Eternal Bonds by Susan Hayes


Duncan Masterson has a secret. To keep it, he’s got a few simple rules. Stay away from sunlight, never drink from the unwilling, and never, ever get involved with mortals. It was working, until the night he finds a lovely co-worker dazed and bleeding from a vampire attack. After decades as Duncan’s guardian, Jared Evans has shared almost everything with … Read More

Her Independence Day A Reverse Harem Romance by Victoria Belle


Ashley is done playing by the rules. It’s time for a walk on the wild side. She’s going after what she’s always wanted, and what she’d never admit to wanting. Forget what her mother and her ex have always said, she’s going to be a painter. But that’s not the only thing that’s going to change now that she’s home. … Read More

Wolf-a-Bye-Baby: Paranormal Dating Agency by Rebel West


A passionate one-night-stand in a strange hotel room, a heat of the moment bite… and one missing mate. Desperate to find the mysterious woman who could be the key to happiness for both of them, Dylan and Carter turn to the Paranormal Dating Agency for help. If Gerri can find Jade and bring them all together, there’s a happily ever after … Read More

Chasing Her Curves by kelli callahan


A man from my past. My darkest desire. The one that got away. The problem is that they’re not the same man. I thought my love life was in a tailspin as my younger sister got married and I played the part of her single sister. Then I saw him. Nate. It had been six years since he said goodbye. … Read More

Ride a Cowboy… or Two by Terry Towers


Ryker Living on a secluded ranch in a small town doesn’t leave a guy with many options in the love department. My brother and I had gone through all the local girls without success. As a last resort, I went online and found us the perfect mail-order bride. My brother wasn’t into the idea at first, but she seems amazing, … Read More

Broken Compass by Jo Raven


What if you were in love not just with one, not just with two, but with three hot guys? And what if they wanted you back? This story will either end up in heartache, or as any story should: in a happy ending.

One Rule by Ava Moreau


I had one rule: No men. Focus on my career now, focus on love later. Much later. But a trip to my hometown threw me into the path of two gorgeous men from my past. Now I have to choose: Obey my one rule, or be tempted into breaking it…twice.