Caveman Alien’s Cage

A grumpy single dad romance

He’s a grumpy, eight-foot tall caveman alien who thinks he’s a cowboy. He surrounds himself with deadly dinosaurs, he talks sweetly to predators and his best buddy is a dactyl the size of a Boeing. So who does he put in a cage? Me. The curvy Earth girl that he caught in the jungle. Fine, I was about to shoot … Read More

Hunter’s Quest

There’s a Xarc’n warrior stalking my land. Rhaz’k claims I’m “his,” but I belong to no one, especially not to a bossy purple alien with massive horns, sharp fangs, & huge muscles. But when deadly space bugs start showing up around my home, the overprotective warrior tosses me over his shoulder and carries me to his shuttle. Who does he … Read More

Caveman Alien’s Call

I was aiming an ugly, charred arrow at the silver-spotted caveman alien when the ground shook and split open under my feet. Now I’m tumbling down a deep crevice that’s all dirt and rocks, struggling to keep my head above the giant mudslide that’s about to bury me alive. The caveman slides along with me. Except he seems to be … Read More


Ruwen knows he’s a goner. His alien species is cursed by a deadly genetic quirk and he’ll be dead before the month is out, unless he finds his fated mate. She’s the only woman in the universe who can save him. It’s too bad that most Detyen women are dead. But could he find hope with a human?


An Inhuman Protector Romance

She’s being held captive. He’s the only one who can save her. Thayer was kidnapped. She doesn’t panic. But when days turn into weeks, she begins to give up hope. Memphis is a simple country veterinarian in a race against time to find the one woman guaranteed to turn his quiet world into a fight for both of their lives. … Read More

Caveman Alien’s Prize

He’s eight feet tall, he has blue spots and he wrestles deadly dinosaurs for fun. He’s a nightmare of violence and danger. Now this caveman alien is about to win a prize for it: Me. We’ll just see. I may be one of only five girls abducted from Earth and dumped on this nightmarish planet, but I know how to … Read More

Alien Hitman

A Science-Fiction Romance

I thought being abducted from Earth and sold at auction was bad. That was before I became an exhibit in a petting zoo and met the grumpiest assassin in the galaxy. And before I ruined his most important hit ever. His laser-red eyes bore into me, and the ludicrously big bulge in his crotch twitches with barely contained fury that … Read More

Captive of the Horde King

On the alien planet of Dakkari, human Luna trades her freedom to save her brother’s life…but the dominant, barbaric Dakkari king she gives herself to wants more than just a concubine. Is Luna ready to become a horde king’s queen?

The Alien Bounty Hunters Complete Series: Books 1-8

Get the complete Alien Bounty Hunter series in one location! The prequel, three novellas, five full-length novels, an extended epilogue and a series Glossary: Kroga’s Bride Rayzor’s One Joyzal’s Prize Kayzon’s Wish Syrin’s Mate Zhoryan’s Game Daxon’s Hostage Kroga’s Redemption