Hitman’s Captive (BWWM Bad Boy Romance) by Jamila Jasper


The death of a wealthy Nigerian unites his daughters from around the globe… Each one is devastatingly beautiful, with toasted walnut-brown skin, Ivy League educations and new inheritances of over $10 million. DINAH JACKSON Dinah finds herself handcuffed to the bed by her ex-boyfriend, Wyatt — a dangerous hitman with a tortured past. He wants something from Dinah that she … Read More

Not His Concubine by Kendra Queen


From Amazon bestselling Romance author Kendra Queen comes a sizzling new Royal Romance…, I never thought I’d be the girl who sleeps with her boss. He’s dark-haired. Handsome. He makes every night heaven-on-earth. And he’s a prince. He asks me to go across the world with him, And I can’t refuse. But he never mentioned his country was on the … Read More

Black Bride, White Baller (BWWM Basketball Romance) by Jamila Jasper


REX IRVING My three interests are fighting, drinking and f##king. When my best friend’s pregnant ex-girl turns up at my doorstep, getting involved is the last thing on my mind. Lydia isn’t like other women. She doesn’t care what any man thinks of her, least of all me. No one says no to Rex Irving. I don’t care if she … Read More

Bad Boy Heaven (BWWM Bad Boy Romance) by Jamila Jasper


Stop staring at the hot bartender! Tessa’s ill-fated date with a “hotep” (you’ll see what I mean) seems to have a positive twist when she meets “her” hot bartender — Phil Tremblay. Phil is right for her in all the wrong ways and the last guy on earth she should end up with. He’s tattooed, foul-mouthed and can use his … Read More

Damaged Goods (A Small Town Romance) by Talia Hibbert


Laura Burne arrives in Beesley-on-Sea searching for peace, happiness, and safety—not for the teenage sweetheart she left behind. And yet, one moonlit night on the beach, she finds him anyway. Samir may be a man now, but he’s still sexy as sin, still sweet as pie, and still determined to take care of her. The problem is, while he’s remained … Read More

SEAL’s Captive by Jamila Jasper


On a deserted island with no one but ex-SEAL Duke Bennett, Gigi panics. With his rock hard abs and glistening guns, she must resist the temptation of her 6’5″ military trained captor. Underneath the island sun, anything can happen.

The Good Mistress II: The Wedding by Amarie Avant


What would you do if you found your happily ever after, but the world was hellbent on keeping you from it? Somalian native, Mila Ali, endured two broken engagements. She never seemed to be destined for true love until billionaire Blake Baldwin came storming into her life. With a trail of heartache in the past, a dead fiancé and family … Read More