A Dreadful Secret

Viscount Pottinger lost his fortune. Miss Tara Shaw could lose her reputation. Could they gain a future together? Viscount James Pottinger wants to return to his estate and hide away. Yes, he has lost a great deal of his fortune but the circumstances were deeply embarrassing. Only on the encouragement of his friends does he return, hoping beyond hope that … Read More

Scandals of an Earl’s Daughter

The quietest Musgrave sister finds herself embroiled in a scandal and married to a stranger. But will her dark rescuer’s secrets make things even worse for the both of them?

The Wild Lord

GIVEN UP FOR DEAD “Rescued” after fifteen years in the Amazon, Edward Northcote returns to a homeland he barely remembers. Edward wants nothing to do with his new role as the heir to an earldom. Worse, the brother Edward displaced wants him declared mentally unfit–and tries to have him confined in an asylum. Only one person is willing to try … Read More

Yuletide Kisses

A Medieval Christmas Anthology

Grab some hot cocoa and get swept away to the magic of Scotland in four all new medieval romances where yuletide kisses lead to true love. Includes fan favorite tropes: friends to lovers, marriage of convenience, hidden identities, and best friend’s sister.

Her Heart’s Choice

One newly impoverished Marquess meets one relentlessly inquisitive Lady. Lady Sarah has already lost one gentleman close to her and finding herself interested in a gentleman bearing an injury is not a wise choice – particularly when she discovers that he is heavily impoverished. Her heart refuses to be pulled away, however, and she begins seeking him out all the … Read More

The Lady’s Christmas Kiss

Lady Rebecca’s heart has been broken. Yet when difficulties arise, she calls upon her old flame. Could there still be something wonderful between them? Lady Rebecca loves everything about Christmas and is thrilled to be invited to a extended Christmas gathering. However, her happiness is spoiled by the arrival of a gentleman she knows all too well, the only gentleman … Read More

Come Tomorrow

1904 Twelve-year-old Luci never forgot the boy who saved her life that fateful Christmas Eve. When he disappeared without a word, she was forced to focus on raising her baby sister when her mother suddenly died. Six years later, struggling to make ends meet with an alcoholic gambling-addicted father, the poverty-stricken woman can’t believe her hero has returned…all grown up. … Read More

A Viscount’s Stolen Fortune

A Viscount who has lost his fortune…can he regain it with the help of a young lady destined to become a companion? Viscount William Foster is devastated when he wakes up to discover he has, somehow, lost his fortune. Believing that he has been cheated out of it, he is determined to regain it in whatever way he can, only … Read More

Duke of Chance

The Duke of Chance is a gambler, club owner, and all around sinner. Which is why he’s ill suited to look after his best friend’s little sister. But when trouble lands at her door…he’s no choice. The only other problem? How to keep his heart while he completes the task.

Mists of the Highlands

(Fae Highlanders Book 1)

Torn between two worlds, two men, and two times. While on a college-sponsored field trip to experience a real archaeology dig, Missouri University student Quinn Cameron is separated from the rest of her class by a heavy fog. A fog that transports her back in time, to 1592. Something that even her 3.8 GPA and sarcastic wit won’t be enough … Read More