Caveman Alien’s Mate by Calista Skye


I never thought I’d be stranded on a dinosaur planet where death lurks behind every tree. I actually wouldn’t mind the lethal dinosaurs if they weren’t constantly trying to kill me. The lack of a decent cup of coffee is kind of getting on my nerves, too. But the real problem is that some of the cavemen in this tribe … Read More

Caveman Alien’s Treasure by Calista Skye


Brank’ox is a brooding caveman warrior on the prehistoric planet Xren, haunted by a terrible failure. He has collected a huge treasure that will help him with his deadly mission to set things right. But he can’t take his eyes off Earth girl Dolly, even though he knows they are far too different…

Wings of War: The Angel Academy Complete Series by Riley London


Fight demons. Fall in love. Save the world. Welcome to Angel Academy. Wings of War is the full, four-book Angel Academy series wrapped up into a single, binge-worthy volume. Need to escape into a world of take charge heroines, hot angels, and a battle that rages between Good and Evil – and for Celeste’s heart?

Violet by Mia Harlan


Can I tell you a secret? I’m a chameleon shifter… …and I’ve spent the past year posing as my 80-year-old best friend! No one can ever find out! Not even my three hot, fated mates: – My bear shifter colleague – A seductive vampire mage – And a hulking troll cop If my mates ever find out, so will my … Read More

Wolf Lost by Sam Burns


Sawyer Holt can’t go home. The alpha who murdered his father wants to marry him to cement his political power. Dez Sullivan is just getting used to being an alpha werewolf when Sawyer blows in, activating his new instincts and overwhelming his common sense. Both men are searching for a new start; their meeting is pure Kismet.

Alien Creep (AN Alien Shifter Romance) by Calista Skye


I was sold at an auction. My new alien owner was going to breed me. Earth girls like me are popular for that. But I was stolen by a huge, blue guy. Fine, he’s gorgeous and insanely strong. But he won’t let me leave. I can tell he’s turned on. And I am pretty sure he wants to breed me. … Read More

Broomstick by A.L. Hawke


I used to not believe in witches. Until I enrolled in Dr. Alondra Johansen’s metaphysical history class. Bryce, Alondra’s super cute teaching assistant, told me my element sign is Earth. I am, in fact, a pragmatic sort of girl. My name is Cadence Hawthorne, but you can call me Katie. Darkness fell over me and my family during my sophomore … Read More

Fawn (A Dark Mafia Shifter Romance) by Elaina Jadin and Marie Robinson


We aren’t her saviors. We’re her worst nightmare. She’s damaged. Fragile. Wounded. And oh so tempting. She’s not broken… yet. But that’s what we do best. For thirty days she belongs to us, the Barons. We rule the criminal underworld the same way we rule our pack—with absolute control. Now she’s our property, to do with as we please. Our … Read More