On Eagles’ Wings by Lynnette Bonner

Boardinghouse owner Dixie Pottinger has done her best to avoid the attractive Dr. Griffin. But now that her mother-in-law is sick and he’s going to be coming around more to care for her, Dixie knows she must inform him about her past. She works up her courage and feels great relief when she finally tells Dr. Griffin that she’s a … Read More

Cowboys of the Flint Hills: The Hansens: Volume 4-6 Boxed Set by Tessa Layne

Meet the Alpha Cowboys we wish were real. They’re tough, they’re tender, and they’re not afraid to put it all on the line for the women they love. Now, THREE second-chance romances in ONE boxed-set – Books 4-6 in the Cowboys of the Flint Hills Series – The Hansens. Heart of a Horseman Heart of a Hero Heart of a … Read More

Forgotten Proxy Bride by Margaret Tanner

Years after being left at the altar, Nathan McPhee’s broken heart has still not mended. If they never have to meet each other, why couldn’t he marry widowed Sophie Tilson by proxy, to save her ranch from her ruthless brother-in-law? All goes to plan until four years later, Nathan is forced by circumstances beyond his control, to meet Sophie and … Read More