Red Hot Crush

A Steamy Valentine Romance

I’ve had a crush on my brother’s best friend my whole life. Now that he’s my new boss, can I persuade him that I’m a woman, not just his friend’s little sister? My roommates and I have a pact: by Valentine’s Day, we’ll each have a good man in our lives. But for me, that’s easier said than done. The … Read More

Heartbeats and Roses

A Small Town Valentine's Day Romance

Will old high school crushes find a second chance at love in this small town holiday romance? Florist Rose McDaniels is the unofficial matchmaker of Hartwood Falls. Her annual Secret Valentines have brought together more happy couples than she can count. Too bad the only person she can’t seem to help find love is herself. Try as she may, no … Read More

Christmas Secret Baby

The chemistry between us is so hot and deliciously wrong. She’s my lawyer. Everything about this is guilty, But I need her to prove I’m innocent. Why is she acting suspicious now? She has a secret that can make us all go down.

The Perfect Fix

A Steamy Holiday Romance

They say you should love thy neighbor. But I know that my neighbor hates me. I also know that she’s impossible to resist. Aisha is raising an adorable little boy by herself. I knew that she was mine the second I laid my eyes on her. I knew that my world had changed in an instant. The only hiccup? Aisha’s … Read More

One Winter’s Eve

A Pride and Prejudice Novella

He’s an annoyance. She’s a puzzle. Together, they make sparks fly. Caroline Bingley‘s greatest desire is to marry a wealthy gentleman with an estate. However, Pemberley and its master have been lost. While this is a most unfortunate turn of events, it’s not the worst of it, for Caroline’s brother insists that he will marry his most recent angel despite … Read More

A Whole New Duke

Beatrice is determined to make the best of her arranged marriage even whilst spending Christmas with her brooding duke alone in the eerie Hartwich Hall. Why, perhaps she might even be able to change the duke’s mind about their relationship. Especially after they share a fiery kiss…or three…

Chestnuts Roasting Over Dragonfire

Dragon shifter Zane Darkwood works hard, then works harder. As a bounty hunter, no target gets very far, and no distraction gets in the way. Which is why when his latest eludes him and he’s told—ordered—to take time off, he’s ready to breathe fire and melt every single snowman in the little shifter town of Bearden. When Izzy, a curvaceous … Read More

Have Yourself a Merry Little Scandal

From the snowbound Scottish Highlands to the glittering ballrooms of London, SCANDAL is afoot. Unwrap the pleasure… in these all-new tales of romantic adventure, sizzling passion, and heartwarming holiday romance.