Bourbon & Brawn

A Steamy Second Chance Bodyguard Romance

USA Today Bestselling Author, Kristin Lee brings you her signature emotionally damaged characters fighting for a second chance. She’s the heir to a bourbon empire. He’s the Navy Seal tasked with keeping her safe.
But will their shared past be the key to their survival or will it shatter their second chance? Beau: His heart pounds as the lawyer utters, “She needs you.”
 They … Read More

The Grumpy Cowboy

A Sweet Enemies-to-Lovers Romance

Phoenix Knott doesn’t like the changes happening all around him. He’s fiercely protective of his family, and he doesn’t trust the moves his father’s making. His family ranch needs the money a rival ranch owes them to save their own family business, and he’ll do what it takes to get it. Mallorie Couch is not only Phoenix’s sister’s best friend, … Read More

A Handfasting on Conroy Island

Up until now, Claire and Grant’s relationship has been strictly long-distance. But long-distance was never meant to be long-term. Even though Claire is back in his arms and a future together might be possible, plenty still lies between them and a chance at a happy ending. They’re only back together on the Island temporarily, and while Grant’s time is spent … Read More


On a barren road in the pre-dawn hours, Adam Farraday, the oldest of seven siblings, happens upon a disabled sports car and an angel in white searching for a disappearing dog. What is it about this secretive redheaded beauty that intrigues him as no woman has before? After learning her fiancé’s true nature minutes before her wedding, Meg O’Brien drives … Read More

Not Until Then

James came to Bethany’s rescue the day they met. So why can’t she seem to remember his name? And why can’t he seem to forget her? James already had a family once—and lost everything. So when he goes to Hope Springs to visit his sister, he has no interest in letting her play matchmaker. Even if her beautiful—though forgetful—friend Bethany … Read More

Hinted (Extended Preview)

A Sweet, Second Chance Romance

Rowan and Elle believed their love was lost forever… until fate brought them together again. Or so it seemed. Elle Albright returns to her hometown feeling like a failure, and finds her first love, Rowan, proposing to someone else. The need to prove herself and make up for her biggest regret, has her opening a clothing boutique to show Rowan … Read More