Healing Storms by Lynn Burke

One stormy night breaks Kane Austin. Moving deeper into the Pennsylvania woods doesn’t heal the heartache of his tragic loss, nor does it offer the peace he longs for. He certainly can’t bear the thought of loving again. Charley Woodhill blames himself for his sister’s and niece’s deaths. He feels he doesn’t deserve Kane’s forgiveness, and especially not his love, … Read More

Commanding Kings by AG Henderson

Their word is law, and they say I’m theirs. Vaughn and Jericho are ruthless businessmen, gorgeous distractions, architects of my wildest fantasies. But as long as I keep my head down and do my job, everything will be fine. They’ll never be more than my bosses. They’ll never know my desires. That worked out perfectly…until it didn’t.

Rock You Like a Hurricane (A College Coeds and Best Friends Menage Romance (Triple Passion Play Book 1)) by Sierra Brave

Trisha Harper is crazy about two smoking hot guys and she wants them both. Best friends, Tommy and Ken can’t imagine a life without the other, but they never expected to fall for the same woman. Meeting Trisha changed everything. As the trio hunkers down together to ride out a potentially deadly hurricane, the quarters are close and the sexual … Read More