The Problem with Planning

A Sweet Military Romance

Single dad. Divorcé. Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army. All titles I’ve come to terms with, even if I didn’t see those first two coming. I never imagined making a military move to Germany as a single parent. What else I never imagined? Having an insane spark like I’ve never felt with my son’s kindergarten teacher. Livie’s a singular force … Read More


Tyler: I’ve had my eye on Sophie for a while, even though I’ve never met her in person. Other guys are talking about making a move soon, so I have to claim her – now. Sophie: Even before I knew what he looked like, Tyler made me laugh. Now that he’s here in front of me, I’m pretty sure I’m … Read More


A Curvy Girl Romantic Suspense

Slade never wanted to feel powerless again. To wonder if he’d make it out alive. Kyra gave him strength, both when they were held hostage and every moment after. She only wanted to be friends. He thought he could resist her. He thought he could keep her safe. He thought he could stop the men who attacked them from hurting … Read More

The Vampire Prince

Steamy paranormal romance

Can Brayden protect the throne and win Willow’s heart before it’s too late? Powerful vampire prince Brayden Moretti doesn’t want to be king, but his brother has fallen ill. With hostile vampire rebels threatening the throne, and no cure in sight, Brayden distracts himself with sassy Willow. Facing that she’s his fated mate means giving up his sexy playboy lifestyle, … Read More

Saving Easton

Brother's Best Friend Romance

He’s a grumpy prisoner of war who won’t let anyone around him. She’s the ball of sunshine that pushes his boundaries. What happens when she pushes too far? A year of being tortured as a POW has left him lost in his own head. Until she walks in… his best friend’s little sister. She’s full of sunshine and smiles, while … Read More


For U.S. Navy SEAL, Bowie “Ruckus” Cooper, going on a mission into the most dangerous place on earth wasn’t new, neither were the orders to tag and bag an international criminal, but when Bowie finds a captive American reporter, that wasn’t exactly run of the mill. Neither was getting separated from his team, teaming up with her or protecting her … Read More

The SEAL’s Obsession

skin prickles. My hair stands on end. I’m being watched. Again… I’m married to my country; the life of a Navy SEAL is a single man’s life. Then I meet Lina… I can’t give her a normal relationship like she deserves, so it’s better to watch her from afar. I follow her, collecting intel and building my dossier. Until she … Read More


A Curvy Girl Romantic Suspense

Archer has no interest in returning to his hometown when his military career grinds to a halt. But a middle of the night phone call from his brother’s best friend forces him to do just that. Working with the beautiful, curvy woman puts Archer on a shaky path to redemption and the truth about the enemy he never saw coming.