Mia’s Men (A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance Novel) by Lucy Felthouse


Following her father’s death Mia discovers that in order to inherit, she must marry within a year, or lose everything. She bows to the ultimatum and seeks a husband. To her surprise, the perfect candidate only comes as a package with his best friend. And she’s already falling for someone else. She can’t possibly plan to marry one man while … Read More

Violet by Mia Harlan


Can I tell you a secret? I’m a chameleon shifter… …and I’ve spent the past year posing as my 80-year-old best friend! No one can ever find out! Not even my three hot, fated mates: – My bear shifter colleague – A seductive vampire mage – And a hulking troll cop If my mates ever find out, so will my … Read More

Triplet Tease by Stephanie Brother


Cinderella only has one Prince Charming, but I found three. Eton didn’t tell me he had brothers. I didn’t tell him I worked in a lap dancing bar. We all have secrets. Imagine my surprise when I saw them there. It wasn’t striptease that enticed the triplets to the bar. A high heat MFMM romance.

Fawn (A Dark Mafia Shifter Romance) by Elaina Jadin and Marie Robinson


We aren’t her saviors. We’re her worst nightmare. She’s damaged. Fragile. Wounded. And oh so tempting. She’s not broken… yet. But that’s what we do best. For thirty days she belongs to us, the Barons. We rule the criminal underworld the same way we rule our pack—with absolute control. Now she’s our property, to do with as we please. Our … Read More

Amber by Mia Harlan


I’m in love with my best friend. But one sip of a spelled pumpkin spice latte, and two shifters are calling me their mate.

A Drink in London by Kaylee Spring


I’m just a tourist, and Clint is my main attraction. How am I supposed to resist the sexy bartender? After my friend abandoned me on our first night out, I might as well have some fun. And Clint is definitely a boy toy I could sink my teeth into. By day, we explore the city. The parks. The museums. By … Read More

Vested Interest by Elaina Jadin and Bethany Jadin


Being pursued by five powerful men is the last thing I expected. As former marines, they’re used to facing down formidable opponents and getting the job done no matter what stands in their way. Now, they run a prestigious tech firm together. They’re at the top of their game—seductively handsome, dangerously smart, and extremely wealthy. But they’re determined to win … Read More

Savage Beasts (A paranormal academy bully romance) by Alexa Saint


Hearthstone Academy was supposed to be my salvation. My harbour from the storm. I’m here on scholarship, plucked from obscurity because I can play any piece of music by ear. But on my very first day I make enemies of three gorgeous and gifted fiends: the so-called campus Gods. They’re privileged. Powerful. They own Hearthstone. Who are these esteemed and … Read More

Kings of Mercia Academy by Sofia Daniel


Edward, Blake, and Henry are the kings of of my school. They’re cruel, old money, and devastatingly gorgeous. They get whatever they want at the click of their fingers, and now they want me. Kings of Mercia Academy is a complete, reverse harem bully romance with adult themes. 18+

The Vampires’ Blood Mate by Lili Zander


The Complete Vampires’ Blood Mate Series available in one Boxed Set. The first night, I was bitten. The second night, I was hunted. The third night, I was discovered by four dangerous vampires. To earn my freedom, I need to survive one more night. But the four want me for their own. And in Shayde, whatever vampires want, vampires get.