Tyler: I’ve had my eye on Sophie for a while, even though I’ve never met her in person. Other guys are talking about making a move soon, so I have to claim her – now. Sophie: Even before I knew what he looked like, Tyler made me laugh. Now that he’s here in front of me, I’m pretty sure I’m … Read More

Meet Fake

How difficult could it be pretending to be in love with a virtual stranger? I’ll do anything to get my trust fund on my twenty-fifth birthday, even if it means striking a deal with the new barista. My parents think they can manipulate me into being the robot they deem acceptable to society by withholding my trust fund, but the … Read More

Wolf Boss

Carter Ray and her daughter are new to the female-dominated town of Helen’s Corner. Carter wants nothing to do with men, especially not a hot, wolf-shifting out-of-towner. When billionaire Alec Patterson is dragged to a quaint tourist town, he’s instantly captivated by a sweet, saucy blonde, and he knows why. He’d dump his fiancée, but the huge corporate merger he’s … Read More

Summer Job

ELLA GREEN IS LOOKING FORWARD TO SOME TIME OFF FROM HER STRESSFUL JOB. Soaking up the sun with her toes in the sand is a hell of a lot less dangerous than chasing down bad guys and dodging bullets on the regular. But when a wealthy resident of the small town she’s ended up in approaches her with a unique … Read More

Pit Stop

This grumpy billionaire has mistaken my house for a hotel. But hey, who am I to correct him? It’s been a slow season. My honey has barely sold, and the bills are piling up. How hard can it be to take care of a guest? I just need to feed him. Clean his room and keep up the ruse until … Read More