Alpha’s Blood by Lee Savino


I bought her. I own her. But she’ll never be mine… A Vampire King… The moment she stepped on stage to be auctioned to the highest bidder, I had to have her in my bed. My submissive, kneeling at my feet. But this captive virgin is out for revenge. Her plan: Seduce me. Earn my trust. Destroy me. A deadly … Read More

Boss Daddy A Second Chance Surprise Baby Romance by Annie J. Rose


We shared one wild, unforgettable night. Colt was my secret crush. I was trying to get back at my ex. Pregnant and scared, I ran away. Six years later, I’m desperate for a job and Colt is the CEO. Passion sparks between us again. I can’t tell him my secret. Our son, sick, is in need of a transplant. Why … Read More

Maxim Perfect Hurt by Alice May Ball


What will this man do for love? How hard will he fight? He’s hot and dangerous. The kind I fall for, all too often but not this time. I have secrets to protect. So, why am I here, letting him take me into his hotel suite? He is here on a mission. But so am I. Twists and turns, lies … Read More

Honeymoon Cottage by Barbara Cool Lee


Over 400 five-star reviews. Camilla Stewart’s ex-fiance ripped her off and disappeared, leaving her to care for his eight-year-old son alone. But when she arrives in Pajaro Bay, she finds a village full of cute cottages, quirky characters… and a killer on the loose who is somehow linked to her, the young boy, and the darling little house known as … Read More

Kat & Maus by Brad Chisholm


A remarkable emotional, sensual and visual journey. Mark Bell is a top Beverly Hills criminal defense attorney. He becomes obsessed with proving his wife Kat’s loyalty after discovering a hidden cache of journals and intimate photos which document a sexual appetite she has never shared with him, even though they have been married for ten years.

One True Mate 1 by Lisa Ladew


Their females were killed thirty years ago, but this year, the One True Mate Prophecy comes of age. No shifter knows exactly what that means, but Trevor Burbank, wolf shifter and police lieutenant in charge of finding their unseen threat, is about to find out. Entire series currently at sale price.

Accidental Kiss A Single Dad Protector Romance by Mia Ford


We had two choices: live a lie forever or get killed. Libby Norris Beautiful, fun loving, intelligent, kind, s@xy. My son’s play school teacher. The only woman who stole my heart after my wife’s death, And also, the woman who doesn’t know my biggest secret. One kiss was all it took. One kiss and I was hooked. I want to … Read More

Aiden A Bad Boy Biker Love Story by Ali Parker


I’ve never been that great with women except physically. But at a certain point, that’s not enough. And that point is now. I needed to know her name. How she walked. How her lips said my name. I’ll do anything for the girl who stole my heart.