Caveman Alien’s Trick by Calista Skye


Phoebe A caveman tricked me. It was the oldest trick in the book. And I fell for it. I’m inside a pitch black leather sack, being carried away from my village and the other Earth girls. I scream and kick, but nobody can hear me. I know what this means. The giant caveman is taking me to his tribe. I’m … Read More

Tau A Sci-Fi Alien Romance Novel by Enid Titan


With scaly green skin, firm ridges, a thick firm tail and a larger than life you-know-what, the trader Damir will have me any way chooses… Stolen from my home.
Trapped in subterranean tunnels… Ogled at by giant alien reptiles… 
My only hope at escape is the trader Damir — my buyer.
I can’t let myself fall under the trader’s spell… I shouldn’t … Read More

Die for You by Michele Mills


Love, in a hopeless place… It’s the end of world and Rachel is the last person alive, until she meets a sexy battle-hardened Marine sniper on a desolate freeway.

Devor A Sci-Fi Alien Romance Novel by Enid Titan


Seven feet tall and bulging with firm muscles, the Crown Prince will have me any way he chooses… Stolen from my home. Trapped on a giant spaceship. Taken by the Prince of an alien species I never knew existed. He’s more than a man in so many ways. But I can’t let myself fall under the telepath’s spell. I can’t … Read More

Warrior’s Embrace by Michele Mills


Trish is working to teach herself that emotion called love. She wants to return her husbands’ affection, but when she tries to reply, nothing comes out. Despite this set back, life mated to three sexy warriors is falling into place. Except that damn Illibrium keeps getting in the way. Will she have to lose everything to understand what love is?

Double Down by Susan Hayes


When it comes to love, sometimes the best bet is to double down. Kit and Luke Armas are cyborgs created for one purpose, battle. Now that the war is over, they must fight to carve out a place for themselves in a universe they were intended to die for but never be a part of. Cargo pilot Zura Watson came … Read More

Captive of the Horde King by Zoey Draven


On the unforgiving planet of Dakkar, I did what all the humans in our village did: kept my head down, worked to provide for my family, and I certainly didn’t break any Dakkari laws to risk inciting the alien race’s merciless wrath. Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for my brother and one careless mistake brings a horde of the … Read More

Alien Invader’s Prey A Dark SciFi Romance by Calista Skye


A giant shapeshifter alien who invades planets for sport meets a feisty Earth girl who won’t submit as easily as he’s used to. The attraction between them is electric, but the girl has a secret that she’d sooner die than give up… Expect steamy scenes, mysterious aliens with features like adult toys, deadly planets and the love story between a … Read More