Forbidden Prescription (A Stepbrother Medical Romance) by Stephanie Brothers


Doctor, can you write me a prescription for you, twice daily? Off. Limits. Things between James and Isabella are already complicated enough. He’s the guiding force, meant to help her through her intern year at the hospital. He’s not supposed to want to drag her into the nearest storage closet and take her. The attending/intern relationship is off limits, and … Read More

Aching For Him (an against the odds romance) by emily reid


She needs me and I’ll stop at nothing to help her. Sunny was in a terrible car accident that took away her ability to walk. Depressed and confused, she goes for physical therapy at the hands of gorgeous physical therapist Grant McCarthy. But the dominant alpha male leaves both her heart and body aching for more. Grant’s always been good … Read More

My Doctor Without Borders by Lucy Johanson


New country, new life, new love. As New York nurse Jenny Brogan settles into life with a charity on Sri Lanka’s east coast, she successfully banishes her manipulative ex-fiancé from her thoughts. It’s hard work, but uncomplicated in a way that makes it all worthwhile. Uncomplicated, that is, a new man, literally, steps out of the blue … out of … Read More

Fighting Hearts by Annabeth Saryu


Trauma nurse Louise Becker’s life is turned upside down when she loses her apartment and moves in with MMA fighter Usalv ‘Madman’ Markovski. As their relationship goes from tepid to tempestuous, Louise faces major adversity. Will their passionate bond endure, or will they fight their hearts’ true desire? Tropes: Tortured hero, workplace romance, athlete

His Baby: (A Babycrazy Romance) by Cassandra Dee & Kendall Blake


When Mace Jackson walked into my exam room, my jaw dropped. This was my new patient? Suddenly, being a urologist has never been so much fun. Melissa: I’ve been slaving away for the past 10 years — after medical school, there was residency, then an internship, then specialized training. As a result, I’m a thirty year old woman with no … Read More

Dr. Daddy Next Door by Piper Sullivan


I want to slide my hand up those sexy little dresses she wears and see what’s underneath… But I can’t because my little girl has fallen in love with Rory. 
And because she’s my neighbor. 
And she’s twenty years younger than me. 
I’ve already been burned once and I can’t afford to let my life go off the rails even … Read More