Grave Delights A Lesbian Paranormal Romance by Victoria Cerises


Their love is forbidden in more ways than one… On the eve of an impending and unwanted betrothal, the lives of two young women in a dangerous and forbidden love affair change forever. A plan to run away and escape the restrictive expectations of their small village goes terribly wrong, and these human lovers are transformed into immortal enemies. For … Read More

The Seeding Spell: Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy by Casey Morgan


Four human men. One female witch. And a magical pregnancy spell that must be enacted to save her town. The town of Love’s Hollow is supposed to be a magical, safe place for non-humans. But it’s being invaded by humans due to the fact that no one has activated the seeding spell that wards them off. Gwendolyn is the witch … Read More

Mated to the Pack II A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance by Jade Alters


Four big, strong, hot Green Berets and one reporter. Courtney Seagal’s life was more or less dictated by her father. She’s now in Afghanistan because her “caring” father insisted that she work there. Now she’s suddenly in the care of 4 hot bodyguards. 4 hot wolf shifting protectors. Trekking across a mountainside in Afghanistan, Courtney will be faced with not … Read More

The Grisly Grizzlies: Lachlan by Kim Fox


Jessie is wearing the perfect designer wedding dress for the perfect wedding, which she can’t escape from fast enough. You would run too if you were forced to be married to the cruel mob boss, Luca Capuano. There are enemies all around her, so she escapes to the one place where she knows she’ll be safe: the small town of … Read More

Eternal Bonds by Susan Hayes


Duncan Masterson has a secret. To keep it, he’s got a few simple rules. Stay away from sunlight, never drink from the unwilling, and never, ever get involved with mortals. It was working, until the night he finds a lovely co-worker dazed and bleeding from a vampire attack. After decades as Duncan’s guardian, Jared Evans has shared almost everything with … Read More

The Wolf Claims His Fae by Ever Coming


Lily Nobel Lily was looking for something exciting – something risqué. When she walked into the BDSM club for the first time, she wasn’t looking to find love or a man that would change her life forever. The way the masked man made her feel though left her wanting more. Soon the innocent flower fairy would find herself not only … Read More

Dream Mate: Fire Riders MC Nomad Dragons Book One by Sharon Spell


Hannah has been having strange visions all her life. Lately her visions seem to feature a dark and mysterious man. He’s got the body of a Greek god, ancient-looking tattoos covering his skin, and…the wings of a dragon? But there’s also another man who lives in her dreams. This one seems to radiate hatred, evil…and death. And he’s close. Too … Read More

Damnation Unforgettable bear/wolf shifter romance by Anna Lowe


Behind the doors of the Blue Moon Saloon, alpha shifters confront their darkest fears and deepest desires. ***This entire series of unforgettable bear/wolf shifter romance is on sale through Oct.20 – each book just 99c! *** Book 1, DAMNATION: Simon Voss thought he lost everything in an ambush months before: his home, his family, his past. His new job at … Read More