Rock and Roll Country (Jesse's Girl Part 1) by Kandice Michelle Young


She had love, it left her. He knew love and lost it. Neither thought they could open their heart again, until they found each other. Jesse Lee didn’t believe in love at first sight. Heart closed by the tragic events of a past life, he contended himself to a lifestyle filled with groupies and one night stands. That was before … Read More

Turn up the Tempo by Charli B Rose


One sweltering night… and morning after. He set the tempo, and she matched him step for step. No strings. No hearts. BRITTANY It was supposed to just be a one-night stand. I wasn’t supposed to catch feelings. He’s a rock star and having feelings for him would be devastating. And I’m already struggling — no job, no home, no love … Read More

Country Love by Kate Swain


He stole my heart. Single mom. Full-time leader. Hustler. I was not going to let Walker Holcomb let me admit defeat. Even if it took a two hundred-dollar bottle whiskey. His career ended tragically, and I was gonna save the day. Show the world what really happened. But was falling in love with him part of the plan

Heart Beat by Lulu Pratt


Wyatt & his sister are a chart-topping duo. They need a pianist. I get the job & spend hours with him creating music. This is purely business. But I’m falling in love. Our relationship is out of bounds. Now we have a secret. If his sister finds out not only will I lose him, but she’ll make sure I never … Read More

Pop Stars Romantic Comedy Boxed Set (Books 1-3) by Rachael Eliker


As Harper Music’s musical talent, Ruby Harkwad, Kiki Loveless, and Monica Best have to juggle fame, hilarious mishaps, sky-high stilettos, and rabid fans, all while taking a chance on love. Book 1 (When a Star Falls): Ruby’s on her way to stardom and finding true love…if she doesn’t trip over her own two feet first! Book 2 (How a Star … Read More

Vegas Style (A Style Strike Rockstar Romance) by Toni Kenyon


Sam MacAvoy’s a British rocker who has charted consistently at no.1 all over Europe since following in his brother, Julian’s footsteps. Now Sam’s been invited to Vegas to debut at the Get Rocked! In Vegas Festival and he’s brought his red hot band, Style Strike with him. Ashley Jacobs can’t stand musicians, or over-the-top egotistical men. Somehow she finds herself … Read More

Written in the Stars by Rachael Eliker


Eloise Stauch’s fears of becoming an old, shut-in cat lady are shelved when she’s invited to go on tour following an appearance on a popular singing competition. Simple…until her ex, Warren, shows up. Warren’s gorgeous singing voice and Southern charm are hard to resist, but Eloise is determined to stay focused. Easier said than done when one glance from him … Read More