Accidentally His by Sarah J. Brooks


I found Jordan freezing on my mountain. I warmed her up – the best way a man can… Hey, it was the polite thing to do! Now I’ll protect her from more than the storm. I gave up trusting people. Being a multimillionaire makes you real cynical. Now it’s just me and my woods – that’s how I like it. … Read More

Her Protectors by Victoria Belle


Three sizzling cops, one lucky woman. Growing up in foster care, Britt’s dream is to be an artist. For now, she’s waiting tables and dodging her sleazy boss. One night, she’s attacked after work and three irresistibly hot cops come to her rescue. Wyatt’s the artistic playboy. Kingston’s the joker getting over a rotten divorce. Bradley is the strong, silent … Read More

Abducted by the Mountain Man by Ambrielle Kirk


On my mountain, I take what I want. I’m an ex-contract killer. A retired professional. I don’t do attachments. I don’t trust. For years, I spent my life pulling the trigger for cold, hard cash. Now that I’ve left that lifestyle, I want to be left the f*#k alone. Determined not to go back to the way things were, I … Read More

Vagrant A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance by Deja Voss


Into the woods I go to lose my mind and find my soulmate I couldn’t tell you what I was running away from. All I know is that I’m exactly where I belong, living in the woods with my crew, The Vagrants. A simple mountain man lifestyle is the only thing I ever truly wanted. Until the day I meet … Read More

Her Woodsmen A Reverse Harem Romance by Victoria Belle


There’s more wood than meets the eye for Lyra in this forest. Lyra has been keeping a secret from everyone. Still stinging from her parents’ divorce, her life is falling apart. When her mom finds out what Lyra’s been hiding, she pulls her from her world of partying and takes her to a reclusive cabin in the woods to get … Read More

Kept by the Woodsman by Ambrielle Kirk


I warned her not to come back through my woods. She didn’t listen. She belongs to me now. My name is Saul. Also known as The Silencer. I’ve beaten men bloody with my f*#king fists to make a living. That’s all behind me now. Or at least that’s what I thought. Who would’ve guessed that the woman who came to … Read More

Rugged Daddy by Rye Hart


Icy as the Montana mountains… Cameron has a secret past. But when I see how he cares for his little girl… I start to wonder if having his baby is really such a crazy idea. He’s the sexiest man to step foot into Whitefish, Montana. But he’s cold. Remote. And guarded. There’s something he desperately wants from me… And, the … Read More

Worth the Risk by Weston Parker


Research is my passion. And after my time in the city, I need the wilderness to settle my nerves. But Park Ranger Caleb Hunt has something else in mind. Settling my nerves is definitely not on his to-do list. Tall, handsome and cocky as hell. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted. In my world. In my bed. But something in his … Read More

Brash A Mountain Man M/M Omegaverse Mpreg Romance by Eva Leon


Can an Alpha who’s lost everything help an Omega with nothing? Levi I lost everything important six years ago and walked away from the life I thought I’d wanted to find solace on my mountain. No one comes here, and no one knows where I am. When Ezra turns up on my doorstep, I suspect he’s a reporter, who doesn’t … Read More