A missing person, a stalker seemingly back from the dead, and a woman who isn’t going to let the past ruin her future. Sofia Parisi’s divorce leads her to Mystery Lake, evoking fond childhood memories. There, she discovers a serial killer’s evidence and faces a resurrected stalker. Amidst this chaos, she meets Josh Warwick, a single dad and business owner. … Read More


The Sideways Series Book 1

Start this steamy second chance billionaire romance series by Bestselling romance author Annie Carlisle. I killed him. I didn’t mean to kill him. It was either him or me. So I fought for my life. Justifiable Homicide. That’s what the DA called it. Olivia: They can call it whatever they want, but in the end, I killed him and I … Read More

Lost In Magic

A fast-paced paranormal romance

Until Meredith Williams was brutally attacked, she had no idea that magic existed—or that she was born with it. But when her family friend and secret crush, FBI Agent Jack Knight, rescues her, she learns that her mother bound her powers for her own safety. Jack has protected Meredith from afar since tragedy struck her family twenty years earlier, loving … Read More


A Cowboys of Cade Ranch Novel

Jack Cade already has enough on his shoulders with his four brothers, his struggling Wyoming horse ranch, and his adopted mama going through chemo again. He doesn’t have time for a woman, and he doesn’t trust them. But when Everlea Donovan falls into his life—literally—he can’t stop fantasizing about her. Wanting her. But Everlea’s hiding something, always looking over her … Read More

Deep Into the Night

A Hartz Island Mystery

In this romantic suspense thriller, Special Investigation Agent Jack Wyatt returns to Hartz Island in Washington State’s San Juan Islands, enlisting the aid of his former Navy SEAL boss, Kip Hendricks and his Canadian counter-part Dan Johnson. Jack is convinced the increase in human trafficking in Seattle and on the west coast is being routed through the San Juan Islands … Read More

Slip Into the Night

A Hartz Island Mystery

A romantic thriller set in the San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest embraces the journey of Jeannie Rogers as she struggles to keep her cafe on Hartz Island, afloat. Trying to make ends meet, she accepts a week long catering job at Eagle’s Nest Lodge. Unbeknownst to her this week would be a pivotal point in her life.Retired Navy … Read More

Commanding Sia

Separated by loss. . .reunited by duty… When Lieutenant Ambrosia “Sia” Soto returns from an investigation into a “pilot error” case aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. James McCloud, she comes face to face with NCIS Special Agent and former lover, Christophe Vargas, the man who was involved in an F-18 Fighter Jet accident that took her brother’s life six years … Read More

Baby Daddy

Alpha Romance Collection

High-Heat intense alpha romances! Curvy heroines get their forever man. Threee standalone adventures with heroine peril and small town ghosts. Imagine the hard arms of a wealthy rancher getting ahold of the woman he has to have. There’s even lasso action. Unexpected love can be the hardest and the sweetest.

Spying on the Enemy Wolf

I’ve slipped into enemy territory on a mission: uncover the truth behind my father’s demise. My guide is a complication I didn’t need, a potent mix of dominance and desire. Each stolen glance, every whispered word feels like a betrayal to my pack, and a surrender to a wolf I should despise.