The Boss’s Daughter by Genelia Love


A 15 years age gap? I’m supposed to be her supervisor. That makes her totally off-limits, right? And if that is not enough, Well, she’s the boss’s daughter… What was I thinking? Was I even…thinking? One look at her curvy body and then, that delicious scent, I want a taste again…and again. There’s so much at stake, Both of us … Read More

Baby for the Boss by Victoria Snow


“It’s going to be our little secret. Will you agree to be my fake fiancée?” Oh God, Oh God, Oh God! Why did I agree to this? My feelings for my boss were never fake. I know he doesn’t do relationships, And only needs me to keep his job. Then, why is it getting so hard? Why is he turning … Read More

Red Hot Lies (A Steamy Fake Engagement Romance) by Mia Madison


A successful executive with a fear of commitment. A gorgeous redhead who lied to get her family off her back. Put us together, and you get one hell of a complicated fake engagement. I never could say no to a charming young woman—even one who lied about being engaged. Liz seems sweet, and she’s gotten herself into a bind, so … Read More

Someone To Watch Over Me by Iris Morland


After his last tour in the Marines, Seth Thornton finds himself adrift when he returns to Fair Haven, Washington. A capable soldier who moved up the ranks, Seth struggles to find his place in a town he once called home as the memories of war continue to haunt him—until the day he encounters the beautiful Rose DiMarco.

Give Me Another Chance by Katy Kaylee


I never forgot you, and the way you made me feel that first time. I never forgot you, even when you left me six years ago without saying goodbye. You were my brother’s best friend, and I was in love… I never expected to see you again, but here we are… I never thought our relationship had a second chance, … Read More

We Shouldn’t by Katy Kaylee


Everything about this relationship is wrong. He’s ex-military, running away from demons of his past, And I’m supposed to be treating him. But I’m the one who’s going to need therapy now, With his hands, mouth, ….and well… I know, I know – we shouldn’t, There’s no way this can work. God help a woman who gave her innocence to … Read More

Crown Princess by RTW Lipkin


After unexpected tragedy strikes, Crown Princess Greyson Jaynes must make an impossible choice: Can she give up the love of her life in order to take on the job she was born to do? Enjoy the twists and turns of a traditional tale made completely new!

An Innocent Christmas by Katy Kaylee


A Christmas Eve, A fun party, A little act of seduction and… My broken heart! My brother’s best friend took my innocence on Christmas eve, And abandoned me for military. That was four years ago. Now he’s back – more handsome than ever, and oh, so enigmatic. My heart aches for a second chance with this bad boy. But the … Read More

Mr. OMG (A Stepbrother Romance) by Stephanie Brother


Mr. OMG lives up to his name in more ways than one… The Big O has always been a big flop for me until I hear Mr. OMG on the radio. Let’s just say his dulcet tones and my finger make enough magic together that I see stars. For the first time ever!I call his show and ask for advice … Read More

One Night Boyfriend by Victoria Snow


I can’t seem to get him out of my head, Or my heart. Okay, now I’m thinking that like all disasters this too shall pass. Until, I meet my new boss – my one night boyfriend! His impeccable mannerism draws me in – one more time. The temptation to touch him is just too great, And I can’t resist. We … Read More