The Bear’s Midlife Mate

I gave it all up. My nice apartment, my expensive car, my fancy job. At thirty-nine, I made the scariest decision of my life. I left my city comforts, bought a van, and went into the forest. Goodbye, food deliveries. Hello, midlife crisis. Living off-grid isn’t exactly a picnic. After one or twenty foraging mishaps, I get help from a … Read More

Lucifer’s Curse

What’s worse than finding a dead girl in your boss’s office? Becoming suspect number one in her murder. When my impossibly sexy boss, Mr. Nox, steps in and offers to help I’m initially relieved. But he wants something in return. One night with me. Oh, and here’s the kicker. He claims he’s Lucifer. Do I make a deal with the … Read More

Institute of Supernaturals: Savage

Hunting monsters is my job. Screwing them is just a bonus. But when I find four men at my door wanting to kill me for crimes against innocents, my whole world is flipped on its head. Lies are revealed, truths discovered, and my life will never be the same. This huntress is about to become the hunted, and these four … Read More

Rebel Bear

Aloha Shifters: Pearls of Desire

Bear shifter meets runaway bride in this steamy, suspenseful paranormal romance! Great story & great chance to get huge discount on matching AUDIOBOOK! Up-and-coming supermodel Hailey Crewe can’t wait to escape the limelight and return to the modest, anonymous lifestyle she once led. Escaping literally? That was never part of her plan. But when an unwanted suitor — and her … Read More

Trophy of the Dragon

I never ordered a dragon. But that’s what the alien dating agency sent me. He’s the grumpiest, most possessive dragon shifter you could imagine. He’s also huge, bright red and a major fire hazard. Not at all the sweet, caring male I specified. Even now, he’s sauntering away from a truck he set on fire, smirking and without a care … Read More