The Secret Obituary Writer

A Sweet Small-town Romantic Comedy

Secrets are hard to keep. And she’s the biggest secret in town. Lizzy’s secret job is to write obituaries that tell the truth. She loves it. The town loves it. No one wants this messed up. But the details of a mysterious death may expose her identity and ruin everything. Jackson’s a handsome detective who can help. He also has … Read More

An Angel in My Teacup

A Paranormal Romantic Comedy

She’s a witch. He’s an angel. It can’t work… or can it? When Justinian the angel arrives from Paris to visit a witch in small-town Florida, he hardly knows why he’s there. Sure, they met—once—but is that enough of a reason to drop in and ask her to help him find the meaning of life? Lizzy’s barely scraping by reading … Read More

Shelter for a Shifter

A Grumpy Werewolf Romance

All Ame asks for is the right spell, a full moon, and a cooperative cat. She does not ask for a naked werewolf. Ame Shelly has been searching through grimoires for years, hoping to find a way to save her cat companion. A feline she’s ninety-six percent sure is a man stuck in the wrong form. When Ame and her … Read More

Twisted Beauty

Billionaire Bully New Adult Romance

Beauty is always queen. With an abusive ex-husband, a father who didn’t care for her, and a mother who stole from her… She had no money, no job, and no home to go back to. Beauty queen. Prom queen. Head cheerleader. Footballer’s wife. She did everything according to plan—a winning formula designed by her mother. She should be living in … Read More


Concierge, Inc. 1

Morgan I’m an off-the-books nomad working for Concierge, Inc. I move people and products, extract information, and clean house for crime syndicates up and down the West Coast. Once again, I’m partner-less, but I need someone at my back. On a trip to Seattle to pick up my new protégé, I blow the job before it’s even started. Now I … Read More

Grump Gone Wild

I’m fake-dating the man of my dreams. But these feelings? They’re all too real. Here’s some friendly advice, from me to you: don’t ever fall for your grumpy boss. And here’s another top tip: when said boss asks you to fake-date in front of his awful snooty family, say no. Run fast and run far. Whatever you do, don’t mix … Read More

Dangerous Deeds

A Westport Romantic Mystery

Dangerous Deeds is the first book in this light-hearted romantic cozy mystery series. If you like crazy families, fun engaging reads, and a sweet romance, all tied together with a ribbon of danger then you’ll love this introduction to The Westport Mysteries. When one door closes, another opens… or falls off its hinges. They say that love is blind. Sure, … Read More