Arrogant Neighbor

He’s the most infuriating man. There’s no way I’d actually fall for him. When I moved into my house, I didn’t think I’d have to deal with the most arrogant man in the world. It seems that everything I do is a problem. I have enough issues at work when the ratings in our radio station drop. Not to mention, … Read More

Kosher Crush

a box-set that bangs

Challah if you love a Jewish hero! This set of steamy romantic comedies features all the tropey goodness you crave, with a schmear. Meddling bubbes, Kosher wine, and matzo crumbs add a little something to this pair of grumpy-sunshine tales. Fall in love with AJ Trachtenberg, a grouchy teacher, and Asa Wexler, a brilliant billionaire. These books are heartwarming, often … Read More

The Nice Guy

After finding out that my boyfriend cheated on me, I packed my bags and moved to Sunshine Falls. My uncle’s ready to retire, and he has always dreamed of me taking over his partnership at the animal clinic in town. My surprise comes when he introduces me to my new partner, and it’s the cute guy I was talking to … Read More

Hard Ass in Love

As far as hot billionaires go, Logan’s hardly typical. He’s practically allergic to the indoors, incorrigibly gruff, and a big burly teddy bear when it comes to his daughter. The last thing I need is to develop a crush on the gorgeous grump. So obviously, I have no business sparking up a sexy little wager with the man…right?

Happily Ever…Maybe?

He’s the grumpy billionaire Beast of Calico Cove and I’m his sacrificial lamb… I mean, his new employee. Malcolm Bettencourt is a recluse with a nasty scar across his face and a bad attitude. I’m a lobster fisherman whose been “friend-zoned” by every guy in town. We have nothing in common and there’s no reason to think he would want … Read More

Guarded Deputy

A small town romantic comedy

It never fails that I always get into awkward situations like accusing the deputy at my front door of being a stripper and then asking if he’s going to arrest me when he shows up at school the next day…to pick up his nephew. Nate seems unamused by my antics, but when we start to work together, we’re forced to … Read More