A Touch of Fever by Nazri Noor

Jackson Pryde was never great with magic, so he became an artificer, crafting enchanted devices. But Xander Wright, the mouthy mage next door, hates all the hammering in Jackson’s workshop. Then a string of mystical murders forces the two to team up. Can they combine might and magic to stop the Fever, or will they succumb to its bloodthirsty curse?

Claiming Her Bears (The Complete Series) by Skye MacKinnon

All three books in the bestselling Claiming Her Bears series, plus the novella Polar Dream, together in one omnibus for the very first time! One young woman on the run from her abusive uncle. Four bear shifters prepared to take her in. A post-apocalyptic world full of mythology, magic and hope. Alone, frozen, and far from home, Isla finds herself … Read More

A Shifter’s Curse (A Gritty Urban Fantasy Novel (Rouen Chronicles Book 1)) by Raven Steele

Briar arrives in Rouen with one goal: kill Dominic, the Alpha responsible for the destruction of her entire wolf pack. The only problem is she’ll have to join his dangerous and shady pack just to get close enough to end the evil SOB. But she’s willing to do whatever it takes to quench her thirst for revenge, even if it … Read More

No Man Can Tame by Miranda Honfleur

A human princess. A dark-elf prince. A kiss of fire and powder. In a land divided by hatred between humans and dark-elves, Princess Alessandra must marry Prince Veron and go on a tour for peace. But she has her own plans… Will their marriage bond their worlds together, or tear them apart for good?