Chicken about Love

A Sweet Southern Romantic Comedy

I’m unemployed, recently divorced, and living with my parents. I have nowhere to go but up. A year ago I was married and living in a wealthy neighborhood in the biggest city in Alabama. That was before my husband left me and I tucked tail and ran home to Mama. But that’s the least of my worries after I play … Read More

Royally Rearranged

a sweet royal romcom

There WILL be a royal wedding. The only question–who will be my groom? An arranged marriage isn’t the worst fate for a princess like me. Especially because I’ve been in love with my intended groom since we were children. But when my prince shows up with an American girlfriend instead of an engagement ring, all arrangements are off. The clock … Read More

How to Not Fall for the Guy Next Door

A Sweet Romantic Comedy

It only took twelve years, a few too many embarrassing moments, and a cross-country move to run into her childhood crush again. This time, he’s Addison’s next-door neighbor. And someone she definitely cannot fall for. If Ian Kendrick hadn’t grown up to be so good-looking, kind to his grandma, skilled at carpentry, and completely dateable, then it wouldn’t be so … Read More

Model (mis)Behaviour

A Second Chance Romance

Atticus – There were three things I knew for certain: 1. That my parents had been having an off day when they decided to call their only daughter Atticus. 2. That pasta is life. 3. That I hate Parker Daniels with a passion I hadn’t known was possible. After bumping into him at a wrap party, he won’t leave me … Read More


A Sweet Dreams Novella

After her world has been turned upside down, a fun weekend in Las Vegas was just what Kinsley Fitzgerald needed. After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. There was only one problem: she just woke up next to her new husband. Can a marriage built on desire and dreams last beyond the illusion of Sin City?

Filthy Headlines

My gorgeous new boss doesn’t trust me. Guess I can’t blame him. I’m an undercover reporter. Grant Keller isn’t just a billionaire. He’s a well-known grade A jerk. And there’s no one Grant hates more than the press… Too bad. Because he’s hiding something. One month into my new job as a reporter, my boss sends me undercover. I’ll work … Read More

The Nerd and the Neighbor

Meet the Crawfords: brilliant in business, lousy at love. Hunter Crawford is a grumpy astronaut who’s fallen from grace. Abigail Baker needs a fresh start. In the small college town, Abigail carves out an unlikely friendship with her landlord. Blunt, and brooding, Hunter just wants to lick his wounds, but his new tenant gives him other ideas for his tongue. … Read More

Seven Points of Contact

Novella 1 of Heartened by Sport

In this funny romance, Miranda Taylor has a history of making errors—she sits on the wrong bar stools, picks the wrong teams, dates the wrong guys… But then she meets Jonas Becker who’s returned from Toronto to take care of his ailing father. If she plays the game right, she can land her dream job and a hot guy. She … Read More