Alpha’s Temptation by Lee Savino


I’m a lone wolf, and I like it that way. Banished from my birth pack after a bloodbath, I never wanted a mate. Then I meet Kylie. My temptation. My wolf wants to claim her. But she’s human, and her delicate flesh won’t survive a wolf’s mark. I’m too dangerous. I should stay away. But Kylie belongs to me.

Devor A Sci-Fi Alien Romance Novel by Enid Titan


Seven feet tall and bulging with firm muscles, the Crown Prince will have me any way he chooses… Stolen from my home. Trapped on a giant spaceship. Taken by the Prince of an alien species I never knew existed. He’s more than a man in so many ways. But I can’t let myself fall under the telepath’s spell. I can’t … Read More

The Sorcerer’s Willful Wife by Susannah Shannon


I had it all planned. I’d finish my PhD and accept a double life as a professor at Harvard who heads home to the magical realm for weekends. One spell changed all of that. The Sorcerer’s Willful Wife is a hot, funny paranormal romance about a feisty witch and the sorcerer who takes her in hand. Book 2 in the … Read More

One True Mate Series Bundle, Books 1-4 by Lisa Ladew


This is a story about “shiften” in a world called the Ula, which is our world, but with four secrets: the wolven, bearen, felen, and foxen. Humans do not know these shifters exist, even though these same humans are constantly guarded by an all-wolf-shifter police department. Their females are gone, but the One True Mate Prophecy matures NOW.

Savage Love by Riley Storm


Things are spinning wildly out of control for wolf shifter Lucien, leaving him beaten, bloody and half-unconscious on his mate’s doorstep. Will she give him a second chance, or is it already too late?

Warrior’s Embrace by Michele Mills


Trish is working to teach herself that emotion called love. She wants to return her husbands’ affection, but when she tries to reply, nothing comes out. Despite this set back, life mated to three sexy warriors is falling into place. Except that damn Illibrium keeps getting in the way. Will she have to lose everything to understand what love is?