Caveman Alien’s Sword by Calista Skye


Ashlynn A caveman is chasing me. He’s right behind me, crashing through the jungle. He’s huge, all muscles and fangs and turquoise stripes. His sword is the size of a helicopter blade, and the bulge in his pants is almost as big. He was supposed to be my bodyguard on this dinosaur-infested planet. I guess he changed his mind. I … Read More

The Fairer Hex by Lidiya Foxglove


I’m the only witch at a university for warlocks and a demon is hunting me down. But even more dangerous? My dorm mates. Sexy incubus Alec, suave vampire Montague, and arrogant warlock Harris.

First Contact Captives: Vidar (A Purple Alien Sci-Fi Romance) by Enid Titan


He fell from the sky with one mission… Learn everything about the Earth and its people. When the purple-skinned Polluxian named Vidar falls to earth, his fate lies in the hand of the naïve human scientist, Minnie. She can’t help but think that this creature is more than what he seems… That he understands her better than she realizes… That … Read More

Rake (Shapeshifter Confession) by Q. Zayne


Murder, forbidden love, danger, and loyalty beyond death. This shapeshifter-biker hits his mid-life crisis hard. Rake: I wasn’t as bad as some people thought. In fact, I had one hell of a soft spot, and it was all for my goddaughter Lia. She lit up a room from the beginning. I never looked at her as anything but the daughter … Read More

Delivered (Bear Mail #3) by Layla Nash


After a wild night with a handsome stranger, first-grade teacher Caro ends up with a broken heart – and a few weeks later, another surprise. Bear shifter Max didn’t expect to find his mate during speed-dating, or for her baby bump surprise later. They’re both keeping secrets – can they make it work before the biggest surprise is delivered?

Aries (A Sci-Fi Alien Romance) by Enid Titan


With his thick impenetrable scales, sharp fangs, and a giant tool designed for female pleasure, the alien heir from planet Aries will have me any way he chooses… I met a man on Halloween. I fell for him before I knew the truth… Ramses. Funny name for a bloke. I should have known what he really was. I shouldn’t fantasize … Read More

Brand New Blade by Riley London


Fight demons. Fall in love. Save the world. My name is Celeste Venoix and I’m no angel. But I find myself enrolled in Angel Academy, is a place for angels-in-training to learn how to fight demons. It’s hard enough trying to keep up with class, but I find myself falling for three hot guys at the same time. It’s going to be … Read More

Rogue Star Series by Elin Wyn


Get the first three books of the steamy science fiction romance series readers are calling “epic!” and “fantastic!” It all starts with a bang… Our rescuers are giant, golden skinned aliens… And their rogue of a captain seems very interested in the little human commander. Me.