Misbehaved by Katy Kaylee


I think I’m falling for him yet again, But forgiveness is off the table, He needs to know that he’s the biggest regret of my life, And no matter how hard he tries, I will never trust him. Not even with a baby on the way. And that is why this will be my little secret.

Baby Daddy by Victoria Snow


That one night changed everything! I let my gorgeous, ripped, and filthy rich boss take my innocence. This was supposed to be just fun – a no strings attached, one night stand. And this was definitely not supposed to get me pregnant!

Just Another Chance by Katy Kaylee


Rafe Buchanan – 6’3’’. Hard muscle. Marine MP. My brother’s best friend. And the guy who took my innocence five years ago! Also the guy who gave me the most precious gift ever – my daughter (well, our daughter I should be saying).

Autumn’s Coming by Adele Niles


The last place Autumn Jenkins ever imagined herself to be was standing on a stage at a strip club and swinging from a pole, especially when she only signed up to be a waitress and make a few tips. But when Autumn finds herself hiding behind a mask and face to face with a sexy stranger, she gets more than … Read More

Pregnant by Mistake by Victoria Snow


A forty-year-old businessman knocking up his twenty-three-year-old assistant? Alright, falling for the s$xy single dad was a HUGE mistake. Letting him take my innocence right there on his desk – a BIGGER mistake.

Bully Academy by Mina Thorne


At Westview Academy, only the baddest boys get the girl. My stepmother hates me, my stepbrother can’t stand me, and my new school is filled with awful rich kids. But I’ve been a fighter my whole life and I won’t let any of them get me down. They don’t call it Bully Academy for nothing, and I will come out … Read More

Misunderstood by Katy Kaylee


Four years ago, he took my innocence and left – without a word. Today, he’s the star quarterback who needs an image makeover, And I’m his publicist, who doesn’t quite believe him. Task at hand: Swallow my hate for him and concentrate on the job at hand – making Ryder look like a real life knight in shining armor. Complications: … Read More

Professor with Benefits A Student Teacher Romance by Hazel Kelly


Sadie’s no princess, and she doesn’t appreciate being treated like one. As far as she’s concerned, women who don’t wear ridiculous shoes don’t need to be swept off their feet, and the last thing the world needs right now is one more hopeless romantic maiming one more unsuspecting daisy. But when a handsome, young professor takes an unprofessional interest in … Read More