All The Scars We Cannot See

Man is not meant to live alone. He becomes dangerous, possessive, protective of what’s his. And she is all mine… Since retiring from the military, I don’t like human company. Until I meet Emily, my new neighbor. She’s as damaged as I am and running from her own demons. When they catch up with her, I must fight my own … Read More

H is for Hawk

Hawk’s always had a piece of my heart. First time he kissed me again after all these years, I gave him the rest of it. No way could I turn my back on him when he needed me Or say no when all I want to do is say yes. Will he break my heart again, leaving me high and … Read More

The Protector

400 years in the future men are few and women rule the world. Christina Sanders volunteers for a job no one else wants in the most secluded place on earth where the mythical males live who are rumored to be brutal and dangerous. What will happen when Christina crosses into the men’s territory?

Double Dirty Mountain Men

An MFM Menage Romance (Get Dirty)

Rose is a sweet, innocent little flower… and we’re about to claim her. Together. We’re rough, rugged, and rock-hard. Living alone on this mountain means fending for yourself, no matter what nature throws at you. Like a girl, in the middle of nowhere, half-frozen to death. But Rose isn’t just any girl. She’s f*cking gorgeous, sweet as can be, and totally inexperienced. From the first … Read More

The Lumberjack’s Nanny

Max needs to hire a nanny for the summer. I need money. No problem! Right? There’s a big problem. I caught feelings for Max, the sexy lumberjack dad. Now I’m carrying around more than a broken heart. I have a little secret that belongs to Max. How can I go ahead with the deal and walk away, when I’m carrying … Read More

Mountain Man Protector

An Enemies to Lovers Romance

On the run from her stalker ex, Audrey desperately needs my help. She may get more than she bargained for. I know what they think of me in this small town. Broken from the Marines. Dangerous. That reputation suits me just fine. I swore long ago I’d never get close to anyone again. But then a city girl comes to … Read More