My Wife, My Mistress (Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 1) by T.J. Wright

Neil and Jill’s relationship was… normal, in fact, dreadfully normal. Nothing ever happened with them, which is fine by Neil. They’re building their lives together, which is all that matters. The thing is… desires bubble just under the surface for each, waiting to explode into reality. What happens when they talk about those fantasies and choose to act on them? … Read More

A Cowboy’s Debt by Stacy-Deanne

Sebastian’s life is a mess. After throwing away his inheritance on gambling and running women, he’s deeply in debt and has no one to turn to but Megan, whom he had a one-night stand recently and who also hates his guts. Megan thinks Sebastian has some nerve crawling to her, of all people, for help. But one look at those … Read More

Unlovable by Jamila Jasper

She wasn’t supposed to love a brute. At her new English college, Liberty draws the attention of the school’s vicious king: Ben Fox. She’s quickly at the mercy of a man who has never taken “no” for an answer… A man who sees the new girl as a challenge to conquer.

Disarming the Wildest Warrior by Helen Louise Cox

1725, Williamsburg. Gilda Griffiths left England behind for the open Virginia plains and plans to leave the East Coast too before a violent figure from her past catches up with her. When an elderly Shawnee chief is assaulted however Gilda feels compelled to nurse him, despite the protests of his embittered yet devastatingly handsome son. Shawnee warrior, Blue Sky must … Read More