The White Knight Cowboy

Is this widower cowboy prepared for the feelings stirred up by this much-younger feisty maid running from the law? When 40-year-old cowboy Dusty returns to his ranch in small-town Clear Creek County, he is shocked to find 19-year-old, beautiful black servant Lovely Jo hiding in his stables. She explains how she ran off after finding the master of her household, … Read More

Ladies on their Own: Governesses and Companions

A Regency Romance Boxset

A brighter future for the governesses and companions in search of their happy ever afters. A six book sweet romance series! Governesses and companions occupy a unique place in Regency family life. Not a servant, yet neither are they part of the family. There weren’t many jobs for gently bred young ladies and for those without means, becoming a governess … Read More

The Masques of Noble Mansion

A Short Story

This is the introductory short story to the original full-length novel LADY NOBLE AND THE MASQUES: A HISTORY OF NOBLE MANSION, now available as an e-book and in paperback. The huge stone house known as Noble Mansion has existed deep in the forest for many centuries. It has been run by generations of the Noble family as a place devoted … Read More

Persuasions of an Earl’s Daughter

Lilly has never been accused of normal behavior. Having her newly inherited horse stolen isn’t going to change that. Chasing after the culprits seems only natural. Especially when she is convinced she knows who is behind the theft—a man more scandalous than her entire family. And a man she now has to work with to get her horse back…

The American Duke

Can the mixed-race descendants of former American slaves and an English duke survive and find love among the British aristocracy? Filled with romance, espionage, and murder, The American Duke is a thrilling fictional glimpse into the factual historical intersection between Black Americans and the British aristocracy.

The School Mistress

1910 I arrived in Emerson Pass Colorado with my entire life in one small suitcase. Life wouldn’t be easy in this tiny frontier town. Everyone was counting on me. My family…to provide for them back home. The mayor…to teach the children living here. I was determined to make it work. Things didn’t start off well. Spooked horses meant I ended … Read More

Shared At His Command

A neglected young wife falls under the spell of a sadistic loan shark after taking part in his risque fantasies to pay back her husband’s debt. Tropes: western, interracial, threesome, voyeurism, blackmail, cheating, age gap, wealthy suitor

Maid For Two

A 21-year-old black maid experiences a sexual awakening when she is kidnapped by two gun-toting bandits. Tropes: small town, bwwm, age-gap, woman-in-jeopardy, untouched heroine, forced proximity, menage

A Dreadful Secret

Viscount Pottinger lost his fortune. Miss Tara Shaw could lose her reputation. Could they gain a future together? Viscount James Pottinger wants to return to his estate and hide away. Yes, he has lost a great deal of his fortune but the circumstances were deeply embarrassing. Only on the encouragement of his friends does he return, hoping beyond hope that … Read More

Scandals of an Earl’s Daughter

The quietest Musgrave sister finds herself embroiled in a scandal and married to a stranger. But will her dark rescuer’s secrets make things even worse for the both of them?