A Nanny for Christmas

Three gorgeous single dad billionaires. Three adorable children. And one very lucky nanny. I won’t have to be lonely on Christmas this year… because guess what? I’ll have three men in my bed. I never had a family, and then I lost my sanity after sending my abusive ex to prison. But these three gorgeous single dads have made me … Read More

Thanking Her Brother’s Best Friends

Being a national sensation failed to prepare me for a life of scandal that comes with sleeping with three men at the same time. I have a son to consider. What was I thinking? They are just not any men. They are my brother’s best friends! Aiden is the hottest introvert I’ve ever met. He makes me want to cuddle … Read More

Mafia Savages

A Dark Mafia Reverse Harem Romance

They vow to shield me from their dangerous world, but can they protect my heart? Each night, a trio of mafia enforcers frequents my bar. They’re tempting, but perilous. When one saves my life, all three vow to protect me from a threat I never saw coming. Rocco, though menacing, makes me feel safe. When I see him with his … Read More

Good Girl

I’ve always been a good girl… Until I got pregnant and realized I have no idea whose the baby is. My mom instilled all the right values in me. I’m hard-working, loyal and kind. I’m inexperienced at twenty-three years old… Until I walk into three separate lecture halls and three different professors catch my eye. Derek teaches Modern Literature and … Read More

Fireflies: A Celtic Romance Series (Book 1)

When two complete opposites find themselves in a magical world neither knew existed, sparks fly! Fireflies tells the story of a beautiful loner and a handsome recluse who discover that they have more in common than they thought. As they navigate a dangerous new world with unexpected allies, will their newfound connection bring them closer together or tear them apart?

Naughty Lessons

A little bit of harmless fun on an online platform led to the biggest scandal of my life… and three hot professors in my bed. It took one touch from them to turn my nice into naughty. But it wasn’t just my body they had… They also had my heart. Elijah, a literary genius, instantly transported me to the Victoria … Read More

SEAL Daddies Next Door

Becoming rich overnight led to a series of nightmares. But the three much older Navy SEALs that entered my life as a result were more like a fantasy come true. The electricity I feel with them makes me forget that the man who surprisingly left me an inheritance has been murdered… and I’m the prime suspect. Reed, a protective single … Read More

Four Tattoos

A Grumpy Sunshine Age Gap Reverse Harem Romance

Falling for four gruff tattoo artists is unexpected…getting pregnant is catastrophic. I’m the girl everyone looks to for a sunny comment and a bright smile. That’s why my attraction to four older ex-military men with silver in their hair and dark ink all over their muscular bodies comes as a complete surprise. We have nothing in common, but I’m putty … Read More