Love Under Construction by M.C. Cerny

Hunter Hart knows construction. He knows relationships hurt after watching his parents self destruct. Somehow he forgot all the warnings when Taylor Jane Bryant blasted through the crumbling foundation around his heart. Taylor Jane Bryant knows home design. Well… she thinks she knows based on marathon sessions of her favorite television show. Now she’s all grown up and ready to … Read More

Trust In Love (A Love in Spring novel) by Grace Roberts

Doctor Zachary Valenti loves being surrounded by kids at work, and he’s eager to have a family of his own, but so far finding the right woman has proved impossible. Until a new nurse starts working at the hospital and her exotic beauty sparks an attraction he hasn’t felt in years. After finding her groom in the wedding planner’s arms, … Read More

Banshee Cry (The Blood Fae Chronicles) (A Steamy Paranormal Romance) by Jen Katemi

Can a banshee sing of her own impending death? There’s a vampire on her doorstep, begging for help, and all she wants to do is stake him. Right through his cold, dead heart. But if they don’t work together, this unsuspecting world and everything she loves could be gone. Destroyed, just like her father. This time, she’s not going to … Read More