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Submission Guidelines & Terms of Service

*Please read carefully as our Terms of Service may have changed*

A note from Reagan and Erin:
To increase the efficiency of our operation, we have “employed” a contingent of squirrels to do most of the tasks here at Full Hearts Romance. They are very good workers and will work for almost peanuts. If things around here get a bit crazy, please remember: It is probably their fault.
Thanks for choosing Full Hearts Romance!
~ R & E

Minimum Requirements – ‘Cause we all gotta start somewhere…

  • An Amazon ASIN – Other storefront links can be submitted in addition to an Amazon ASIN. Prices must be the same on all storefronts on the day of promotion. No books will be promoted without an Amazon ASIN. We happily also accept Apple, GooglePlay, B&N, Kobo, Eden Books, and Smashwords links.
  • 10 reviews on Amazon.com – For preorders from existing authors, keep reading.
  • An average 4.0-star rating on Amazon.com – For preorders, see the previous note and repeat.
  • A high-quality cover – Don’t make us tell you that your cover is junk. Just…don’t.
  • Minimum length – 20,000 words, not including backmatter or bonus material.
  • All payments are made through PayPal
  • Romance for the win! – No, seriously, this is a romance newsletter. The squirrels are going to be checking out the categories that your book is listed in, on Amazon.com. They’re also going to be looking at the cover. If it’s erotica, sorry, no can do. We told our readers that we’re a romance newsletter. (Don’t make us send our specially trained squad of attack-squirrels, Squeak Team 6, to your door).

 P.S. Erotic romance is fine, just to be clear.
 P.P.S. LGBTQ+ is totes awesome. Bring it on!

Book Prices/Freebies:

  • $2.99 and under – Full Hearts Romance accepts single titles that are priced $2.99 or below on the day of promotion, or up to $4.99 for a bundle of three books or more. Books must be at the correct price the day BEFORE the listing is run in the newsletter, and must stay at that price until 24 hours AFTER the listing is run.
  • Be consistent – Books not listed at the price on the submission form will not be included in the newsletter, and no refund will be issued. Pricing correctly is your job, so do it. 😉
  • Must be published – Full Hearts Romance will NOT accept books offered through InstaFreebie or BookFunnel. ‘Cause those links are not Amazon, B&N, Apple, GooglePlay, Kobo, Eden Books, or Smashwords links. Right? Right. Just so we’re clear.

Preorders can be submitted for promotion. *cue fireworks*

  • IT’S ALIVE – The book MUST be live by the requested promo date. We will not advertise a preorder in the newsletter. But because we all know about the 30-day cliff on Amazon, we totally support you booking the newsletter promo before the book goes live.
  • But, I have no reviews – Preorders do not need the required number of reviews or ratings. FHR will accept preorder submissions if the author has at least three previously published titles that meet the minimum requirements of 10 reviews/4.0 average.
  • But, but I’m new – If you are a brand-new author without three previous titles to point to, then please do not submit a book on preorder. Please wait until you’ve reached the 10 reviews/4.0 average and then submit. This will save you $5, just sayin’. (What? Five dollars? Yup. Peanuts ain’t cheap. Please keep reading for more on that).

**Note about pricing**
There is a direct, proportional relationship between the price of a book and the number of clicks that book receives when promo’d in our newsletter. FHR does not guarantee any level of response; we are just pointing out something for you to consider. 🙂 Carry on…

Frequency of submission – This is the part where we couldn’t think of anything funny to add…

  • Books can be submitted up to 90 days in advance.
  • Submissions must be made at least 72 hours prior to the requested day.
  • A pen name can only list one book per month. If you write under multiple pen names, then you’re free to submit multiple bookings, but only one booking per pen name per month.
  • A specific title can only be promoted once in any rolling 90-day period.

Three different heat levels – How hot do you like it…

  • Here on Full Hearts Romance, we actually split our newsletters by heat level, not by genre. We’ve found that a reader who wants a clean and wholesome read will read across romance sub-genres, but will not read across heat levels. Therefore, we have three flame ratings for our three newsletters:
    • Sweet Hearts Romance – 1 to 2 flames
    • Full Hearts Romance – 3 to 4 flames
    • Flamin’ Hearts Romance – 4 to 5 flames
  • If you’d like more information about each heat level and what they mean, check out our heat level page.
  • If you book a promotion in an incorrect newsletter, we will move you to the right heat level and tell you why we’re moving you…the first time. If you do it a second time, we’ll refund your money, minus a $5 processing fee, and not work with you any longer. Be smart about this – booking in the wrong newsletter only hurts you, not helps you, because you’re going to get readers clicking on your books who are then angry because they’re not getting what they were promised. Don’t be that person, yo.
  • Currently, the pricing for a spot in Flamin’ Hearts, Full Hearts, and Sweet Hearts is the same; the pricing for a spot in Same Hearts (LGBTQA+ books) is lower. This is because our Same Hearts list is smaller than the other three lists. We reserve the right to adjust our pricing at any point to reflect newsletter subscriber numbers, but will always honor the pricing that the author paid at the time of booking.

Refund Policy – I would like to speak with the squirrel on duty…

  • The things we can’t control – There are a large number of factors that play into how well a book promotion does: Price, cover quality, genre, length, customer preference, the alignment of Jupiter…the list goes on. These factors are completely out of the hands of FHR and therefore we will NOT offer refunds because of poor performance of a listing.
  • The things we can control – This list includes, but is certainly not limited to: Mismatched titles and/or covers, missing information, omitted submissions…and probably a ton more things we can’t think of at the moment. Hey, we’re only human…okay, and rodents.
  • The fix – The base rule is that if it is the mistake of FHR, we will offer you your choice of repeating the listing at no charge in the next available newsletter, or a full refund of your money – please allow 48 hours for processing and handling and to whip our squirrels back into shape.

*If you discover a problem with your listing, please get in touch through the contact form and we will get it sorted out as quickly as email, time zones, and squirrel feedings allow.*

  • Paying for peanuts – If we have to refund your moolah because your book doesn’t fit our ToS, we keep $5 of your listing fee for administrative overhead. If you have a question on whether or not your book would be accepted in a FHR promo, pop on over to our Contact Page and ask us before booking. We’re happy to chat. Save us all some headaches, and peanuts for the hard-working squirrels.

*All decisions made by Full Hearts Romance staff (and squirrels) are final. Don’t argue with us; it isn’t going to win you any points. We will let your imagination fill in the blanks of what could happen if you do try to argue. Dun dun dun…*

*In case you’re wondering, the captive squirrels that we use here at Full Hearts Romance to do all of our dirty work for us use Amazon.com for most things, like ratings, reviews, and categorization. So if you’re unhappy with a decision made by the Slave Squirrels, go yell at an Amazon bot. We can’t help you.*

***No squirrels were harmed in the making of Full Hearts Romance. They have been given meaningful occupations and are grateful for the opportunity to learn new marketable skills***