance

Viscount Edmund Wollaston is taking care of his brother’s children and is unhappy with the activity that the children bring to his home. Miss Tabitha Raikes cannot believe she must wager with the viscount to protect two little children who have seen too much change. And to protect herself too since she cannot return to her father’s home! Will she … Read More

The Wild Child

The younger son of an earl, Dominic Renbourne is offered an irresistible bribe by his arrogant, identical twin brother, Kyle, who is heir to the earldom. All he must do is take Kyle’s place at Warfield Manor, where he is to politely court Lady Meriel Grahame, the orphaned and wealthy heiress Kyle is pledged to marry. But Meriel’s untamed spirit … Read More

The Billionaire’s Slave

From the first time Leon Falcon sets his eyes on Penny, he wants her. Usually, a gentleman of his stature would woo a woman, court her and get her father’s blessing. But Falcon doesn’t have to do any of that with Penny because it’s 1864 South Carolina, she’s a slave, and she can’t say no to him or any white … Read More

Protected by the Companion

A Regency Romance

The Earl of Bargrave promised to chaperone his niece for the London season. What does she do but bring an unneeded companion! Miss Emma Lawder was sent away as a companion by an uncaring father and struggles with the earl’s displeasure on several occasions. By chance, she discovers a plot to ensnare him into marriage. Will she tell him or … Read More