Bossed by the Mountain Man

Emmy A year after being rejected by my first love and my best friend’s older brother, Grant, I return to Covet County for a fresh-old start. Turns out the big city isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and my blood pressure and bank account agree. Now, I’m in desperate need of a job. So when my best friend Ayla … Read More

Redeeming The Mountain Man

A Curvy Girl, Age Gap, Instalove Romance (The O'Connors of Blossom Ford Book 2)

Isabella When one of my clients expresses a desire to meet national hero Riordan O’Connor, I’m determined to make the wish come true. I don’t expect the grumpy mountain man to be the sexiest silver fox I’ve ever seen or the sparks that fly between us. As we are forced to work together, I discover there’s more to Riordan than … Read More

Marrying The Big Mountain Man

A Curvy Girl, Age Gap, Instalove Romance (Curvy Brides of Blossom Ford Book 8)

Everyone says Montgomery men are doomed to love only one woman. Even if she hates the mountains, which we can’t leave without. I don’t believe in curses, however, I’m not the type of man to stake my peace of mind on flimsy serendipity. I choose a marriage of convenience. A cold contract devoid of the wrenching heartache of love that … Read More

Marrying The Scarred Soldier

A Curvy Girl, Age Gap, Instalove Romance

Willow I’ve been hurt too many times to believe in happy-ever-after. When I arrange a marriage with Ransom Boyd, the only thought in my mind is protecting my little boy. The sexy retired soldier is a silver fox nearly twenty years my senior and makes my panties wet but none of this matters. It’s the strength in his burly body … Read More

Grizzly Beard

I’m a mountain man’s mail order bride. But I’m knocking on the wrong cabin door. Moving out here to start my life from scratch—that’s scary enough. But then the world’s surliest man finds me on his deck, and it’s about to get a whole lot worse. He thinks I should scurry back to the city. I think he’s a big, … Read More

All The Scars We Cannot See

Man is not meant to live alone. He becomes dangerous, possessive, protective of what’s his. And she is all mine… Since retiring from the military, I don’t like human company. Until I meet Emily, my new neighbor. She’s as damaged as I am and running from her own demons. When they catch up with her, I must fight my own … Read More

H is for Hawk

Hawk’s always had a piece of my heart. First time he kissed me again after all these years, I gave him the rest of it. No way could I turn my back on him when he needed me Or say no when all I want to do is say yes. Will he break my heart again, leaving me high and … Read More