Crave A Reverse Harem Romance by Roma James


I’m not a damsel, but I am in distress. Three knights come to my rescue, but are there enough chairs at my table? My best friend talked me into a wild night at an upscale club. It isn’t my thing, but I tell myself it’s just research for my latest romance novel. Fiction imitates reality, right? I didn’t expect the … Read More

The Seeding Spell: Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy by Casey Morgan


Four human men. One female witch. And a magical pregnancy spell that must be enacted to save her town. The town of Love’s Hollow is supposed to be a magical, safe place for non-humans. But it’s being invaded by humans due to the fact that no one has activated the seeding spell that wards them off. Gwendolyn is the witch … Read More

Her Three Rangers A Reverse Harem Romance by Roma James


They came to hunt down a monster. They stayed to capture my soul. Trouble came in three, but I only have one heart. Bounty hunters, vigilantes, bikers. A trio of bad boys wrapped in tattoos and black leather walked into my office and everything changed. Cody, the laid back, guy next door. He reminds me to laugh, makes me feel … Read More

The Wyld A Reverse Harem Fantasy by Parker de Vesci


Three deadly immortal warriors. Their empress reincarnate. A prince who will stop at nothing to keep her from her Realm. Alex is rescued by three gorgeous shifters who claim she’s the reincarnation of their empress. They’re determined to restore her throne. But her situation is more perilous than she knows. Her three warriors’ hearts are full of secrets. And a … Read More

Her Protectors by Victoria Belle


Three sizzling cops, one lucky woman. Growing up in foster care, Britt’s dream is to be an artist. For now, she’s waiting tables and dodging her sleazy boss. One night, she’s attacked after work and three irresistibly hot cops come to her rescue. Wyatt’s the artistic playboy. Kingston’s the joker getting over a rotten divorce. Bradley is the strong, silent … Read More

Hell Sucks by Lucy Auburn


No one prepared me for being stuck in the Underworld with a mad woman who claims to be my mother. Here I thought that finding out I’m a succubus would be the biggest shock of my life. It turns out that the paranormal world has a lot in store for me. But escaping from Hell is just the start. Things … Read More