The Mafia and His Maiden: Beautiful Hell by Wanitta Praks

Amelia is dragged into the underworld of mafia by none other than Nikolas Lorenzo, the billionaire mafia boss, of the Lorenzo clan, who claims that her father owes him four million dollars. But there is another underlying reason why he took such drastic action, and that is because Amelia is responsible for his brother’s death, or so he claims. And … Read More

Mafia King by L. Steele


You may call me Lord or Master…” Michael Byron Domenico Sovrano Lord of the underworld. Master of all the criminal masterminds who ever crawled the underbelly of Sicily’s notorious mafia company. aka my captor… Who just happens to be hot, snarly, and with a demanding manner that dampens my panties, gulp! My father owed him, so he took me as … Read More

Punishing Thirst by Olivia Fox

Grumpy Hero Dante Drago saves the day — for a price — he demands Savanna López stand in as his Fake Fiancé in this steamy Mafia Romance. Dante: The thought of having Savanna caged up, beholden to me, makes my pulse quicken and certain parts of my anatomy swell with messed up, forbidden longing. Right away, I know I’ll see … Read More

Forever Lies (A Mafia Romance) by Jill Ramsower

“By far my favorite mafia series!” –USA Today bestselling author SE Rose Stuck in an elevator with the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen— Who thought that kind of thing actually happened? This man wasn’t just attractive; he was animal magnetism personified. He was every crush and craving—each desire and fantasy—all rolled into one. The problem? There was something sinister … Read More

Brody (A Second Chance Bad Boy Mercenary Romance) by Mandy Harbin

Hot Mechanics, Mercenaries, and the Mafia…Oh my! Brody “Brutus” Jackson isn’t your average small-town mechanic. The garage where he works doubles as the headquarters for a ruthless team of mercenaries. They’re all bosses under the hood, lethal behind the gun, and just shady enough to handle any job that comes their way. There’s a reason they call themselves the Bang … Read More

My Name Is Pink: An Age Gap Dark Romance by Veronica Lancet

Pink—Femme Fatale Artemis—Deadly Assassin Bianca—Shy Socialite All three have something in common–they love the same man. But can he love them all? Theodore Hastings fucked Pink, married Bianca, and fought side by side with Artemis. But this sick game of fuck marry kill is not that simple. Not when all three are the same person. And this is how it … Read More