Soulless by Kate Rudolph


A warrior without a soul… Raze NaFeen has sacrificed everything in service of his people. He feels nothing. No love, no hate, no fear. Until he meets Sierra. A spy on a mission… Sierra’s talents are best used for sneaking and subterfuge. When an off planet mission gets out of hand, she’ll need to use every skill she has and … Read More

Alien Warlord’s Miracle by Nancey Cummings


An alien warrior falls back in time. Under attack, Reven crashes through a collapsing wormhole. and arrives centuries too early. Surrounded by primitive humans, he must find a way home. A widow living alone discovers him and doesn’t faint at the sight of his fearsome horns. He wants more from her than just shelter. He wants everything.

The Alien’s Prize by Zoey Draven


Welcome to Luxiria, where the twin suns are hot and the alien warriors are hotter… Kate Harper finally had everything going on back on Earth: her dream job, a kickass best friend, and an apartment completely void of her cheating ex. That is, until she wakes up, cuffed and naked, on an alien planet/fight club known as the Pit. Worse? … Read More

Miracle of the Beast by Sonia Nova


Leaving Earth was no longer safe as a human woman… Offered a trainee position in the Alliance, Hazel is on her way to Inea, the First Planet of the Alliance. She’s sad to miss the holiday season on Earth, and more than a bit concerned about the recent Krezlian attacks on spaceships leaving the solar system, but there’s no turning … Read More

Wicked Captor by Zoey Draven


For this wicked warrior of Rozun, there are no rules… Getting abducted by aliens wasn’t exactly on Cara Call’s bucket list…and while her imprisonment threatened to break her, it didn’t extinguish her fight—it made her stronger. So, when she’s taken captive again by a massive, overbearing alien warrior, she comes out with fists blazing. Too bad her new captor is … Read More

Caveman Alien’s Secret by Calista Skye


Delyah has abducted a caveman. He’s seven feet tall, covered in black stripes and has a golden fire in his eyes. And a large bulge in his loincloth. Usually it’s the other way around, and the caveman aliens abduct Earth girls and breed them. But Delyah was never the most conventional girl, and she’s pointing her crossbow at the caveman’s … Read More

Vaant by Layla Nash


Isla Lennox is the best interpreter aboard the Alliance ship Argo – until the captain trades the female crew to an alien ship for the Argo’s safe passage. The giant Xaravian warriors are intimidating, covered in scales, and… very attractive. Isla and her friends won’t surrender quietly, but the Xaravians are looking forward to that fight.