Truly Mine by Kennedy Fox


The night we met in the dimly lit bar, she looked like a brunette bombshell. With sun-kissed skin and soulful bedroom eyes, she was pure temptation, and I was mesmerized. As one drink led to two, I craved more of her taunting lips. Resisting her wasn’t an option, and we quickly became a desperate mess of tangled limbs and hot … Read More

The Intern by Annie J. Rose


Whatever you do, don’t get mixed up with your way-off-limits boss. Especially not on the conference room table at work. Looks like I broke a big rule there. Eli had alpha male written all over him. Sexy and strong and set in his ways. What happens when he finds out I’m pregnant? That would make everything even more complicated.

Challenge by Amy Daws


He’s her patient. She’s his doctor. They shouldn’t. But God, do they want to. Camden Harris, the famously hot, hulk of a footballer is laid up in a London hospital. But his busted knee can’t stop him from running game on Indie Porter—his redheaded spitfire of a doctor. Even if she’s not his type. Not even close.

BIG 3 (A Reverse Harem Stepbrother Romance) by Stephanie Brother


I didn’t know about my three ripped, triplet stepbrothers until I’d already crossed the line. A professional photoshoot is not supposed to involve sex. But Mason’s gorgeous, and I need fun. The next morning when I get to mom’s beach house for brunch, he’s there with his two identically gorgeous brothers, Miller & Max. The fun is over…or, is it?

Eight Long Years by Ajme Williams


April and I have been torn apart for eight years. I didn’t think she’d leave me after I joined the military. But her letter shredded me into pieces. She’d clearly told me that we weren’t meant to be. That everything we felt for each other was meaningless. I didn’t believe her. And I shouldn’t have. There was something else at … Read More

Bringing It Home by Teagan Kade


I had it all. I ruled Crestfall Sports Academy. Until a fastball to the head took my memories away. The last few months? I can’t remember a thing. Which is why my father has hired me a pretty little tutor to put me back together. But if she thinks she’s getting close to this bad boy, she’s wrong. You’d need … Read More