Throwing Stones A Glasgow Lads Novel by Avery Cockburn


A heartwarming romance featuring the hottest sport on ice! Oliver Doyle needs to win. After scandal ended his reign as a top Canadian curler, he’s trying to turn Scotland’s next big team into national champions. Standing in his way is a band of upstarts led by an infuriatingly cute skip. Luca Riley needs to chill. Or so he’s always believed, … Read More

Fighting Hearts by Annabeth Saryu


Trauma nurse Louise Becker’s life is turned upside down when she loses her apartment and moves in with MMA fighter Usalv ‘Madman’ Markovski. As their relationship goes from tepid to tempestuous, Louise faces major adversity. Will their passionate bond endure, or will they fight their hearts’ true desire? Tropes: Tortured hero, workplace romance, athlete

Shameless King by Maya Hughes


There’s a thin line between love and hate and Declan McAvoy pushing all her boundaries! He’s the cocky college hockey superstar and she’s the fiery ice queen who’s not ready to back down. When the two are thrown together as lab partners for the semester old hurt resurface and their undeniable chemistry can’t be contained!

Illegal Procedure Fair Catch Series, Book One by Christine Kersey


When Shay Campbell flees her abusive boyfriend and ends up in the middle of nowhere, she stumbles upon an unoccupied cabin. At least she thinks it’s unoccupied. That is, until NFL Quarterback Josh Wisner shows up. Too bad he thinks she’s a groupie. After kicking her out, Josh has second thoughts, but with her ex hunting her, Shay will have … Read More

The Play Brit Boys Sports Romance Book 1 by J.H Croix


Liam Reed is just a little bit cranky. On the heels of a crushing loss for his team back in Britain, he finds himself loaned to a US team. A busted knee and a broken collarbone land him in the hospital where he takes one look at Olivia Bowen, the renowned surgeon assigned to make his knee good as new, … Read More

Wild Rugged Daddy A Single Daddy Romance by Sienna Parks


Bear Paw Mountain is rife with urban legends. When football superstar, Travis Thorburn, lost his wife in a car accident, he became a single daddy. Overcome with grief and overwhelmed by parenthood, he dropped out of the spotlight with his newborn son and hasn’t been heard from since. Journalists have been trying to find them for four years without success. … Read More

Cocky by Sean Ashcroft


“I’m having a little trouble coming up with the right words here, so I’ll be blunt. I want you to pretend to date me.” Faking a relationship with an injured hockey player had never been on Eliot’s to-do list, but when he’s sent by his editor to interview the newly-out hockey legend Danny Harper, he gets a little more than … Read More

Crush A Single Dad Hockey Romance by June Winters


Shea Ellis doesn’t have time for love – all the Boston Brawlers captain wants is one last shot at the Cup before he retires. Besides, after his ex-wife did him dirty, the grizzled veteran isn’t sure if he could love again. Hell, he’d be happy just to find a decent nanny to help with his three kids. Brynn Conley never … Read More

The Rochester Riot by Colleen Charles


Will you take them down or let them score? No matter your choice, these hot hockey heroes will always light your red light. This boxed set by best selling author, Colleen Charles, contains three full-length novels featuring sexy alpha heroes and independent and feisty heroines. You’ll find steam, humor, twists and turns all on your journey to a happily ever … Read More