The Surf of Time (A Time Travel Romance) by Mariah Stone


A grieving Viking. A time traveling yoga teacher. Can they release their guilt and open their hearts to love? Los Angeles, 2019. Cathy is struggling to find the strength to be on her own. With her fiancé trapped in an irreversible coma, she surfs on his favorite beach unable to muster the conviction to turn off his life support. Suddenly … Read More

Hell’s Wedding Bells by Annabelle Anders


WHEN A NIGHTMARE BECOMES A DREAM COME TRUE… * Jilted Debutante with a villain for a father * Resentful Duke blackmailed into marriage * Wedding Night unlike any other * All the challenges of being newlyweds * Not to mention a father’s devious lies and a few ghosts from the past * Happily Ever After… Of Course!

The Wild Child by Mary Jo Putney


A mad heiress and a false fiancé… The younger son of an earl, Dominic Renbourne reluctantly agrees to court his twin brother Kyle’s fiancée, an heiress considered mad. But Meriel isn’t mad. Living in a world of her own, she is fey, enchanting–and irresistible. Soon passion binds them body and soul despite the agonizing consequences. Can Meriel forgive his deceit … Read More

Hell Hath No Fury by Annabelle Anders


Miss Cecily Findlay practices proper etiquette, dances the waltz flawlessly, wears clothes of the latest fashion, and is a beauty in her own right. Even so, she’d never be received by the ton if not for her enormous dowry…which has attracted Flavion Nottingham, a spoiled and entitled earl. This so-called gentleman has beggared his estate and sees Cecily as the … Read More

The Highlander’s Claim by Jessica Knight


She’s the daughter of the sworn enemy of my clan. I disappeared from her life 10 years ago. Now I’m back to take her. To take what has always been mine. Our love was doomed from the start. But I wanted her from the moment I laid eyes on her. Then a strange twist of fate left her wounded and … Read More

Her Highland Defender by Samantha Holt


Blane doesn’t have time to aid the attractive lass, no matter how much her haunting blue eyes tug at a heart he thought had turned to stone long ago. The only way he’ll ever feel whole again is to ensure the his enemies pay.

Song of a Highlander (A Scottish Time Travel Romance) by Katy Baker


To find her future she must travel to the past. Jessica Maxwell cannot believe her bad luck. The research paper that should have made her career has turned her into a laughing stock, her funding grant is about to run out, and someone has ransacked her lab. So when a strange old woman appears from nowhere to warn her that … Read More

There are Plenty More Dukes in the Sea by Samantha Holt


After the death of their grandfather, the Templetons must fulfil certain tasks to gain their inheritance. Angel is convinced her task must be the hardest for she must perform unpaid duties as a lady’s companion for two months to the entirely unmanageable Mrs. Stone. And be in the company of her miserable, brooding nephew…