The Royal Treatment by Teagan Kade


Four princes in a tropical paradise? Yes, please. I came to this island to help with the royal zoo. I didn’t expect to fall for animals of a different kind. The Heinmarch princes… They’re like the sun. Look at them too long and you’re bound to burn up. And I’m burning in places that haven’t seen sunshine in years. (HEA)

Double the Luck: Irish Menage Romance by Roxanne Riley


They say everything’s bigger in Texas. But these Irish brothers beg to differ. We have no idea what to do to maintain a ranch. But the truth is, Keenan and I are bored. We’ve worked our ways up in the world and make tons of money in our shared business, and the idea of doing something so wildly different sounds … Read More

Fae Like Me A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy by Lucy Auburn


I just learned I’m a part fae succubus. And I need to find the men to sate my sexual appetite… Here I thought I was a normal college girl with a high libido. Turns out that’s wrong—I’m so much more. I have powers, and if I don’t learn how to control them, I’ll wind up killing someone. Baton Rouge has … Read More

Her Hollywood Heroes A Reverse Harem Romance by Roma James


They’ve promised to keep me safe. Even if that means tying me to their bed. As an actress, sometimes I have fans that get a little…obsessed. So, my producer hires private security for me. Enter Gray, Jace, and Landon; all muscle and all mine. Gray and Jace – twins and former Marines. I see the way they look at me. … Read More

Vested Interest by Bethany Jadin


The men of the top tech firm, Pentabyte, are at the top of their game—seductively handsome, intelligent, and wealthy—and they’re determined to win more than just the bid for my new software program. They’ve set their sights on claiming me, too. But everything I’ve worked for is on the line. Do I dare let my guard down when the stakes … Read More

Phoenixcry by KT Strange


All I wanted was to kick ass at my internship and stop frying my phone battery with my witchy lightning powers. Then I walked into the first day at the record label to find five hot growly guys in a band that I’m supposed to manage, and oh yeah, they’re werewolves. Witches like me and werewolves? We don’t mix. Time … Read More

Their Pin-Up Girl A Reverse Harem Romance by Roma James


A thriving career as a curvy pinup model. A supportive best friend. I had everything—until I realized I didn’t. What do you do when the perfect guy literally knocks you off your feet? What do you do when he’s followed by his equally hot best friend… then another? Ethan, the steadfast Air Force pilot who keeps his heart hidden while … Read More

One Bride for the Mountain Men by Jess Bentley


Five reclusive billionaire mountain men, and they all want me. Little did I know the end was only the beginning with these men. Each Boen billionaire is more gorgeous than the last. Plus, they’re willing to share.