Rich and Seductive – The Fraternity Brothers Series by Emerson Rose


Lennon Without my memories, I’ve learned to rely on my friends and my fiancé. The problem is I don’t remember them, or her. The only person I feel connected to is the one I’d never met until I woke up in this hospital with amnesia. The beautiful British nurse, Trinity Thomas. Trinity is my nurse. Kelly is my fiancé. Trinity … Read More

Redneck Rebels (WMBW Interracial Reverse Harem Romance) by Jamila Jasper


“The three of us men are kin. We share everything… especially her — Caroline Coulson, the woman we ain’t s’posed to love…” 3 alpha male country boys… 1 Black intellectual woman… A segregated town that isn’t ready for interracial love. Exposing town secrets & scandals threatens all four lovers in this interracial reverse harem. Can Caroline keep the quad together, … Read More

Teaching the Teacher by J.D. Fox


When I broke up with Mr. Boring, I knew that I needed to do something crazy. I picked a random spot on the map, and off I went. A one-night stand was all part of the spontaneity of the trip. When Angel, a teacher who craves adventure, breaks up with the latest in a series of boring boyfriends, her friend … Read More

The Broken Road by K.S. Ruff


Kristine’s running from a lot of things. Thankfully, she has a plan. She’s moving to D.C., issuing a moratorium on dating, and burying herself in work. Enter… Air Force Captain Kadyn Rand. Kadyn derails Kri’s plan with hurricane force. He’s determined to win her heart, but someone from her dark past refuses to be ignored. Can Kadyn save her from … Read More

The Ex-Princess by Fiona West


How do you tell your best friend you can’t marry him after all? Abelia is content in her menial job and tiny apartment. When royal emissaries arrive to enforce the marriage contract she thought was void, she has no intention of going with them across the Unveiled. But the alternative means losing the chance to say goodbye to her dying … Read More

Naughty Nurse (BWWM Workplace Romance) by Jamila Jasper


He has to make that innocent, tantalizing nurse his own… Austin Romero crash lands in Nereida Kelly’s regular life. She’s a typical RN working too many hours with a man who doesn’t appreciate her. A patient on the verge of death comes into the ER and her heart stops. There’s something magnetic about him… something alluring… something dangerous. She can’t … Read More