Moonlight and Belladonna (A Hartwood Holiday Romance: Halloween) by Jae Dawson

Will a high school music teacher and an indie rock star find their harmony in this small town holiday romance? Belladonna Pagano is far too busy for love—she has until Halloween to wow the school board with Hartwood High’s Fall production of Little Shop of Horrors, or she’ll be out of a job. Besides, after her former fiancé traded their … Read More

Turn up the Tempo by Charli B Rose

One sweltering night… and morning after. He set the tempo, and she matched him step for step. No strings. No hearts. BRITTANY It was supposed to just be a one-night stand. I wasn’t supposed to catch feelings. He’s a rock star and having feelings for him would be devastating. And I’m already struggling — no job, no home, no love … Read More

Country Love by Kate Swain

He stole my heart. Single mom. Full-time leader. Hustler. I was not going to let Walker Holcomb let me admit defeat. Even if it took a two hundred-dollar bottle whiskey. His career ended tragically, and I was gonna save the day. Show the world what really happened. But was falling in love with him part of the plan

Heart Beat by Lulu Pratt

Wyatt & his sister are a chart-topping duo. They need a pianist. I get the job & spend hours with him creating music. This is purely business. But I’m falling in love. Our relationship is out of bounds. Now we have a secret. If his sister finds out not only will I lose him, but she’ll make sure I never … Read More